Wondrous Covers Wednesday (#37)

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I share my cover love by showing off three covers with common themes or attributes.
Hey everyone! So I have no idea what happened last week but I just did not get around to posting WCW last week. I think I wasn’t feeling well and slept the majority of the day, so… šŸ™‚
For today’s WCW I’m showing three covers that have similar colors featured in them, some more than others though.
Paperweight by Meg Haston
~My Thoughts~
I love the simplicity of this cover. It seems so airy with the outstretched hand and the clouds and birds above it. It gets across the literal “Paperweight” so easily. The background designs are really my favorite though. Like I said, I love how lightweight they look. I really like the fonts too and the color choices.
A Step Toward Falling
A Step Toward Falling by Cammie McGovern
~My Thoughts~
I love how this cover is made up of stones, like “Paperweight”, it’s a good depiction of the literal cover meaning. The arrow is a great part of that. I like the shades of blue in this and the mix in of other colors. I like the alternating font with the title and the author name. I like how they’re each on different stones.
Future Perfect
Future Perfect by Jen Larsen
~My Thoughts~
I like how simple this cover is too. The two dresses on it say so much already. I like how they’re different colors and styles, possibly showing the MC’s different figures she’ll have in the book.

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2 responses to “Wondrous Covers Wednesday (#37)

  • shannonmiz

    I LOVE the cover of A Step Toward Falling. I never thought I would like that particular combination of colors, but I do! A lot! I also like the simplicity of Future Perfect, especially because it deals with such a tough issue. I suppose I should feel like same about Paperweight but.. it underwhelms me if I am being honest. Like, the black and white of FP are a good contrast with the blue, where in Paperweight, it all just gets a little washed out.


    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      A Step Toward Falling is so eyecatching to me. Especially the colors, it’s an odd combination but it just works.

      Yes, Future Perfect is just so simple, it’s nice.

      I don’t blame you with Paperweight, I actually like how it’s just the shade of blue with a few things here and there. šŸ™‚


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