One Day More (#1) – None of The Above by I.W. Gegorio

One Day MoreAh, my newest feature unveiling! Aren’t you all excited? 🙂 I am. I’m even more excited because I learned how to make that lovely graphic to the left. 

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One Day More was inspired by Jamie’s amazing feature Save The Date. The feature name was taken from a song in “Les Miserables“.
I wanted to create a feature where every time I read an ARC that isn’t out for awhile, I’ll have place fo fangirl about it until I can properly review it. I thought this would help with getting readers/followers/whoever comes across my blog to put these books on their radar for their release dates. I’m so excited to finally be starting this because it’s a feature I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. When I finished reading this upcoming ARC, I knew I finally had my opportunity. 
The book that I am so excited about None of The Above by L.W. Gregorio. I received this as an E-ARC on Edelweiss, so thank you very much Edelweiss and Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins so much. ❤
In None of The Above, Krissy goes from finding out she’s homecoming queen (which is super unexpected) to discovering she’s intersex. As you can imagine, Krissy has a hard time dealing with this (who wouldn’t?).
I love None of The Above for five reasons.
1. It features an intersex character, which is something I’ve never read about.
2. It shows Krissy coming to grips with herself as being intersex but also realizing that she’s more than that.
3. I really enjoyed the writing style.
4. It portrayed well how some people think and feel when it comes to someone being intersex whether that’s friends, families, and even strangers.
5. There’s an overall great message in there.
And that’s it for this entry. None of The Above will be released on April 7th, of this year. You can pre-order None of The Above from these retailers:
Barnes and Noble / Amazont / Book Depository
You can also read more about it on Goodreads

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