SBPT #4: Sarah and Her Favorite Disney Movies

Hi everyone! Here is the fourth week of the Summer Blog Promo Tour, hosted by Amber and Jessica @ The Book Bratz. Every Sunday throughout July and August I’ll be hosting a new blogger here.
This week I am so excited to feature Sarah from Words With Sarah. Sarah is going to be talking about her favorite Disney movies. I hope you like this post as much as I do!


There will never be a time in life where I stop loving Disney. It’s ingrained into my soul. My best friends and I will ride together in cars blasting Disney soundtracks and will quote the movies in our everyday life. Disney is my absolute favorite thing to talk about so I’m thrilled Amber is letting me gush about my 5 favorite Disney movies!


Girl power! This was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater and naturally from that point on I became obsessed. I got the soundtrack, I got the VHS, and I even had a Mulan birthday party that year. Basically, Mulan was my badass spirit animal. And she had a horse. Which I still want one for myself. And a dragon. I really want a dragon too.
Peter Pan

Peter Pan

For the longest time my twitter bio read something about still waiting on Peter Pan to take me to Neverland. All the adventures that could happen there? All the Lost Boys and fairies, and Peter Pan himself! I would have the most fun there, as long as I didn’t run into any mermaids, pirates, or crocodiles. Basically, I just want to fly around with Peter and hang out with the Lost Boys.
Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast

One of the most classic soundtracks Disney has ever had. My brother was in a school play of BatB and so while he was learning the songs I would sing them with him. At the show, I sang in my seat watching. Plus Belle loves books. I love books. Beast gives her an entire library full of books. I need a guy to give me an entire library full of books. There’s also Lumineree, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts and Chip. Some of my favorite characters ever to be created. I just love all of them so much and could go on for hours about my love for this movie.


This is such an underrated movie! Rapunzel is so bad ass and cute, OMG! She uses a frying pan as a weapon, has a pet chameleon, and rescues the hero instead of the other way around. The music is probably my second favorite soundtrack. I will sing those songs before I sing Frozen songs. I’m kind of Frozened out but I could watch Tangled over and over and over again….in fact I have. Tangled is movie gold that everyone needs to watch!
One Hundred and One Dalmatians

101 Dalmations

I’m such an animal person. All the pets I have at my house, I have brought home. Dogs especially are my weakness. So it might have been a mistake for my parents to let me watch this movie over and over again. I wanted one hundred and one dogs. I wanted Dalmatians. It was just so cute and Pongo and Predita are the cutest couple, granted they maybe should find another hobby but you know, to each their own. I was love with all of their movies, even the live action. I had PJs, I had stuffed animals. I had video games. And talking about them now I really want to watch the movie again.
In fact, I really want to have a Disney night. Using my VHS tapes and being a real 90s kid. There are so many more movies I could talk about like Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Nemo, and The Aristocats, but I think you can tell I’m Disney obsessed at this point so I’m going to stop while I can!
Thank you so much Amber for having me on your blog and talking about one of my favorite subjects other then books!
Sarah is a 19 year old college student working on a BA in English: Creative Writing. She has dreams of being a published author. When she’s not working on one of her many novel ideas, she’s reading any books she can get her hands on. She also frequents the beach and hangs out with her friends, which is time often spent quoting Disney movies. She also has an unhealthy obsession with penguins and dragons 

Thanks for being on my blog Sarah! This was so great. I love Beauty and The Beast and Tangled. I could definitely watch both of them over and over again.

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