Amber’s Rambles (#3) – Book Buying

~Amber’s Rambles!~

Hello everyone. It’s Thursday and my third ever edition of Amber’s Rambles where I will actually generally ramble, it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s sure to happen eventually. Probably tonight.
Anyway, this week’s topic is….book buying binges. When is enough enough? I don’t know, I don’t want to find out.
So I have this tendency to…indulge in the art of book buying. It is an art. There are so many choices, online, offline, local bookstore, big bookstores, thrift stores, book sales, yard sales. When does it end? And that’s just in the real world.
There’s Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Thrift Books, Book Outlet, Book Depository, other places I probably haven’t even discovered yet. It’s absolutely insane. They’re like Pokemon, you just want to try them all.
Or is that just me?
I may have indeed have just done that this past week. No lie or exaggeration. I’m ridiculous. Just a bit. Okay, minus Barnes and Noble…though that may shortly change.
Just so much temptation.
It’s just like…
I can’t fight this feeling anymore. That is in fact a reference to the song Can’t Fight This Feeling anymore by Reo Speedwagon, though I prefer Glee’s version.
As I was saying, when have you obtained too many books exactly? Is there such a thing? Say it ain’t so.
I believe this may have happened. I bought I believe a grand total of…*insert double digits* books….Yeah. One more if you count the one I happened to buy today…at the library…. It was just so gorgeous. I’ll share it in my Sunday Post post on Sunday, so come back and check that out. As well as all the other books that have…come in today. It’s been a crazy day, so many books….
So I went to the library today to pay off my fees and while there I may have checked out five books…I just received eleven today in the mail…. Yeah. I just…couldn’t help myself. I had to check them out, what if by the time I read all my books I have to read, they were gone when I went back to the library? What would I have done then? I mean, I could put them on hold if that happened but that’s not any fun.
I came home with five, it was originally eleven. My mom made me put half of them back.  Over half of them, she told me to pick four “But I have to get this one.” which led to my five borrowed books.
Now this post started off as book buying and it’s still on the topic, just went off on a slight tangent.
I have this problem where although I buy books I want to buy MORE books. Books I haven’t read but want to read and hope I like or else I’ll regret paying a whole $12 for it if it’s a new release.
And there’s a book sale tomorrow. Not just any book sale though, the Friends of The Library three day (plus Monday) book sale. Tomorrow evening is just for the “friends” or anyone can come who wants to pay a $5 entrance fee. More on this sale later though.
I just have this strong desire to buy every book I can afford. Now I don’t exactly get too much money considering I’m unemployed, but when I do, it generally goes to books. It has of late anyway, before that, it went to music. . .
I was telling a friend about the latest book binge I went on after having already purchased several books the day before. To quote part of the conversation, it went like this
Then I said,





I know, I know. I need to put myself on a book buying ban, but because I don’t buy books too often (only a couple times every few months), I always over indulge in them and justify it by saying “Well I don’t buy books all that often”.
Mostly young adult ones, hence “Young Adult Indulgences”. 🙂
No, really though, I buy a ton of books. A ridiculous amount. I have been limiting myself though, I can only buy books on my Amazon/Goodreads wish list. Of course, considering both lists have around a couple hundred books on them, it doesn’t help too much. Haha.
With that said, how many books do you feel is too many to buy? 5, 10, 43? Do you have a set limit? Does there have to be a certain instance for you to buy books, say, you’ve read all the books you’ve already purchased? How often do you buy books? What is the most amount of books you’ve purchased at one time? What do you think about book buying bans? Do you justify your outrageous book buying, if you have such an issue? Let me know. I surely cannot be the only one that buys such great amounts of books.

I hope.


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4 responses to “Amber’s Rambles (#3) – Book Buying

  • Kaitlin @ Reading is My Treasure

    Book buying is really hard to do! You’re definitely not the only one that buys a lot of books.

    I went on a book ban in August and actually stuck to it. I’ve been on a book buying restriction this month (meaning: I can only buy a few and at good deals). I don’t really have a limit to the number I buy, but instead an amount of money I spend. It’s kind of a budget. I also limit the number of times I make a book order or visit bookstores each month.


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  • Cait

    Oh I would probably be in danger of this if I had money. But I am poor. lol XD No, just my money has to go to other things and I have ZERO for books. I might be 5 books in a year? And even then they’re mostly 2nd hand ones. I feel bad because I don’t support authors (so you win like a massive gold medal for supporting so many awesome authors!!). But hey, there’s worse things you could be buying, right?! Books are good for you!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!


    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      That’s completely understandable though! Life requires more than books to live. Supposedly. Lol. Yeah, I’m fortunate or lucky enough, to be living at home right now, so I don’t have too many expenses other than college debt and helping out around here occasionally.

      Wow! Five. Ah, I wouldn’t mind that if they were five books I really loved. I should set a book limit next time I buy books.

      I buy a lot of second hand books myself, I recently went to the library sale twice in a row and all of those books were either donated or ex library copies. Plus I love browsing used book stores and stores like ThriftBooks where the books are all mostly used.

      I only just started buying books again so I’m kind of playing catch up. There are definitely worst things to buy than books! I could think of several things, haha.

      You’re welcome. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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