Weekly Recap #17

Weekly recap is a pretty self explanatory post. I recap what’s happened in my life, in the blogging world, on my blog and what’s coming up.
~What You May Have Missed~
Weekly Recap
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ARC Review: The Walled City by Ryan Graudin (Five Stars)
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~Coming Up Next Week~
Bloggeista Goals
Top Ten Tuesday
ARC Review: None of The Above by I.W. Gregorio
Wondrous Covers Wednesday
ARC Review: Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills
Weekly Recap
~In The Blogosphere~
Ashley wants to help you with your blog in this new feature! 
The first ever week long Spring 2015 Bloggiesta is happening! 
Octavia shares a new So You Want To Go To BEA Tip 
Jamie reviews subscription boxes “Uppercase” and “OwlCrate” 
Lily says she’s okay not knowing what comes next in books
~Reading Progress~
I’m finally almost done with Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills. Other than that, I started Throne of Glass, but, I just can’t read such a long book right now, plus I have a ton of ARCs I need to get read. Hopefully this week will go better though.
~My Life~
  • Well, my cat went missing three times in the past day, the kitten, actually. She ended up getting outside three separate times somehow. Fortunately, we found her on the porch every time after that. he’s now sleeping. I believe she’s still sick so….back to the vet again tomorrow. *sighs*
  • I have also lost my ipod…and earphones…so I’m not happy about that. At all. I lost it somewhere in the house though, so that’s good. Kind of. Hopefully I find it soon. I wanted to add music to it. 😦
  • I participated in Paula Stokes’ #MysteryTwitterTheater the past two days. 🙂 I did not win however, but I was pretty legit with my seven text documents and a dedicated (mini) notebook to the case. 🙂 You may still call me Mars (as in Veronica, of course).
  • I received my Veronica Mars stuff! I am now an official Marshmallow.
  • I have listened to Marina and The Diamonds Froot and I love it.
  • I saw The DUFF! I liked it a fair bit.
  • I won several giveaways, all that extra Tweeting really helps. 😉 (The Orphan Queen, Dead To Me, Anna Banks swag)
I didn’t see too many discussions this week, but I’ve been distracted so…let me know what you saw going on in the blogosphere! I’m interested in what I’ve missed out on.

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