Top Ten Favorite Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday
Can you believe it’s been five years of Top Ten Tuesday? Me neither! Mostly because I haven’t been around that long. 😉 In honor of five years, the weekly list for TTT is….our top ten favorite “Top Ten Tuesday” lists! This was fun to put together! If you don’t know what TTT is, you’ve been missing out, but you can link up here and learn more!
  1. Top Ten Books For People Who Like Character driven Novels 
    • Character driven novels are my favorite and I’ll take them over plot driven novels generally.
  2. Top Ten Places You Want To Visit (Fictional or Real)
    • I loved thinking of all the locations I’ve read about in books, mostly (all) real places that exist.
  3. Top Ten book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table
    • In high school, I generally always sat by myself at lunch (Yes, I was that person, when I wasn’t in the library, ha!), although there was an exception or two that I sat with occasionally. I liked thinking about characters similar to me and who else THEY would connect to from other books.
  4. Top Ten Characters I Wold Totally Want To Be For Halloween
    • This is one of my funnest TTTs and I loved getting to choose from a variety of characters that I would dress up as for Halloween. One of which I actually ‘was’ for Halloween. 🙂
  5. Top Ten Anticipated Debut Novels For 2015
    • I liked this Top Ten Tuesday list a lot because it gave me a reason to search out debut books and find out what would be coming out this year.
  6. Top Ten Bookish Problems I Have
    • I liked writing this because my bookish problems are kind of….interesting. It was also great to do one that didn’t involve specific books directly.
  7. Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romance In Books
    • I am kind of picky with my romance and this list was so much fun to do because I talked all about my likes and dislikes with certain plots. Complete with gifs and examples. 🙂
  8. Top Ten Authors I Really Want To Meet
    • There are so many authors I want to meet now that I’ve been blogging for a while. I know a lot more authors than I did before I started blogging and it’s been great. What is really fantastic is how many authors I’ve “met” on Twitter and it’s been such a nice experience to chat with them online.
  9. Top Ten Characters That Deserve Their Own Book
    • I like getting to look at the secondary characters in books and seeing which ones I felt I wanted to know more about or more from.
  10. Top Ten Heroines From Books, Movies and TV Shows
    • I loved this TTT because it gave me a chance to explore my favorite tv show and movie heroines, which is always fun.
Top Ten Inspiring Quotes From Books
I am a quote addict, I love quotes, this was clearly destined to be one of my favorite lists ever.

Let me know what your favorite Top Ten Tuesday lists are. 🙂

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