All The Songs I Associate With Books

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Good evening everyone! I hope your evening (or day, depending on where you are) is going great!
You have probably noticed that I love music between my sporadically posted Musical Monday posts to my Monthly Recaps and Looking Forward To: posts that contain a ton of music. For tonight’s post I am going to be discussing something that I’ve wanted to from the very beginning, but never got the chance to. 
You may have heard that Leila Sales book “This Song Will Save Your Life” hit bookshelves in paperback format. While I haven’t read this book, I know it is extremely music heavy, so obviously, I’m just crazy about the idea. So in honor of This Song Will Save Your Life, I figured tonight would be the perfect time to do this post.
I am going to be discussing….songs that I associate with books. I have done three full length playlists for books (All The Bright Places, The DUFF, and I’ll Meet You There). However, sometimes there are books that I can’t actually create entire playlists for or I think of songs that completely fit a book or situation perfectly.  This post is dedicated to all those songs.
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars

Gravity by Sara Bareilles
Illusionary Light by Sarah Blasko
Ah, Gravity. The song that set everything off. Story time! When I first read The Fault In Our Stars, I read it to the album of “Little Voice” by Sara Bareilles. Halfway through the book, I had already finished the album and started just repeating “Gravity”. This is just a song that, I don’t know, when I think of it, I think of TFIOS. It just fits it so perfectly for me.
Illusionary Light is another song that I feel like it could have just been MADE for The Fault In Our Stars. Even though it was not. Haha. If you only listen to two songs from my post, make it those two! Also, I’m just really really really hoping someone feels so strongly about the two as I do regarding TFIOS.
Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park

All of Me by John Legend
Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House
Rude by MAGIC!
Story of My Life by One Direction
I’m sure I know more songs than that, but for now, these are the only ones that stick out. I’ll now go through them a little.  Don’t Dream It’s Over was an immediate song that came to mind with Eleanor and Park. It definitely fits the ending and I just get kind of sad but hopeful when I hear it.
Eleanor’s kind of a standoffish character who can be unlikeable at times, so I thought of Rude. 🙂 Even though I totally didn’t know all of the lyrics at the time. Story of My Life is just a really youthful song that really fit Eleanor and Park for me. As for All of Me, well I loved how Park accepted Eleanor despite how she looked or what she thought of herself.
How to Win At High School by Owen Matthews

How To Win At High School

Loser by Beck
 Lonely At The Top by Randy Newman
It’s Money That I Love by Randy Newman
Complicated by Avril Lavigne
In the beginning, there is a ton of talk about the main character, Adam being a loser. After I finished HTWAHS, it came to mind. Then it gets to extremes with It’s Lonely At The Top and Adam’s no longer a loser, but due to his actions and behavior, he is very much alone. It’s Money That I Love fits his situation perfectly when he gets so money crazed. Finally, I chose “Complicated” because Adam ends up complicating EVERYTHING. 
Finally, although I already made a playlist for All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, these three songs made me think of the book after I’d already finished it:
Hold On by Tyrone Wells
A Beautiful Place To Be by Tyrone Wells
Make It Through by Tyrone Wells
Well this was fun! Let me know what songs remind you of certain books, characters or scenes. I would LOVE to hear them all. ❤

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4 responses to “All The Songs I Associate With Books

  • shannonmiz

    Ooooh this is FUN! Okay. Some Nights by Fun I associate with the Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness. I associate Royals by Lorde with The Woodlands by Lauren Nicolle Taylor. But all this may just be because I heard them a lot on the radio while I was reading those books? And of course, Boom Clap with TFIOS, but that is just advertising, really.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Nova @ Out of Time

    I do this too, but I like to do a lyric analysis with the book that I’m comparing. I actually haven’t read Eleanor and Park and I haven’t listened to the songs you paired with TFiOS so I’ll be listening to the songs shortly (:


    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      That’s cool, I’ve seen one of your posts like that before. 🙂 I used to do that with regular songs (not necessarily songs that I associated with books) and then kind of stop. Yay, hopefully you like the songs I paired with TFIOS. 🙂


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