All The Movies I Want To. . .Read?

Top Ten TuesdayI’m so excited for today’s Top Ten Tuesday. If you don’t know, TTT is a weekly meme hosted @ The Broke and The Bookish where generally the ladies there will create a topic for bloggers to participate in every Tuesday. However, every once in a while they do a Freebie week where bloggers can make up their own list! The list I’m doing came to mind immediately as it was one I’ve wanted to do for a while.
Note: This will be longer than ten movies, ha.
Second note: There will be a lot of 80s movies.
Third Note: Links take you to IMDB
Have I ever mentioned my love for 80s movies featuring teens? If I haven’t, I have no idea what’s wrong with me because I really love them. Yes, I am going to be like that cliche teenager who likes 80s music and movies. 🙂 All the cliche music and movies as well! Ha. 
When I watch movies, I always think about how I wish I could READ it and really get inside the character’s heads. The problem with movies is that you only know things that are implied or simply stated by characters and it can be hard to understand characters seeing them from an outside point of view. Kind of like third person in books…. Anyway! 🙂
For this week’s TTT, I chose…

~Movies I Want To Turn Into Books~

Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Sidenote: I’m always surprised to find out this movie was made before the “brat pack” movies of John Hughes.
Second sidenote: This actually IS a book but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find! I’ll get into that in a minute.
Anyway, I love how this movie has so many different characters but a couple focal characters. It deals with quite a few “cutting edge” issues that weren’t really seen back in the 80s and I loved it. The interesting thing about Fast Times is that Cameron Crowe had gone undercover for Rolling Stone and wrote about what he saw. This was published into a book called Fast Times at Ridgemont High: A True Story. Like I said though, it’s unfortunately so hard to find, so hence I’d want this made into a book. That I could buy. 🙂 And obsess over.
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club
Oh The Breakfast Club. ❤ I really really like this movie. How could I not like this movie? I’m obsessed with the soundtrack. Practically. 🙂 I think this would be a great movie to turn into a book because of the five main characters. They’re all really different from one another and if done well, I think it could be great as an alternating point of view story. Possibly with flashbacks? I feel it could quite long though. Not that I would mind. 
Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
From the first sentence said by Baby, it just moves right into a story unfolding in front of our eyes. Because it’s, you know, a movie. 😉 Aside from that though, it sounds like it would be a great book to read, I’d like it to only be from Baby’s perspective though, just to get deeper into how she thinks. I would miss Patrick Swayze’s face though. And dancing. And general self. 
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Ferris Buellers Day Off
Ferris Bueller is one of the movies I would be a little worried about turning into a book. The great things about Ferris are the antics he pulls along with the emotional scenes going on with Cameron. I feel they may not come across as well in the movie, because let’s face it, some of these scenes are just….dare I say iconic? And they’re amazing and seeing them is so fantastic. 
Say Anything
Say Anything
The closest thing I’ve seen to Say Anything in a book is a scene in Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore where a character recreates the scene you see on the poster above. 🙂
I think Say Anything would be a good alternate point of view story to show both of the main characters thoughts and feelings. Especially Diane because she’s the target of Lloyd’s (the guy) affections and we’re not completely sure what she really thinks of it all. Plus there’s a great family storyline going on in the background that I would love to read more about. 
Reality Bites
Reality Bites
Ooh, I have no idea what kind of point of view I would want Reality Bites to take. There are essentially two main characters and other background characters that are seen a fair bit. I think I’d like a third person point of view just to see everything.
Never Been Kissed
Never Been Kissed
Ah, what’s interesting about Never Been Kissed is that the main character (played by Drew Barrymore up there) goes undercover at a school for an article.  I would just like to see this played out in a book.
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
Okay this is like the ultimate magical realism story. Sort of. 🙂 In Eternal Sunshine, there’s a company that erases people from your memory. In the movie, the main character of course goes to have this procedure done. As he gets his memories erase, we see storylines forming with other characters that are somehow connected in ways more than initially seen. There is a lot of weird stuff that happens in this and it probably would be best to see on screen because it’s very “out there” at times. 
Garden State
Garden State
Garden State is one of my favorite movies. I feel like it would be one of those great introspective books into the male mind, I feel like. 🙂 i think it’d be interesting seeing Andrew deal with his mother’s death, meeting Sam and dealing with his father. I would love to see some of the more private workings of his mind for things he doesn’t say out loud. 
(500) Days of Summer
500 Days of Summer
Unrequited love at it’s finest.  
I would like to see Summer’s perspective because she doesn’t believe in love in the movie and we see Tom obsessing over her. I would like to just see what she really thinks during all of this. I’d like to see how she gets to where she is at the end. 
Easy A
Easy A
Oh Easy A.
I definitely thought of a few other kind of movies I wouldn’t mind being books, but I feel there’d be more appropriate as their current forms. 🙂 Yes, they were musicals, you’re correct.

Do you ever watch movies and wish they would be written into books? If so, I want to know what they are! 

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