Amber’s Rambles (#8): Book Buying Bans, Binges and Budgets (Part 3: Budgets)

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Welcome back to Amber’s Rambles, a weekly feature where I ramble and discuss various bookish and blogging topics. For past Rambles, you can go here. Tonight is the final post of Book Buying Bans, Binges and Budgets: Book Buying Budgets.
I’ve discussed binges and how exactly that happens, too many temptations, of course. 🙂 Last week I talked about bans and how to cope with them and now I’ll discuss book buying budgets, the one way to ensure the lack of an extreme binge or need of a ban.
Let me first discuss what a budget is. A budget is a certain amount of money for various things to ensure you never go over and generally have enough to cover your expenses. In our case, the expenses are books.
The first thing to be determined is how much money do you have ever week/month. In my case I only get money every few months by means that aren’t a job, as I don’t have one of those yet.
Next figure out your other expenses whether that’s bills, groceries, etc. if you’re around the college age, you may be paying rent, tuition, other bills, groceries and luxury items or activities, keep that in mind.
After you’ve found out how much money you need to spend on necessities, see how much is left over. This could be a lot or a little.
Now’s the fun, possibly painful part, you can decide how much money you want to spend on books. If you wish, you can determine your book budget by counting it in your “Luxury Items” section.
There are a couple ways to determine your budget, you can decide it by a price amount (I.E. $50 a month) or a book amount (I.E. 2 books a week). You may decide you want to spend $25 a week on books or allow yourself to just buy one book.
Maybe you want to buy two new hardcovers that are coming out, maybe you can’t resist a pre-order, maybe you love to just browse the chain or used book stores or maybe you’re more susceptible to online sources like Thrift Books, BookOutlet or Amazon. Whatever your bookish poison may be, make sure you can afford it. Binges and over indulging aren’t all bad, as long as you can afford it and it’s a book(s) you really want. After all, you can build a library, you can’t build a house to live in out of books. 😉
Your book budget or priorities may change every month or week. Maybe an annual book sale is happening soon and you know you’ll want to go on a book buying spree. Maybe setting aside some previous book buying money from last week/month would be good.
If you have a high budget for books, that’s great. I suggest being careful with what books you buy or how many you buy. Nothing’s worst than a book coming out that you’re dying to read due to blogosphere craze or your own desire and you’ve run out of money.
To recap:
Prepare-Determine your budget
Prioritize-Make sure you check out any new releases you want to buy, any sales, or any book expenditures you may want to go on.
Pay– Buy the book(s)
I hope you have enjoyed this final part. Hopefully you’ve found some helpful advice in this series or could relate to it. I will link the introduction and previous discussions below. Please chime in below in the comments. I would love to hear others’ thoughts, advice and experience. 🙂
There will be a new Amber’s Rambles discussion next week so please stop by.

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