My Top Ten Blogging Related Moments

HI! This is my second post for my week of celebration for my first year blogoversary. You can read my “introduction” post of sorts here. I saw Holly do this Top Ten format before last year and so I thought “Hey, I’m going to steal that idea”, but I asked, so I didn’t really steal it. I just stole her creativity. 😉

~My Top Ten Blogging Related Moments~

1. Getting my first e-arc!
I think it was Damaged by Amy Reed on Edelweiss, which I have to admit…I haven’t read yet. I didn’t know my Mac wouldn’t be compatible with Adobe and so I was kind of stuck off reading it…
My first e-arc on Netgalley was This is Falling by Ginger Scott. And again, because I couldn’t access Adobe, I never got around to reading it. 😦 However! Since then, I downloaded the book on my Kindle to read.
2. Creating Wondrous Covers Wednesday
This has been my one successful feature on my blog so far. Successful meaning I’ve kept up with it, unlike, say, Featured Fairytale Friday (R.I.P., I may revive you). 🙂 This was first called something else that I can’t even remember right now. I’ve loved coming up with new themes and examining covers to see what they share in common with eachother. It’s been really fun to do.
3. Reviewing my first e-arc
The first e-arc I reviewed that I was approved for was Since You’ve Been Gone by Mary Jennifer Payne. Notice how Since You’ve Been Gone is not “Damaged” or “This is Falling”. 😦 Nonetheless, it was the first review I did for an arc and I was happy to up my Netgalley ratio by like, 7 percent back in January. 🙂
4. Winning my first ARC
Falling Into Place Amy Zhang
I promise, I’m not all about the ARCs! However, the first ARC I ever won was Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang. I read this book, I had to stop reading this book to pull myself together, I finished this book and then I loved this book. Forever. And ever. And ever. I love it. You can read my review for it here
5. Interviewing Corey Ann Haydu
Interview Corey Ann Haydu
When Corey tweeted about how she was open to people interviewing her, I definitely jumped on that. I’d never read one of her books before, but I had Making Pretty in my possession. After I read Making Pretty, I pretty much sent her an essay of questions, which she answered every. single. one. of because she’s wonderful. You can read my interview here. I loved it. 
Six. Interviewing Leah Thomas
I had to interview Leah because I loved her book so much which by now you probably already know, but in case you don’t know, here is my reaction tweet upon finishing this awesome, amazing, original, beautiful, heart breaking book: 

Because You'll Never Meet Me

Here’s the interview!
 Seven. Featuring Will Walton, Adi Alsaid, and Tamara Ireland Stone  on Musical Monday
A few months ago I had the idea to feature authors on my blog with Musical Monday and have them put together playlists for the feature. I’ve loved being able to see the music that they’ve picked and how it fits their books.
Eight. Guest Posts
The first guest post I did was for Oh! The Books where I talked about what makes a fantastic story for me. It was great to be on the blog and it got quite a few comments that I enjoyed reading.
The second guest post I did was for Lauren’s feature, Inside & Out which let me show off a cover and a bookmark. I love covers and bookmarks so that was really fun.
The final guest post I did (so far) was last Thursday on Brittany’s blog, The Book Addicts Guide where this time, I talked about beverages and books.
Also, with SBPT, I’ve done one guest post and two tags so far. I really like guest posting even though I can be a bit bad with deadlines. Haha. I get them all done though. 🙂
Nine. #BookNerdBoost Twitter Chat
I remember last month Holly and Faye were talking on Twitter about wanting to do something to motivate/inspire/cheer up, so to say, bloggers since there was a bit of a slump going on. I, being on so late at night, jumped in their conversation and they thought up #BookNerdBoost which happened on June 21st. I loved doing this because participating in so many Twitter chats, it was nice to kind of be part of creating one and jumping around to talk to everyone participating. 
Ten. Getting on the St. Martin’s Blogger List
As well as getting granted an eARC of a highly anticipated (for me) book! This was the first time I sent in a request form for an arc and actually received one! It’s an eARC, I mean, but still, I talked to someone and I received it! AND I’m on the blogger’s list, which is just insane and I didn’t think this would happen yet, but it’s so awesome. Especially since there may or may not be two books by this publisher coming out next year that I desperately, desperately want. 

Okay, those are my top ten blogging related milestones and I can’t wait to have so many more in the rest of the year and hopefully years to come! It’s been really fun being part of the blogosphere and love it so much! What was one of your favorite blogging milestones?


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