Looking Forward To: January 2015!

Looking Forward To: 


This feature to share what I’m looking forward in the following month including (but not limited to) books, movies, albums, etc. 
First of all, let me say Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s first (or second day to those in the other hemisphere) has gone well.
The greatest thing about starting a new year are all of the new books that will be released! I have quite a few January releases that I’m certainly looking forward to. 


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Release Date: January 6 by Knopf
I have heard nothing but amazing things about All The Bright Places. I’m pretty sure it will be emotionally draining for me, but I like that sort of thing so bring it. ❤
The Law of Loving Others by Kate Axelrod
Release Date: January 8 by Razorbill
I believe I wrote about this in a past Top Ten Tuesday regarding 2015 debuts. I’m in love with mental illnesses being written about in stories, especially when it comes to the main character’s parent (like in The Chance You Won’t Return). I’m weary that it’s only 240 pages long and doesn’t have such a high rating on Goodreads right now (3.21), but I still can’t wait to read this.
The Darkest Part of The Forest by Holly Black
Release Date: January 13 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
I have yet to read a book by Holly Black, but I bought Coldest Girl in Coldtown due to Cait pretty much insisting on it. I’m sure I’ll love this too. I love stories of fairies, at least I imagine I would since I’ve never actually read one before. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. ❤
When by Victoria Laurie
Release Date: January 13 by Disney-Hyperion
This sounds so intriguing! I always love when characters have a sort of “sixth” sense (if you can call this that) or more like some psychic power, though I don’t think that’s the right word either.
Moving on! It would be insane to know people’s death dates. I like how the FBI is going to end up turning towards her. It reminds me of The Secret Life of Samantha  McGregor series by Melody Carlson. Hopefully this does not disappoint me.
The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall
Release Date: January 13 by Putnam Juvenile
Let’s see, there’s a secret society, an ancient puzzle, explosions, forbidden love and one sixteen year old heroine who happens to be the missing heir and is connected to it all.
I love, love, love secret societies (which you can thank Lauren Miller for). I love huge secret societies that have the power to “take over” the world.
I love the idea of a missing heir. You never read a book about “missing” people, let alone “royal” missing people in a way. Now I’m thinking of Anastasia (the Don Bluth movie, not Disney). This sounds like a really fast paced read and I can’t wait to check it out. 
Twisted Fate by Norah Olson
Release Date: January 20 by Katherine Tegen Books
After reading We Were Liars and hearing/reading the rave reviews about Dangeorus Girls and Dangerous Boys last year, I need more thrillers in my life. It’s just a fact. Twisted Fate sounds interesting, I love stories that involve siblings and I’m interested in knowing how exactly this will go down.
Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars #2) by Rob Thomas
Release Date: January 20 by Vintage
This needs no explanation. Have I mentioned how much I love and adore Veronica Mars both the character and the series? Because I do. She is so funny, sarcastic and overall a kick-ass character, let’s be honest.
I have watched the first season, the second season, the first episode of the third season (and let me just say “oh my gosh) and the movie….a million times. The movie was so good guys. So. good.
So last year when I discovered Veronica Mars was going to pick up where the movie left off in this new book series, I was so ecstatic! 
Have I read the first book?
Well no, not yet.
Am I still excited?
I believe that answer is obvious my friend. 🙂
VM Forever<3
The Way We Bared Our Souls by Willa Strayhorn
Release Date: January 22nd by Razorbill
First of all, there are five teenagers who each deal with their own burdens and it sounds like they connect in a way to each other. I’m thinking of The Breakfast Club now. 
This sounds like a heartwarming, connected read or in other words wonderful. 
Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #0.5) by Marissa Meyer
Release Date: January 27 by Feiwei & Friends
Ah, the bridge book between Cress and Winter, I’m so excited for it! I still haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles, but I’m definitely going to. This will be the year I read them all.
I Was Here by Gayle Forman
Release Date: January 27 by Viking Juvenile
I have an ARC of this one so I’ll be reading it this week and reviewing it next week hopefully. 🙂 I like books that deal with suicide and I loved Forman’s If I Stay duology with Where She Went being one of my favorite books of last year, so I’m looking forward to this so much.
Playlist For The Dead by Michelle Falkoff
Release Date: January 27 by HarperTeen
It’s going to sound really morbid if I say I like this because it involves suicide again, isn’t it? I promise I’m not that bad guys. ❤
I love that it involves a playlist. A playlist? Oh my gosh. Magical words.
I love books where music is heavily involved (Where She Went, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Perks of Being A Wallflower), it’s just so magical to me!
That’s basically why I can’t wait for this. I knew I should have pre-ordered it but my library’s getting it in. 🙂 I shouldn’t order it…right? Right! No ordering books for me….
Love, Lucy by April Lindner
Release Date: January 27 by Poppy
Love,Lucy revolves around a summer romance and what happens when the main character, Lucy goes home. It sounds like it will be really cute, light and a quick read at only 304 pages. I’ve read a few of Poppy books and haven’t been let down yet, hopefully I’ll like this as well.

~Reading Goals~

In my Bout of Books post, I listed six books that I for sure want to read for that. Those will be my monthly reading goals. I’ll also post them here:
Besides that I’m going to list my year reading goals.
1. 100 books. I want to read at least 100 books this year, I definitely think it’s do-able if I just sit down and actually…read. 🙂
2. Do buddy reads. I have two lined up with Val and Holly, but no set date yet.
3. Broad my horizons: Read more series, classics, sci-fi, fantasy, adult literature and non-fiction.
Read one series/duology, one classic and one re-read every month.


  • There are a few albums coming out this month that I can’t wait for.
  • Belle and Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance (Released January 20th)
  • The Decemberists –What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World (Released January 20th)
  • Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho (Released January 20th)
  • Kari Kimmel – Black (Released January 27th)
  • Papa Roach – F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise) (Released January 27th)

~Everything Else~

My six month blogging anniversary! I believe it’s on the 22nd or 27th. Technically I created my blog on the 22nd, but it took a wake to post. 
I’m excited for the start of a new year. It’s always been hard for me to get a real sense of time when I’m not in classes because the “year” always begins in the fall and continues until the beginning of summer. I haven’t been in college for a few years now so overtime a new year comes, I never really….appreciate it. That is going to change. This is a whole brand new year and I have twelves months to do whatever goals I set out to do. I should take advantage of this. And I will. Thus….

~2015 “Regular” Resolutions~

Some of my non-blogging/reading goals are
1. Eat healthier
This is one I semi-struggle with. On the bright side, I don’t eat that much junk food, generally. On the not so bright side, over the past couple months I have been. It’s not really constant, but it’s enough to the point that I’m not liking myself very much for eating it as often as I do.
2. Walk more
The problem in my neighborhood is that there are a lot of dogs. A lot. It’s like every two houses in the the next three blocks all have dogs. I’m a bit phobic of dogs, when I say a bit, I mean dogs freak me out. And of course EVERYONE has big dogs here. 😦 Now this is relevant because as I want to walk more…I need to sort of get over whole dog issue. Then again, I guess it hasn’t really been a problem because I take a longerway when I “have” to walk places.
Anyway, I want to go on more daily walks. Of course considering it’s January and winter is here (unlike in Game of Thrones), it may not be the best idea. Then again, walking warms you up, so maybe. 🙂
3. Be content, yet motivated
In this college-age life group I go to generally on Wednesdays, a few months ago we were supposed to choose a word to focus on for ourselves. I wasn’t actually there when this occurred and I never chose my word. However, the first time I heard about it, I knew my words would be “content” and “motivated”.
There are a few things I wish I could change in my life, but can’t really, and I haven’t been working towards that, but I need to. 
I know I’m not doing the best right now and I”m not where I want to be, but I still need to be “content”. I want to be content to be where I am as far as home goes and where I am in life. I’m 23, living with my parents, not really in college anymore and overall I feel just a bit more than stuck. I know that God has a plan for this all somehow. I’m just not sure how. But maybe if I work towards “getting on” in my life, I’ll find out.
I feel these two sort of go hand in hand or maybe that’s just my thinking. I think there’s a line between being content and not trying to improve anything and being content, but still working toward something better. I’ll admit it, I’ve been in the former category. While I’ll try to be content with where I am, I hope to be more motivated in my own life.
4. Write more
Me: I’m a writer guys. No, really, I am. 
Everyone else: I haven’t heard of this from you.
Me: Well…you see….I haven’t been writing lately.
Everyone else: Writer: Someone who writes
Ergo….I am going to write more. I used to write poetry and “drabbles” (more like 400-600 word scenes rather than the traditional 100 word story definition), then I started blogging and it went away! Apparently I can’t handle more than one focus in my life?… That’s so not a good thing. 😦 It’s okay though! I’m going to fix it. I have to fix it. I need my writing outlet.
5. Read the Bible, pray more and start a devotional
Despite liking to read, it seems I never want to read the one book I SHOULD be reading. I’m a Christian, if I haven’t mentioned that before. I’ve always been bad at reading the Bible though, I don’t know why. I always just put aside for whatever else. I shouldn’t be making this a “goal” or “resolution” because I should want to do it and I shouldn’t just be deciding to do it at the beginning of the year because it shouldn’t be something like that. Hopefully I’ll become better at all three of these. I want to start a devotional because I tend to do much better at reading every day if there’s something to go off of rather than just choosing a book in the Bible to read.

~By The Way (Bonus Blogging Goals)~

I forgot to mention a few blogging goals Tuesday. I thought I’d list them now. 🙂
Get a new theme. I’m thinking this may happen later this week unless I put it off for a couple more months and see what I think. 🙂 Either way, I want a new theme this year.
Schedule four posts a month in advance, I didn’t do that for this month, but I’ll be doing this for February. These scheduled posts can be for memes, features, or whatever. 
And with that, I believe I am done. 🙂 Happy New Year again! ❤

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Amber is a 20-something woman who enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and taking walks. She has a book blog called YA Indulgences . She is still trying to figure out what she's doing with her life, but she's confident that time will tell. In the meantime she's heading towards the goal of becoming a renowned blogger. View all posts by Amber (YA Indulgences)

3 responses to “Looking Forward To: January 2015!

  • shannonmiz

    Ah, I am so excited for so many of the same books as you! I have preordered All the Bright Places, When, and The Way We Bared Our Souls. I have read (and loved!) The Darkest Part of the Forest. I will likely buy The Conspiracy of Us and I Was Here before the month is over.

    Congrats on the 6 months, that is fantastic! (Also, I am scared of dogs too, always have been. You are not alone!) Good luck with all your amazing goals, and hope you enjoy the books you’re excited for 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      I’m really debating on whether or not to go ahead and pre-order All The Bright Places just so I’ll automatically have it on the sixth. It’s a real possibility. 🙂 The Way We Bared Our Souls sounds so wonderful. I’m glad you loved The Darkest Part of The Forest! I was reading some mixed things about it on Twitter a few days ago so I was sort of worried.

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s been fun blogging so far. Good to know. Yes, dogs are just, ugh…I think it’s because I was bit a few times when I was younger. Thanks and thanks for stopping by. ❤


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