I Will Go Down With This Ship (Steroline from TVD)

Welcome to my second post for my “More Than This Provincial Life”  features. More Than This Provinical Life is a feature where I showcase things that aren’t book or blogging related. They will most likely involve tv shows, anime, and movies.
I have a confession,
my own secret obsession,
and it’s making me lose control
(Stick to The Status Quo from HSM)
Seriously. Steroline, it’s just like, omg, Stefan + Caroline= Amber Very Happy. This will include spoilers.
~Why Stefan and Caroline Need To Happen~
He saved her multiple times.
He helped her as a vampire. ❤

The Vampire Diaries

They have multiple dance scenes.

The vampire Diaries

Dance_3 Dance 1 Dance_2 Steroline_5x5_Dance Steroline_Dance
He only trusted her after he lost his memory. ❤
Their relationship has been slow burning.
Trust_Each_Other We_Tell_Eachother_TVD Friends
Despite Caroline being Pro-Stelena (before now), Paul Wesley (plays Stefan) is totally for Caroline and Stefan.
That’s my fear too…
They have a really beautiful thing that starts blossoming. But, you know, it’s a little confusing for both of them, but there’s definitely going to be some exploration of that. And I really enjoy working with [Candice] and there’s definitely going to be a little bit of that going on. But, you know, I don’t really know whether it’s going to last, or whether the friendship is going to override that romance, but I think, eventually, we are going to get what we want – which is them coming together and having some sort of a romance. I just don’t know to what degree.”
Taken from People.com The Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley on Steroline, Stelena and the end of TVD
Have more faith than that Paul! HAVE MORE FAITH!

Stefan tells Caroline she reminds him of her best friend, Lexi. I found this video! It’s so cute (of Stefan and Lexi, not Caroline).

Lexi is pro Steroline.
Start this one at 4:02, it’s a continuation of the above one:
Okay, so maybe that’s not completely “pro Steroline”, but still. 🙂 Close enough.
They are supportive of each other.
Stefan told Caroline it’s okay to make mistakes and no one has the right to judge her.
He defended her against Elena in the latest episode.
Caroline helped Stefan when he was dealing with his blood craze.
They are almost always there for each other. 

The Vampire Diaries

They look so cute together, I mean seriously, look at this:
the Vampire Diaries

That’s so precious

Caroline’s not afraid to call Stefan out on his crap.
The Vampire Diaries

This is/was true.

Liz is pro-Steroline
Despite the fact they’ve gone through rough patches, they always end up turning to each other.
Steroline (The Vampire Diaries)

She needs you!

The Vampire Diaries

They’re great friends.
Stefan_Makes_Jokes Stefan_Have-Fun
And then they have scenes like these below:
The Vampire Diaries (Stefan and Caroline)

I can’t take it, it’s so cute.


The Vampire Diaries

Overall, I just love Steroline. I love their friendship, I love how Stefan is around Caroline, I love how Caroline is always there for Stefan, I love how they can have fights and make up. I. Just. Love. Them. They’re precious.

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