Weekly Recap #28

Hi everyone! I hope your week’s gone well, especially for those possibly still recovering from BEA. 😉 My week has gone okay.
Highlights have been:
  • Watching The Last Five YearsThis is definitely one of my favorite romances now. I loved it a lot.
  • Buying Boy Meets World season 3, 4, and 6I know, you’re wondering “What about 1,2, 5 and 7?”. Well, I have seasons 1, 2, and five already, as for 7,, I just didn’t feel like buying it right now, ha. I ordered from Amazon and I should have them by/on the 16th, which seems like it’s forever away. 😦
  • I discovered a new ep by Art of Dying who I really like and must purchase the ep when I’m able too.
  • I started Friday Night Lights! If you’re interested in what I think about it, you can check out my hashtag #FNLFirstWatch, yes, I’ve never seen it before. 🙂
  • I am awaiting a lot of books this week, I won the Simonteen #YAParty Jenny Han prize pack last week, so that’s exciting. So I’m expecting The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and the sequel, P.S. I Still Love You. Due to winning that though, I changed my pick for Katie (@PolishedPage) and she kindly cancelled my order and let me pick a new book. 🙂 ❤ Which is great because I was so inconvenient.
Okay, enough “highlights”, moving on to what you may have missed last week.
Here’s what I posted last week:
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What You Can See This Week At The Bare Mininum:
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Wondrous Covers Wednesday
Ew, I promise guys, one day I’m going to do a post that doesn’t contain the day of the week in the title. I’m just going through this huge blogging slump and I’m trying to get past it. I’m going to try to post two reviews, I have an idea for a discussion and I have a topic for More Than This Provincial Life, you know, that one “feature” I’ve done a whole two or three times. 😉 If I post that, it’ll be done on Friday, the usual day for that post.
On the bright side, both Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars had awesome episodes last week. I was watching Game of Thrones before I started writing this, then life happened, and I said “I’ll watch it later online”, so…I’ll be watching that later. On the bright side, Pretty Little Liars has another new episode on Tuesday and I. cannot. wait. at. all.
Can’t you sense my excitement with the emphasis on every. last. word. of the previous paragraph? I know. It’s insane.
Anyway, I am going to cut this recap short again because my ‘lovely’ sister would like on my laptop, so…Let me know what you’ve been doing this week, if you have any special blog posts going up this week, how your week’s been, etc etc. 🙂

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One response to “Weekly Recap #28

  • jilliansbooks

    I love Art of Dying! ❤ Looks like you had an awesome week! And your so lucky to have won a Jenny Han prize pack! I've never a won a giveaway or anything, BUT I AM STILL TRYING *fingers crossed* Cheers to the new week!! ❤

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