Amber’s Rambles: When Books Disappoint

~Amber’s Rambles!~

Welcome to Amber’s Rambles. My name is Amber, I sometimes ramble, this feature was obviously destined to be made. 🙂 This is a weekly feature in which I ramble more or less about bookish topics. It’s basically my version of a “discussion”, with a fancy name, which you are all welcome to talk about with me.


My topic for this week came to me last night, “When Books Disappoint”.


I’ll be the first to say there is nothing worse than a book that ends up disappointing you, whether that’s because of an unbearable character, a messy or unresolved plot, predictability or instalove. It is just a terrible thing that I honestly believe no one should be subjected to. At least not with books that you’ve been so anticipating on reading.

There’s nothing worse than being excited to read a book only to get to the first fifty pages hating it. You keep the faith though, you hope it gets better. Eventually. So you wait and wait and wait, sure that something is bound to improve, right? Then it doesn’t. Rather than simply pushing the book aside, you push on through it only to realize something was missing.


Several things were missing.


I’m sure many of you can relate to this pain. Maybe you heard so much good things (hype) about this book, you were like “I have to read it!” only to go “Uh huh, that’s…nice. I’m sure this will get better”, “Oh…Ok, I need a break”, or even worse, you DNF it. You’ve taken breaks in between passages, you read a bit more. You put it away for a day or two, sure that once you picked it up again, it was going to get better. Except it never does. Every page is as worst as the last, you soon just want to finish the book and be done with it.


200 pages later you’re finally halfway through the book, “it’s about time”. You pat yourself on the book, only a little more to go and you’re done! You can do it! You tell yourself. You can finish it! Except you can’t. You decide to once again put the book away.


That’s how I am with a certain book right now. I’ve been reading it off and on for two weeks. It got so bad I had to actually read a new book before I could go back to it. That did the trick…for a little bit anyway. I read more of the book got exasperated again and put it aside last night. I haven’t gone back to it yet.


Maybe it was too hyped up for me. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I’m simply missing something. I’m not sure what it is honestly. I do know that I’m just really disappointed at this point that it’s a chore to finish. It pains me to say that too. *sighs* They can’t all be winners though I suppose.


What about you guys? I know I can’t be the only one that has been disappointed with a book before. What do you guys do when you’re trying to read a book and it just starts to irritate you? Come ramble with me. ♥


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