Introducing Me (Armchair BEA Introduction)

Armchair BEA
Hey everyone! As you know, I am not at BEA so I figured the next best thing is…Armchair BEA! This is my introduction post where I choose five questions to answer. Ooh. The anticipation. It’s agony to wait, I know, I know. Here goes. (Man, two references, I’m so good).
That video feels oh so appropriate. (Note To Self: Watch Camp Rock and sequel instead of doing BEA) 😉
~Why Do You Love Reading and Blogging?~
I love reading because it takes me to a different place, to be cliche. This doesn’t have to be a fantasy book, which I’m not really into, but the book just transports me into someone else’s life and I like it. I like being able to break away from this life for a little bit and experience someone else’s. Reading also helps me see different world views and teaches me something. It gives me the chance to see other people’s lives who might be different from mine.
I love blogging because it’s given me such a sense of community and friendship that I really didn’t have before last year. I’ve felt so welcomed and I’ve met fantastic people. Blogging has gotten me writing again, even if it’s not “creative” writing. It makes me feel productive right now since I’m not currently working or in school. I just love blogging because I got to meet so many people, work with publishers through NG and EW and meet such nice authors on Twitter (Becky Albertalli, Paula Stokes, Jennifer Niven, etc.).
~What Does Diversity Mean To You?~
For me, diversity means having a wide range of people with different sexualities, economic backgrounds and religions as well as plots with unique aspects or subjects, etc.
With books, I think diversity is a book that features any of these people or aspects at the foreground:
  • PoC main character
  • LGBTQIA main character
  • A main character with a socioeconomic background that isn’t middle class.
  • A main character with a religion that isn’t a majority one
  • A main character with a disability
  • A main character with an illness that’s uncommon
  • An out of the norm subject matter
  • Characters communicating through interesting means (writing letters, only emailing, sign language)
  • A character that doesn’t follow a common path, such as going to high school then college, but does something else.
  • I think an interesting writing style can be diverse as well, such as We Were Liars by E. Lockhart which weaves in fairytales and flashbacks.
~What Is One Book Everyone Should Read~
Okay, I’m cheating with this one and I’m going to list two instead. 🙂
I think a book everyone should read is I’ll Meet You There (IMYT) by Heather Demetrios. I’ll Meet You There deals with poverty, small town life, PTSD, alcoholism, and older teens. I love the setting in IMYT because it takes place in a small town in California that doesn’t really have much to do in it. The teens featured in it also live mostly in poverty, something I found really interesting and refreshing to see since I’ve never seen that in YA before. I like how it dealt so honestly with poverty and trying to break out of it as well as the expectations people may have for you. One of my favorite parts in IMYT is when Sky is talking to her friends Dylan and Chris, Chris says something that was offensive to Dylan and I understood why. The perspectives people can have for you came across really clear. It’s also a roller coaster of a book that I loved and connected with so so so much.
The second book I think everyone should read is Because You’ll Never Meet Me (BYNMM) by Leah Thomas. I would call Because You’ll Never Meet Me a diverse book because both of the main characters face extremely unusual illnesses of sorts, whose lives definitely don’t follow a common path and the story’s told in an interesting way, through letters. Because You’ll Never Meet Me was a heartbreaking and dark book with a great friendship in it.
~Share Your Favorite Blog Post (Written By You)~
I have a few favorite blog posts:
1. What Is Veronica Mars
This is one of my favorite blog posts because I really just raved a ton about this amazing show that I love so much. It was really fun to think of all the reasons I love Veronica Mars and finding all the gifs to use to get my feelings across.
2. Things To Do Instead of BEA
Yep, I just wrote this one yesterday but I already love it so much! It’s gotten a pretty positive reception which is a-mazing. I seriously love it so much.
3. I Read The Fault In Our Stars In A Strip Club
I just posted this one Thursday but I really loved it. It’s definitely one of my favorite posts I’ve done because I wrote it so easily and it was just fun to go and say “I read one of the saddest books ever in a strip club”. Because WHO does that? Who!? Me. 🙂
I also really enjoyed my four part (with an intro) Book Buying Bans, Binges and Budgets and my three part 2015 Trends/Themes series I did.
~What Is Your Favorite Genre and Why~
My favorite genre is Young Adult Contemporary, I know others will say fantasy or dystopian because they can explore the worlds and really be taken away. However, I love contemporary because it’s “real” in a way as in it could happen to me. I mean, I’m sure most things that happen in the books won’t happen to me, but I have a better chance at meeting someone on a plane and growing a connection with them than say, finding out I’m a wizard at 11. Or Sailor Moon at 14 (I’m honestly still holding out for that one though!). I like it because I can relate to the life situations like with IMYT and BYNMM. Sure, the situations aren’t ideal, but I’ve found people I can genuinely relate to in those books and I love that.
I hope you enjoyed my post, feel free to check out those posts I linked, marathon Veronica Mars and come back tomorrow to see another Armchair BEA post! And if you’re participating in Armchair BEA, tell me! I want to know.

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