Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book Characters That Would Sit At My Lunch Table

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. This meme is created and hosted @The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there is a new top ten list for bloggers to participate in. You can join in and link up here.
Two in a row! Yes. I can easily come up with ten selections for this list too. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday list is in honor of school starting again. I really like this topic. 


~Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table~
Okay, so by “would be sitting at my lunch table”, I assume that means “would sit at my lunch table with no bribery. Or because I made them”. Whatev. Time to continue!
  1. Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars
    • Hazel is sarcastic and has this dry sense of humor, so I think we would totally sit at the same lunch table.
  2. Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars
    • Augustus because he is Augustus. He’s really thoughtful, funny and supportive of his friends. 
  3. Alaska from Looking For Alaska
    • Alaska is a book lover even if she doesn’t read all the books she already owns, I can relate to that. It would be interesting seeing her with all of the different characters.
  4. Eleanor from Eleanor and Park
    • I think Eleanor would be the hardest one to open up at the lunch table, but I think all of us would enjoy her company. 
  5. Mia from If I Stay
    • Mia’s a bit of a loner and doesn’t have too many friends. She loves music and plays the cello. I love music so I would definitely want to sit with her.  I think we would get along well. 
  6. Adam from If I Stay
    • Much like Augustus, I don’t see Adam separating from Mia. I would want Adam to sit at my lunch table because he’s in a band. Plus he’s really sweet.
  7. Anna from Anna and The French Kiss
    • I love Anna. She’s funny, sarcastic and we relate in that whole, jumping to the worst possible conclusion, blowing things way out of proportion thing. She and Hazel would do well with entertaining the group since they both have that sarcastic sense of humor.
  8. Liesel from The Book Thief
    • I love that Liesel had such a love for reading and later goes on to write books. I can relate to the reading and writing well. We would have a good time sharing books and ideas.
  9. Sam from Perks of Being A Wallflower
    • Sam has great taste in music, as do I, we would be the music experts at the table. 🙂 I think she would be interested listening to Adam talk about the band. It would be interesting seeing how she felt about Mia playing cello because it’s so different than what she usually listens to.
  10. Lena from Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 
    • If she were not sitting already sitting with Bridget, Tibby, and Carmen, I think she would great at this table. I love Lena. She’s an artist, quiet and she has a sort of fear of love that I think Eleanor would relate to at least a little. I feel she would get along with Mia the most, they both have that quiet, creative vibe going.
11. Hadley from The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight
    • Hadley is sarcastic, like Hazel and Anna, her view on love isn’t exactly all roses, like Lena, I think they would get along well. 
Who would be your picks for your lunch table? 🙂

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