Weekly Recap (#14)

Weekly recap is a pretty self explanatory post. I recap what’s happened in my life, in the blogging world, on my blog and what’s coming up.
It’s been a bit of a hectic week here. My kitten Eponine was really lethargic last week and barely ate/drank, but I was finally able to take her to the vet on Wednesday. It turns out she had pneumonia, was dehydrated, had a fever, and had a fast heart rate. 😦 So she got a shot for antibiotics and some canned cat food to get her hydrated again. The vet said she should be better in three days. Well yesterday was the third “full” day of her at home since then and she’s been a lot better. She’s running around, going after mice and back to her “Don’t pick me up, meow!” stage. 😦 Which means she’s not cuddly anymore! Disappointing, but I’m glad she’s better. 🙂 And she’s of course eating again, very well.
So that took a bit of stress off because I was going pretty insane over that cat. If my mom thought I was a hypochondriac, I’m definitely an even worse hypochondriac over that kitten. I basically gave her a death sentence and said she had FIP, which she does not as far as I know. She’ll be getting  shots and all that joyful stuff next month. Lucky her! 
Besides the kitten, there’s been a bit of stress on me because of family problems. Er, more like one of my parent’s problems….And then I’m stressed out over college loans I haven’t paid and didn’t think about. Long story short: I’m ridiculous irresponsible and this just dawned on me…
Basically I’m in a never ending world of stress. So anyway, I’m going to cut this post off a bit shorter than I usually would. 
Oh, but the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon is going on, hosted by Alexa at Alexa Loves Books so that’s pretty great. You can find out about that on her blog.
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It’s going to be a surprise because now that my mood’s hit a pretty all time low, I have no idea what I’ll be up for….

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