Amber’s Rambles – Book Buying Bans, Binges and Budgets (Part 2: Bans)

~Amber’s Rambles~

Wow, I haven’t posted Amber’s Rambles for the past couple weeks. I’m so glad to finally post this.

If you don’t know what Amber’s Rambles is, it is my form of a discussion post which happens generally weekly, with exceptions. Every week I will discuss a topic to ramble about and share opinions with the book blogosphere.

In the first part of my third part Amber’s Rambles, book buying bans, binges and budgets series, I discussed the various book buying traps, I mean choices, when going on a book buying binge and what that consists of exactly. I also asked some questions on here and Tumblr about book buying binges.

 Good Reads and Many things gave me these answers:

1. How many books qualify as a book buying binge?

1. My biggest book haul for the month was I think 40 books, but they were all from my dad, so they were free! Most I have ever bought in a month was 11 I think.

2. What is the most you’ve ever spent on a book buying binge?

2. Most I ever spent on books at one time was a little less than $60 on four books, brand new.

3. How often do you go on book buying binges?

3. Once a month maybe. I actually have a daughter and honeymoon next year to save for, so I am cutting back and checking more out from the library.

4. Where do you buy the majority of your books from?

4. We have a nice used book store near me called Half Price Books and many of the books can be found in decent condition, some even new. They also sell new books for 20-30% off. I love it. I can go in with $20 and get 5 books.

~This Week~

Since I already discussed the definition of a book buying binge, I’ll just give the definition of a ban.

Ban: Officially or legally prohibit

Let’s just imagine a mashup of Fahrenheit 451 and the Roaring Twenties prohibition on alcohol. We all know how that turned out. And I’m sure book readers are much more severe in their hunger for books. 🙂

Imagine book bootlegger deals and the speakeasies. That sounds so cool. Sad, but cool.

~Reasons For Book Ban~

Now there are a few reasons why you may need to go on a book ban.

1. You bought too many books

Maybe you bought 8-15 books and now you’re really regretting your decision because you don’t really need that many books.

2. You spent too much money on books

Okay, perhaps you bought only a few books, but they were all new release at $15, that adds up quickly to even just $60 for four books.

3. You have way too many books you need to already read.

Now with book bloggers, I know several of you have review copies, others may already have overflowing bookshelves that can’t possibly fit anymore books.

So okay, you’ve gone and spent way too much money on books, but Thrift Books was having a sale and Book Outlet sent you a coupon for $20 off $60 and over, how are you supposed to resist that? And then Barnes and Noble sends you a 20% off coupon. So now you’ve spent way beyond what you were supposed to spend on books. For the entire month.

~Duration of A Book Buying Ban~

How long should your book buying ban be? I think this depends on how often you buy books. Do you buy them at least once a week? Maybe  a month long ban would be good. If you buy them whenever there’s a good sale, maybe ban yourself from buying for three months. This is all up to personal decision though..

~Alternatives To Buying Books~

I thought of some alternatives to avoid book binges and thus being able to survive your book ban.

1. Library

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a really great library. I know I didn’t really go to the public library until I moved to my current city. The library can be a great resource for newly released books, even if you have to wait a few weeks for them to get it. Sometimes you have to just add your name to the waitlist which can take a while. In that case you may feel inclined to go ahead and buy the book, but don’t! 🙂 Well, unless you really really want to.

2. Borrowing from a friend

If you have a good bookworm friend who doesn’t mind lending out books, you can borrow books from them. This is why you should always have readers for friends. 🙂

3. Add books to a wish list

If you’re a book blogger, I imagine it’s hard to stay away from the internet and hence temptation, however, instead of immediately buying books, you can put your books on a wish list or put them on a Goodreads shelf.

4. Read books you haven’t yet read

Odds are you already have at least a couple dozen books you need to read, what better time to read them, than now?

5. Distract yourself.

Go to the movies, blog about your struggle, get coffee, go to the library, or take up a new hobby.

6. Reward yourself, think of all the money you’ll save while on a ban. You can reward yourself with a brand new book if you wish or maybe you’ll have gotten some coupons from a book store you can finally use.

~Coping Methods During Ban~

It can be really hard to keep up a book buying ban, especially when sells are going on. I think one of the first things to do is justify why you DON’T need to buy any books. You have this many review books to read and review, you already have a lot of books you want to read, you have unread library books to be return soon. With all these books, you surely don’t need to buy any to add to the pile.

~Other Helpful Tips~

  • Do not go into any book stores. None. Not one. Just don’t. Or if you do, don’t take any money with you, I know, “What?. . .” Trust me, don’t.

  • Block BookOutlet, Book Depository, Thrift Books, and Barnes and Noble from going to your email, unsubscribe or just mark them as spam, then unmark them when your ban is over.

  • Avoid sales. Sales are the worst. I know, “Oh my gosh buy two get one free!” “Oh wow! Half off!”, “20% off coupon!” Don’t fall for it. Take a friend with you if you can’t  avoid a place that will have sale on books.

  • This brings me to my last helpful tip. Get a book buying ban accountability partner. A person who will check in with you every few days to ask if you’ve bought any books and will hold you accountable. For every book you buy, you could try adding an extra day of the banning period for yourself.

And of course, you can always avoid a book buying ban by sticking with a book buying budget. Book Buying Budgets will be my next and last post for this series. 🙂

Let me know what you think of book buying bans, your past experiences, your future experiences, any tips you have, or even the book you had to break your ban for. I want to know all about it. Let me know in the comments.

If you missed my introduction and last week’s post, you can check them both out below. Feel free to comment on them if you wish.

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