Top Ten(ish) Heroines from Books, Movies and TV Shows

It’s Top Ten Tuesday! A weekly meme created by the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they create a new list for book bloggers to participate in. It’s really fun so if you don’t already do it, you need to get on that! You can check out this week’s link here.
This week’s list is one of my favorites, though I definitely had a little trouble in the beginning, then of course, I read some awesome books. Here I go. This week’s list is top ten favorite heroines from books or you can do from certain genres or movies/tv as well. I am opening this up to my favorite book, movie, and TV heroines. 
~Top Ten(ish) Favorite Heroines From Basically Everything~
-From TV Shows-
Let me just get this one out of the way right now. 🙂 She is my favorite.
1. Veronica Mars
You all saw this one coming right? Please, Veronica is pretty much my number one heroine in fiction. If you’re (sadly) unaware of who Veronica Mars is, I suggest reading my post about her right here. She is seriously the best.
2. Katherine Pierce
Yes, technically, she is evil and a villain, but damn it, she’s a good one! And come on, look at her hair! IT’S SO CURLY. MINE NEVER LOOKS THAT GOOD. AND THAT DRESS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SHE GETS THE BEST CLOTHES.
I adore Katherine, in the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, I didn’t like her. Then later, I loved her and she’s my favorite. I like how cunning and intelligent she is. Yeah, she definitely does some very bad things, but I still just lover her. She’s also hilarious, I love her one-liners, even if they’re generally some sarcastic remark to someone.
It doesn’t help that she gets the best songs on the show either.

(The song is Get Some by Lykke Li)

While I’m on the topic of tv shows, I’m going to dip into anime now.
3. Serena from Sailor MoonSailor Moon
Of course Serena/Usagi is on this list. She is just amazing. I love her. ❤ I’ll have to discuss the show in general at a later time. For now I’ll say that she is amazing. She’s seriously one of the kindest characters I’ve ever encountered in fiction, she has THE best heart ever and she’s also flawed.
-From Movies-
4. Olive from Easy AEasy A
She’s sarcastic, hilarious, witty, and she likes 80s movies, um, yeah ergo, she’s awesome.
-From Books-
5. Katniss from The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Katniss (The Hunger Games/MockingJay)

She will be on almost every list I’m sure. With good reasoning. I like how selfless Katniss was when she took her sister’s place and how resourceful and smart she was during the actual game. She never set out to really change anything, but then she sort of did.
6. Sam from Rites of Passage

Rites Of Passage

I loved Sam in Rites of Passage. She definitely didn’t back down from anything that was thrown at her in military academy. She pushed through it all.
7. Jin from The Walled City

The Walled City

Jin was a really interesting character. Like Katniss, she was also resourceful and smart. 
8. Rory from Free To Fall

Free To Fall

I like the development Rory goes through with her attachment to Lux. She’s a really intelligent character too.
9. Bianca from The DUFF


Bianca is one of my favorite characters. I loved her sarcasm and I could relate to her cynical nature. I like how she was flawed.
10. Harper from Remember

Remember (Eileen Cook)

Harper was overall a great character. I liked the friendship she especially had with Win. Remember was also published today! (2/24/15), I’ll be posting a review later. 🙂
11. Skylar from I’ll Meet You There

I'll Meet You There

Skylar is my most recent addition of favorite heroines. She was a really strong character. I could really relate to her quite a bit and I liked how she acted. 
That was fun. Let me know your choices!

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