Looking Forward To: November (’14)

Looking Forward To:


Looking Forward To November is a new feature, inspired by Most Wanted @ Jamie’s blog, The Perpetual Page-Turner. On the first day of the month, I’ll be sharing various things I’m looking forward to each month.
There aren’t too many books I’m looking forward to that are being released this month. Which is good because I have a ridiculous amount of library books I need to read this month. I did find some books I want to read. 🙂

A_Thousand_Pieces The_Hit_List Walled_CirtyThe_Retribution_of_Mara_DyerGirl_Online
  • A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Grey
    • I read the first book in the Evernight series and liked it well enough. The cover of this book is so gorgeous, so that’s part of the reason I want to read it. I also like the parallel universe aspect which I’ve never read about before.
  • The Hit List by Nikki Urang
    • I only just discovered this book when I was seeing what other YA books are being released this morning. Even though it sounds a little cliche, with Sadie having to dance with Luke, a womanizer. I like cliches. 🙂
  • The Walled City by Ryan Graudin
    • I like the drug trafficking aspect of this book and the want for excaping. It reminds me of The Maze Runner in regards to that. 🙂
  • The Retribution of Mara Dyer (#3) by Michell Hodkin
    • This is yet another series I haven’t even started that has books coming out.
  • Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
    • As a blogger, this is definitely a book I’m looking forward to reading.

~Reading Goals~
I want to read at least 15 books this month.  Next month I’ll put what actual books I want to read that month. I know for sure I want to finish Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass and read Free To Fall and Parallel by Lauren Miller and The Perfectionists by Sara Shephard.

I’m really excited to listen to these recent releases this month or upcoming releases as I just heard of some of them.
Haerts —  I remember buying their Hemiplegia  EP back in March and I really loved it. I’m so glad they finally have their debut self-titled album out.
Stars — I really enjoyed their previous album “The North”, I had no idea they even came out with another album, needless to say, I’m excited to listen it.
Cold War Kids — I found out on Facebook they have a new album. out now called “Hold My Home”.
Ariel Pink — I was listening to music yesterday on the tv and I looked at it and saw they have an album out this year!
In Flight Safety — I remember first hearing these guys on the show Degrassi. I can’t wait to hear their new album “Conversationist”.
Ben Howard — I was surprised to hear he has an album out. It’s called “I Forget Where We Were”.
Flyleaf — I just discovered their newest album too. It’s called Between The Stars and debuted September 16th.

~TV Shows~
The Vampire Diaries sixth season began October 2nd. I haven’t watched this show regularly since it’s first season, due to not being able to when I was in college dorms, then I just wasn’t into it during the 5th season. I actually ended up really like it though, so I need to definitely catch up on this show this month.
TO_Season2_PromoThe Originals also came back with it’s second season on October 6th. I stopped watching this halfway through the first season because of a certain event, then I ended up just never getting back to it. I really did mostly like what I watched of the first season. I wish some things had been different, but that’s no huge deal. I’ll be catching up on this show this month too.
DegrassiOh Degrassi. For some strange reason, I keep hanging on to this show. It’s still a bit of a favorite despite not being the greatest show. This is their 14th season which is pretty amazing.
It came back on the 28th, which I ended up watching online. So far it’s a decent opener. I’m interested in seeing where it goes this season. I’m not crazy about the promo or the four new characters, but I’ll watch it, whatever it takes. 🙂

The Mockingjay Part 1
I don’t believe anything else really needs to be said here. Except that I STILL need to read the book. That’s the last time I lend out books! Just kidding. Not really. I really want to go see it in theaters though. It comes out on the 21st this month! I’d like to go opening day, but I’m sure they’ll be sold out by the time I was able to purchase tickets…I’ll see it though, a couple times while it’s in theaters.
Before I Disappear
Before I Disappear
I just discovered this movie on IMDB a few days ago.
IMDB says
“At the lowest point of his life, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister, asking him to look after his eleven-year old niece, Sophia, for a few hours.”
Curfew was originally a short film in a festival, since then it was expanded to a full-length movie to be released. I’m so excited. It reminds me of Definitely, Maybe in that it’s about a guy hanging out with a kid. Except it was father/daughter in the former, whereas this is uncle/niece. It sounds interesting. 🙂 Very character driven and thoughtful. Hopefully.

Let me know what books, albums, tv shows, and movies you’re looking forward to this month.

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