Weekly Recap #15

Ah, time for my weekly recap. This is basically where I recap what”s gone on in my life and my blog and what’s coming up. 🙂
So normally I would recap my blog for the past week, which I’ll still be doing, but I haven’t done much. I’m not sure what’s up with that other than I’m kind of in a slump right now…
However, it’s been a couple weeks since I did a recap, so I’ll be recapping everything after my last one.
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~In The Blogosphere~
Holly launched her awesome March Madness event which is pretty awesome.
Kaitlin summed up commenter’s guilt in this great post.
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~Reading Progress~
I am in the middle of Split Second (Pivot Point #2) by Kasie West, Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills and My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga.
I’ve been seriously lacking on the reading. I didn’t read for about five days, so I’m not off to a great start, but that’s whatever. I’m in a slump of sorts, blogging, reading, commenting, engaging, etc.
~My Life~
Let’s see….
Oh, my oldest cat, Silver, came home limping last week, then I didn’t see him for a few days and thought he accidentally got outside. It turned out he’d been upstairs the entire time and his paw was really swollen. My dad took him to the vet, the vet figured he had some kind of bite and gave him antibiotics. He’s been doing better since then, the swelling’s gone down a bit. It should be better by hopefully….Wednesday I hope. So that was exciting.
I’m not sure what else has gone on really. Oh, my cousin wanted me to find Pretty Little Liars season 5 online for her so we could watch it. Torture guys, torture. So I found it for her, we watched episode 1 last week, then episode 2 Friday. I made her watch an episode of Veronica Mars because come on, Veronica Mars. She said it was good. Success.
I’m not sure when we’ll get around to watching the rest, I have to watch PLL with her though, or she has to watch it at least, and then VMARS<3. That’s the only way she’ll watch it. But I think I’m going to match her episode for episode when we do it.
Seriously though, Pretty Little Liars is just freaking ridiculous at this point.
Anyway, I won two giveaways this month! I won an ARC of Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger on the fifth from SnugglyOranges.
Then this morning (like around 1:30am), I won the following ARCS from a Twitter giveaway  was doing:
Joyride by Anna Banks
Sweet by Emmy Laybourne
I was seriously talking about Joyride and Devoted for like the past two nights before this even happened so it’s just like…fate. I am so so so excited to read all of these ARCS. Especially Devoted because I like reading books involving Christianity since I am Christian and seeing how the characters….see it or how it affects them, etc. Devoted sounds fantastic. And they have the best covers. Look:
Joyride and Devoted are my favorites, they’re just perfect and I love the fonts. And the soft lighting. And the awesome pictures and gah. I can’t wait until they’re in my hands.<3
OH! I also received awesome bookmarks from the lovely Becky Albertalli (@Beckyalbertalli) and Francesca Zappia (@ChessieZappia). ❤ They’re so gorgeous as well.
So bookmail makes for a good week.
Ok, well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. 🙂 Let me know how your week’s been. ❤

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