RRWC May Challenge #2: Bookspine Poetry!!

Hey everyone. 🙂 Saturday I did the first challenge (late) for the Rosie Reads Weekly Challenge for May, which was a life playlist. This week the challenge is to make a poem using the spines of books! I started a bookspine poem back in…March, I believe when Paula Stokes was doing a Liars Inc Twitter party and a challenge was to make a bookspine poem. I never (really) ended up finishing that one…until now! I think. 🙂 You can decide.To be exact, the challenge is…
Welcome to your second challenge! How does this work? Well, this week you have until Friday at 11:59 PM EST to make a poem out of the spines of your collection of books (see example below). Make sure you have at least FIVE book spines in your poem, and show me a picture!
— Rosie @ Rosie Reads
 I was gathering together all my books for the poem when I realized….I couldn’t find a few of them! D: And I KNOW they’re around here somewhere, but, well, you know how book hoarders are! They’re EVERYWHERE. So…my picture will be missing a few books, but I’ll list the poem in full below.
Also, it’s a bit long, hence the two stacks of books. 🙂 Hopefully all the books are in the right order, haha.
Book Spine Poem
The poem, which I’ve titled:
Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac (also a book I have but didn’t throw it in)
This song will save your life,
tonight the streets are ours
Even in Paradise, We were liars INot pictured)
Dangerous boys
The kiss of deception lying out loud, 
Dangerous Girls
Love letters to the dead
“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” (Not pictured)
Crazy, beautiful, clean 
Lovely, dark, and deep 
Rebels by accident falling into place (Not pictured)
Cinder, catching fire, ruin and rising
The sky is everywhere, the wrath and the dawn,
let’s get lost.

Sorry it’s hard to see on the picture. 😦 I had to use my laptop to take it. Have you ever done bookspine poetry? If you have, I want to see! If not, you definitely should! It’s fun. 🙂


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