Top Ten Tuesday – Top “Ten” Books That Were Hard To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Every week there is a new bookish list for book bloggers to participate in. 🙂 To join in and link up, you can link here.
I really like this week’s list and I’ve liked looking at what other books bloggers had a hard time reading for various reasons. 🙂
This week’s list is
Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read 
The first five books on this list are books that were hard for me to get into or hard for me to finish if they did have a satisfying beginning.
TFIOS_CoverThis book was originally hard for me to get into because of the main characters Hazel and Augustus. In the beginning I found them to be a bit pretentious, which was a turn off. However, I overlooked all that and ended up really loving this book.
AnabundanceofkatherinescoverI couldn’t get into An Abundance of Katherines because I found the main character, Colin to be a bit whiny, which annoyed me. Other than that, I enjoyed the book by the end.
In the beginning I adored Anna and the French Kiss, however once I hit the second half, Anna and St. Clare became a bit hard to tolerate or like. Overall the ending was satisfying and I did enjoy it.
Lola and The Boy Next Door didn’t grab me at all when I was reading it. I felt it was a gender-bent version of Anna and The French Kiss, which was exactly why I had a hard time finishing it. The characters annoyed me a lot, namely the main character, Lola and the “boy next door”. It was just extremely hard to get into and I had to set it down several times before picking it back up again. When I did pick it back up again, I would only be able to read a couple pages before getting frustrated and putting it back down. Out of all my choices, Lola wasn’t the hardest one to read.
Love Letters To The DeadI initially liked Love Letters To The Dead, unfortunately that didn’t last too long as I found the main character to be not so interesting and I had a small problem with her friends. The plot didn’t seem to grab me like I hoped it would so the first half was a bit boring for me, with exceptions. As with The Fault In Our Stars though, I did like it.
~My next picks are books that were hard to read because of the emotional content of them. I’ve seen the first two on lists today~
IfIStay_zpsf82a8001If I Stay had such a great emotional overload that I found myself putting the book down several times to “get ahold of” myself. This was a huge emotional read for me and the entire book was satisfying.
The_Truth_About_Alice_CoverThe Truth About Alice was hard to read because of the emotional content of it. I felt really bad for the main character. The other side characters frustrated me to no end that I was just so mad with the way they were acting.
My final pick is…
Falling Into PlaceLike If I Stay and The Truth About Alice, this was an emotional novel that caused me to feel completely awful for the main character. With Falling Into Place, I seem to be in the minority with that thought. There’s also a specific scene that is similar to one of the above books that I just couldn’t read about it then because I couldn’t bare going through that again.

Okay, those are my picks. What are yours? 🙂 Have a good Tuesday.

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