Amber’s Rambles (#5) – Introduction to Book Buying Bans, Binges and Budgets

Amber’s Rambles

Good evening everyone, it’s time for Amber’s Rambles, a feature in which I occasionally ramble🙂
This week’s topic is book buying bans, binges and budgets. If you saw one of my former posts, you would see a discussion on book buying binges. This is sort of a follow-up to that. This is something I’ve heard of people doing. Unbelievable. I, myself, don’t really need to enforce a book buying ban because I only buy books around four times a year. Usually. . . However, I thought I would see what others thought. This will be broken up into different parts for the month of October, I feel it would work best that way. This week’s topic is a slight introduction/slight opening to book buying binges. It may will end abruptly.
Last month I bought an insane amount of books, I have never bought so many books before in my life. I blame it on my discovering Book Outlet, Thrift Books, Book Depository, the annual Friends of The Library Sale(!)  and ultimately, my complete and utter lack of self control and discipline. Because God knows I really lack self control when it comes to buying things, mostly books, CDs and dvds. Who cares that I already bought a book I already own? That one was used, in paperback and worn out. The one I bought was basically new, beautiful, hardcover and two dollars. That’s what always gets me.
The sales.
I call it a talent buying so many books. A gift. An ambition that really shouldn’t be an ambition to one day owning my own perfect little Beauty and The Beast-esque library. As I told my mom, I’m simply preparing for when I own a house with an extra room I can use as a library. I have to have books to fill those shelves. Right? Right.
Others may call it a downright lack of self control and super impulsive.
Did I mention I bought Impulse by Ellen Hopkins? It’s quite lovely, it was around $5, brand new and on Thrift Books. You’re envious, right?
Moving on, the thing is, I buy the books and I tell myself “Oh sure, I’ll read all these books soon. I’ll be reading like crazy. I have three months to read all the books!”
You know what happens? Other than not actually reading all of the books I bought, . . . It just wasn’t the right time, I tell myself. I’ll read this book next month, more books are released. Then I’m stuck waiting. Waiting to get money to buy said books. It’s a long wait, three months in fact.
I’ll live, I have so. many. books.
But alas, I want to read THAT book, THAT week. What do I do? I pace, I tap my fingers impatiently wishing three months would come sooner, wishing I had a job to maintain my book buying habits, I eye all the books online just waiting until I will one day own said book.

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