Blogoversary Day 5: SPOTLIGHT TIME

It’s day five of my blog anniversary celebration! I took a break from it yesterday to do a cover reveal, but I’m back. I’m very excited to be doing this post because it’s all about…
You, the readers.
You, the followers.
You, the bloggers, the authors, the books!
It’s spotlight time basically. I’ll be talking about pretty much anyone that’s affected me while I’ve blogged. 🙂 I will admit I have not linked anyone here yet, but as you will see, there’s a huge list of people! I’ll start linking tonight and finish tomorrow. I hope you love this post.

FIRST, I want to talk about my friendsss.

~Friend Spotlight~

Holly, Val, Shannon–I could talk to you all in a group, which I am currently doing because of how much time we’ve spent talking to each other. Thank you for letting me in your little group! I feel so special that I’ve talked to you all so much on a daily basis through our DMs and on Twitter. ❤ You’re all a pretty big reason why I still blog. I love you! Now individually:
Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway–We met during the #IslaIsComing read-along and I’ve never been happier to participate in something online since I met you through it!  And through you, I sort of met Val and Shannon! So thank you for that. ❤ I love your sarcasm and sass and how much you really love books when you love them. Really, I just love all the conversations we’ve had whether we’re shouting about “situations” on Twitter, hosting Twitter chats or talking with Shannon and Val. I love every single one.
Val @ The Innocent Smiley— YOU! You’re like the most innocent person I’ve ever met and I don’t know why I think that other than because you’re the innocent centaur. I mean, smiley. The innocent smiley you are! You are such a light everywhere. I’ve called you Rapunzel before, but I’m calling you Rapunzel again because you’re like, always sunshiny. And to be honest, I’m generally not into sunshiny people, but you’re obviously different! You’re so fun to talk to and I love how much you play video games and watch anime. I’m forever sad I didn’t go to BEA last year and meet you, especially given next year’s circumstances. 😦 You just have to graduate. SIGH. Such sadness. 😦 It’s okay though, I’m sure we’ll meet some day if I have to go hitch-hike to meet you. ❤
Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight–You took the longest to become friends with it seems. 😦 BECAUSE YOU’RE SO INTIMIDATING. STOP IT. You were anyway. 🙂 I don’t know when it changed, but it did eventually for me. I love how you’re always there for anyone who’s in trouble and the heart that you really have for people that are hurt. You’re seriously just like…so loving to your friends and it’s amazing. I’m so glad we’re friends<3 And we’ll go to BEA next year and have tons of fun! With coffee. Or alcohol. Or BOTH! (Both). 🙂 You make awesome blog buttons too! ❤
Nori @ Read Write Love 28 –I love your willingness to help authors and publishers with reviewing books. I love how you ALWAYS have something going on whether it’s the Sunday Street Team or RQWN or Bookitcon! You’re just amazing for doing everything that you do and quite honestly, you’re in inspiration in how much you’re committed to your blogging, reading and bookish related activity. Plus you’re super organized, it’s insane but awe-worthy.
Kaitlin 1 @ Reading Is My Treasure— Ha! Don’t you like that? Kaitlin 1, like Nori, you’re amazing with organizing your arcs. I wish I was as efficient as you were. I’ve loved talking to you and getting countless DMs about Pretty Little Liars! I love how you watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars in what was basically A DAY. That’s amazing! You may just be one of my favorite people ever for doing that.
Crystal @ BookiEmoji–I’ve loved getting to know you a little better in the past month or two! I blame Pretty Little Liars for helping along with that. 🙂 I’m so excited that you’re almost caught up with the show because I’m seriously going to need someone to “encourage” me to make it through the rest of the season. And next. 😦 ❤
Kayla @ The 1000 Lives–Like Crystal, we only started talking the past couple months and I’m not even sure how it started really! However, thank you so much for talking to me on Twitter and visiting my blog a lot!
Sarah @ Words With Sarah–HI! We met through the Summer Blog Promo Tour and I’m so glad we hit it off so fast! Literally, our first chat was just like “DISNEY”. I’ve loved reading your tweets and chatting with you. I hope we talk a lot more in the future too!
Nicole @ Quality Fangirls–HI! Like Sarah, we met through the Summer Blog Promo Tour and I have loved talking to you (and Sophia) on Twitter and getting to know you. I hope we talk more this year too!
Cait @ Paper Fury–Cait! You’re energy and enthusiasm on your blog is like unmatched. I love how personal you make your posts.
Lauren @ Bookmark Lit— I kind of already said this on your own blog anniversary post, but you were one of the first people I followed when I began my blog. I love how professional you’ve had it from the very start. That’s something I still strive for. 🙂 You’re an inspiration for me for sure and I love your original features. I used to comment on your blog a lot and I don’t do that quite as much anymore, but it’s not a you thing, it’s a me thing! Just know that you’re one of my favorite bloggers and I’d like us to talk more on Twitter so, I need to do that with you!
Bee @ Istyria Book Blog-Okay, so for the longest time, I found you kind of intimidating on your blog. I don’t know why! I just did. And then I read Because You’ll Never Meet Me and you read Because You’ll Never Meet Me and through our mutual never ending love and devotion for BYNMM, we became friends and I love it! I love your blog design, your features, and how you love disney. May we bond over many other books.
Lola @ Hit or Miss Books–You commented on my first post EVEr and I used to visit your blog all the time since we started in July and since then I stopped visiting so much because I’m kind of an awful person, but thank you! Who wins award for longest run-on sentence? ME. Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and for the necklace you gave me when I won that book from you way back in September. I still get compliments on that necklace every time I wear it. 🙂 Like Lauren, you’ve also had a very professional looking blog since you started which is just so great. Basically…thank you<3
Xander @ Forever Bookish— I’m just going to sum you up in this video 😉 :
And maybe say a few things. Oh my gosh, you are insanely popular. It’s like, the bloggers, the booktubers, the authors, the readers, the editors, the publicists, they all adore you. They think you’re a righteous dude!
Wait, I just parodied the Ferris Bueller video, what4ever. Basic point: You’re insane.
Erin @ The Hardcover Lover — ERIN! I love that you put together the July ’14 class of bloggers event because that’s so awesome. I love talking to you on Twitter. You have one fiery personality! I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side. Haha. It’s been fun getting to know you and visiting your blog.
Tika @ Fangirl Confessions — I still feel like I’m getting to know you but oh my gosh, your personality, I love it! I love how upfront you are and how you have a take-no-bs attitude. That’s awesome. I like how if you like a book, people know it and if you HATED a book, people know that even more! I like how even though we’ve had differences in books (at least Anything Could Happen) we’re still friends and everything. You’re also hilarious, have I mentioned that? You crack me up a lot.
Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books — You’re like Kaitlin and Nori in that you have fantastic ideas and then you do them. I’ve loved your MTN2015 chats (so sad the last one ended yesterday). I love how supportive you are of authors and how you’re always trying to do something for them. I like how outgoing you are and outspoken, even when it makes people uncomfortable sometimes. Ultimately, I love everything you do!
Alexia @ Adventures In Reading— We’ve been kind of/half talking on Twitter it seems like in the past couple of months! I don’t know you very well yet, but I always really enjoy reading your tweets and your blog and commenting when I have something to say. 🙂 I hope we start to talk more though.
Wow, that took a long time! I know I’ve probably forgotten people I talk to often, so…sorry. 😦

~Twitter Spotlight~

Now for everyone else that I’ve talked to on Twitter:
Kaitlin 2, Jackie, Chelsea, Lara, Harlee, Maddie, Vivian, Kira, Meredith, Faye, Aimee, CJ, Rosie, and Cee. And probably a ton more.

~Blog Spotlight~

This is for all the blogs/bloggers I’ve discovered and loved since joining the blogosphere (not counting the above, because, of course I love them). We really need to talk more, just saying! 
Alexa Loves Books, bookiemoji, Cuddlebuggery, Effortlessly Reading, Falling For YA, Girl In The Pages, GReads!, Great Imaginations, hello, chelly, Lili’s Reflections, Love At First Page, Love Is Not A Triangle, Nose Graze, Oh, The Books, Pop! Goes The Reader, Reading Teen, so obsessed with, Such A Novel Idea, The Perpetual Page-Turner,Stay Bookish, The Mile Long Bookshelf, and What Sarah Read.

~Author Spotlight~

I want to thank all the authors that have been featured on my blog:
Corey Ann Haydu, Leah Thomas, Will Walton, Adi Alsaid, and Tamara Ireland Stone. ❤
Thank you to all the countless, lovely authors I’ve talked to on Twitter, who have answered questions or just chatted with me:
Jennifer Niven, Becky Albertalli, Corey Ann Haydu, Kate Scelsa, Paula Stokes, Leah Thomas, Lauren Gibaldi, Heidi Hailig, Ashley Herring Blake, Shaun Hutchinson and Will Walton.
And to the authors who sent me lovely bookmarks/pins/arcs:
Becky Albertalli, Kate Scelsa, Sharon Ross Roat, Francesca Zappia, Ann Jacobus, Michelle Smith, Lauren Gibaldi, Valerie Tejeda and soon to be Jennifer Walkup.

~Publisher Spotlight~

To all the publishers on EW and NG who have approved my requests:
Dundurn, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books, and St. Martin’s! Thank you for granting me arcs, I never thought that’d really happen with my small blog but it has and I’ve discovered so many good books through you. 🙂


Yay, now I get to talk about all the books I’ve loved and discovered since blogging.
If I Stay Where She Went Eleanor and Park Every Day (David Levithan) The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight Anna And the French Kiss Every Day Falling Into Place Kiss of Broken Glass We Were Liars Chance Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe Rites Of Passage The Truth About Alice The DUFFFree To Fall A Midsummer's Nightmare Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist The Walled City I'll Meet You There Just Like The Movies Pivot Point #1 Every Ugly Word When Reason Breaks Making Pretty Untitled-4 Emmy and Oliver All The Bright Places More Happy Than Not Finding Paris None of The Above We Were Liars Positively Beautiful (Wendy Mills) Little Peach Challenger Deep  5 to 1 Anything Could Happen Fans of The Impossible Life Because You'll Never Meet Me Maybe One Day Remember (Eileen Cook)
Wow. I would have probably not as read as many of these books if I didn’t discover them through blogging! So thank you to every single author who wrote them, I enjoyed each one so much.
Wow, this took so long, but I loved doing it. Thank you to everyone who’s commented on my blog, followed, like a post, tweeted me, been on my blog, encouraged me, enjoyed one of my posts. Thank you all so much! 

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