Weekly Recap (#8)

Weekly Recap is where I recap my life, blog, book related stuff and reading for the past week.


Let’s see, I didn’t really do anything for New Years, I never do really. Things around here have been fine. I can’t believe it’s 2015 which I’ve probably already said a few times now. It’s just unbelievable to me.


~Last Week on YA Indulgences~

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~This Week on YA Indulgences~

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~Reading Wise~

I read and loved Every Ugly Word by Aimee L. Salter. It was unique, heartbreaking, realistic and totally tore my heart apart. I loved it. I’ll be reviewing it later this month so look out for that. 🙂
I’ve started The Walled City by Ryan Graudin and every voice in my body is screaming “WHY DID YOU NOT READ IT SOONER? WHY DID YOU NOT READ IT MONTHS AGO?” Aha, of course my voices know that I had no way TO read it months ago, but I’m so glad I’m reading it now. It’s really unique, interesting and I love the time period. I’m almost halfway through it and I can’t wait for the end. I just discovered it’s 432 pages. Wow.
My goal is to finish it tonight or tomorrow so I can go on with Bout of Books! If you want to know the books I’m hoping to read this month, you can check out my 2015 Reading/Blogging Challenges Page here. If you’re joining in on that, please share the books you hope to read! I’d love to hear about them.
This brings me to more Bout of Books talk. This is my first year participating and I am just so freaking ecstatic. A few of the books I’m reading have less than 300 pages so I should breeze through those pretty fast. My main goal is six books but then I have four “bonus” ones listed that I want to read this week.


~Reading Quotes For This Week~

“The sun rises fast. Reminds me that the world isn’t all gray cracked concrete. Its orange fire licks the buildings. Sets the world ablaze. Everything around me, everything the light touches, is beautiful.” — The Walled City
“I’ve never been able to sit back and watch things happen. Not without a fight.” — The Walled City
“Dying petals, withered leaves: the only things that ever change.”  – The Walled City
“I believe that human beings have a tendency to live up to expectations: what we expect of ourselves, what we believe others expect of us. I believe we all fit our lives to those patterns.” – Every Ugly Word
“Because this isn’t the movies, Doc. In the real world, when a seventeen-year-old guy gets a love letter from his best friend, he doesn’t suddenly decide to love her back. He runs screaming.” — Every Ugly Word
“You can’t control how other people hurt you, Ashley. But you can control how you hurt yourself.”  — Every Ugly Word


Let me know how your week’s been, what you’ve posted, anything you came across in the blogosphere that I may not have seen, and any great books you’ve received. 🙂

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