Things To Do Instead of BEA


Alternate Titles: The Left Behind

So, I was just sitting in a chair last night when this thought came to me, “Things To Do Instead of BEA”, I think part of it came to mind to ease my pain but the other part came to mind because I’m a genius (check out Kat’s post from a few years ago, figured I’d get beaten to it, ha).

  • Cry–Yep, let’s just get this one out of the way right now. During this time you may not only cry, but you may mourn, scream, throw things, stalk the #BEA15 tag to add more pain, and rant to everyone on Twitter/make passive aggressive tweets/change your Twitter name so no one makes the mistake of thinking you’re going to “You-Know-What”. Haha.
  • Laugh–Laugh at how people are going to meet for the first time and they’re going to be so nervous. They’re going to forget their names and everything. Not to mention when they meet the authors! 🙂 It’s going to be great! I’m kidding, but seriously, just think, you won’t have to face the pressure of living up to your internet persona (yet). 😉 That’s a LOT of pressure.
  • Sigh In Relief That You’re Not Traveling–I don’t know where you live, but where I am, it has been raining an insane amount, there has been a tornado risk going on all day and it’s just awful out! Rejoice that you don’t have to be up in the sky with it going on!
  • ARMCHAIR BEA–I WILL BE DOING THIS. I’ve heard it’s good for blogger interaction which I always need more of. If you haven’t registered, I believe registration is still open here. You begin with posting an introduction post TOMORROW! There will be Twitter Parties which is just great because who DOESN’T need more Twitter parties in their life? No one, that’s who! NO ONE doesn’t need more Twitter parties.
  • Movie marathon or TV Show Binge!–You know what these people going to “You-Know-What” can’t do? They sure can’t have a movie marathon, nope. BUT YOU CAN. Why? Because you’re not going to “You-Know-What”. Sorry, for the reminder. I’m telling you though, get yourself addicted to a nice show that you can binge watch on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, dvd and you’re all set! I’m thinking it’s time to watch Degrassi again!
  • 24 hours Readathon–You can have a 24 hour readathon and be all productive! Yep, I could never do this, but you totally could! Read an ARC you’re dying to read regardless of the release date, read those books you bought but never got a chance to read. I give you (unneeded) permission! Go for it. Stock up on coffee, snacks and read read read! (Note: Reading is still encouraged despite not reading for 24 hours)
  • Write Reviews–Well since you have a couple days that may be free for you (unless you, you know, work or have other priorities), you could write some reviews. Right? Right? Yeah! Write ALL the reviews.
  • Catch Up On All The Blogs–The great thing about not going is that you might now have time to catch up on all the posts you’ve missed! It’s the ultimate revenge, your friends and fellow bloggers will come back and BAM! They’ll have like fifty thousand comments to go through! Muahahaha. I bet they won’t leave you again.
  • Create a Pinterest Account–Trust me on this one, you’ll get addicted and forget all about “You-Know-What”. Better yet, if you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you can make one and link your blogging stuff on there! And make boards for all other kind of bookish things! Be careful though, it’s quite possible you might get TOO addicted.
  • Do the #YAParty–You can tweet awesome tweets THURSDAY NIGHT(!!!!!) to earn chances to win amazing prizes. LOOK AT THAT. YOU CAN STILL GET ARCS AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE STATE/CITY/HOUSE TO DO SO! Win-win. So yeah, who really wins now? WHO REALLY WINS? We do. That is what I’ll definitely be doing. To find out more information about this, you can go here Reading Teen or here WhoRUBlog.
  • Go to Barnes and Noble and feel all the books–This could be less therapeutic than not as you can look at BEA books and take them home, but it’s worth a try! Feel the books, cuddle the books, talk to the books, take pictures, steal the books, I mean, buy the books…
  • Go For A Walk–And think about how you don’t have to walk through large crowds of people in an enclosed space that is sure to get hot and carry around large amounts of books! Now, doesn’t a walk through the park sound better than that? Because come on, large crowds of people, the chance of missing your favorite author due to another time constraint, not getting an ARC you really want because they’re all gone? THAT’S NOT FUN. #BrightSide
  • Treat Yourself–Go to a coffee shop, a restaurant, a movie, the mall, A BOOKSTORE? Go somewhere and just indulge yourself (as long as it’s not something you can’t seriously can’t afford). Retail therapy is one of the best therapies. Heck, go to a coffee shop, the mall and see a movie. Drown your sorrows in Subway (or your food of choice), Starbucks (or your coffee shop of choice) and a CD/DVD store (of your choice). I did that several times while at college. Yep…It works pretty well.
  • Reorganize Your Bookshelves–This includes but is not limited to, sorting through genre, going “HEY! I forgot about that book”, fondling the books, sorting the books by genre;color;size;author;favorites, and/or buying new books. Think about how everyone’s going to go back to their homes and come on, I’m sure they can’t all fit their books into their bookshelves. But guess what? Because you’re organizing your shelves, you won’t even have that issue.
  • Start A Support Group–For other people that are not going to BEA. There are SEVERAL. Talk to each other if you don’t already! Talk about how sad you are, talk about how you didn’t even WANT to go and how you wouldn’t go if they PAID you (pray someone will pay your way next year because that’d be a great way for the universe to make this injustice up to you) explore their blogs, stalk them on Twitter! You might find a new friend during this!
  • Sleep–Just sleep the entire week guys. I mean, yeah, it’s probably kind of BAD to sleep that much, but if you’re asleep, you won’t even have to think about “You-Know-What”. In a similar manner….
  • Plan For Next Year–The great thing about BEA? Despite all the changes it’s had over the years (from what I’ve heard), it’s an annual thing. There will be another one. Plan to go next year! It is a bit expensive to go so I know that’s generally a big factor. I knew odds were I weren’t going to BEA since I’d just started my blog in July. I do have hopes of going to Chicago. Scratch that, I AM going to BEA in Chicago, so, yeah. Take that, BEA goers this year (I love you all).
  • Drink–Drink. Drink until you can’t even remember you’re a BLOGGER. Or, you know, until you don’t think about “You-Know-What”. Okay, maybe don’t drink THAT much. That’s probably bad. Just drink until the pain is a dull ache.

Yep. You may now all sigh because you didn’t even WANT to go to BEA and I just gave you all these great alternatives. Yep. We will survive, those who are left behind. We WILL. And we’ll be BETTER for it and STRONGER and FASTER and wait, that’s a Kanye song I’m getting at now…


Anyway. . . I hope you like this post! I had a fun time doing it. I will now be doing all of these things. Except the review one. And the drinking one. And the treating myself one because I have no money until next week, curses. And the Pinterest one, I already have one. But some the others? For sure! 


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