Summer Blogger Promo Tour Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! This is actually my first official post since I went on hiatus and I suppose it marks my official return as well? 🙂 More on that tomorrow, though.
Here’s my wrap up post for the Summer Blogger Promo Tour that I participated in for the past two months.
~What I Liked~
I liked the idea of promoting other blogs and being promoted on their blogs.
I liked getting to discover new bloggers and finding things I had in common with them.
I made new friends! 
~What I Would Change~
I would make the groups smaller to begin with, maybe only four to six people rather than eight. It was hard to keep track of everyone’s emails and Twitter DMs.
I would possibly put co-bloggers in their own groups just because if you have co-bloggers in your group, you kind of have to worry about talking to two more people.
I would make sure everyone was fully committed to the project, I know life circumstances come up,but it really sucks when a post is planned only to discover the poster is quitting SBPT.
~My Experience~
My experience was overall okay. I don’t know if I would do it again, there were a few complications in my group which made it stressful for me. I still enjoyed joining in on this summer event, it was fun, what went well. 🙂
I loved coming up with posts, especially two, which I’ll link below. I was kind of a bad poster, I know two days I wasn’t able to post on my blog until hours after the designated time. I generally wrote all my posts at last minute or wrote them ahead time, then wanted to edit it the night before I was scheduled. Lol. 
I hope you enjoyed all the posts. 🙂
If you want to a recap on all the bloggers who guest posted, here they are:
SBPT #1: A Game with (Nicole and Sophia @ Quality Fangirls)
SBPT #2: Top Five Book Boyfriends with Kim @ Dreaming In Libraries
SBPT #3: The Ultimate Book Blogger tag with Patrick @ The Bookshelves
SBPT #4: Favorite Disney Movies with Sarah @ Words With Sarah
SBPT #5: Seven Deadly Sins Tag with Milly @ The YA’s Nightstand
SBPT #6: A to Z Survey with Dana @ Danasquare
SBPT #7: This/That with Amber and Jessica @ The Book Bratz
SBPT #8: The Places You’ll Read with April @ Between The Pages
If you would like to see my guest posts for their blogs, here they are:
My Favorite Musicals @ Quality Fangirls 
Q&A @ Dreaming In Libraries 
My Favorite Disney Movies @ Words With Sarah 
The Reading Habits Book Tag @ The YA Nightstand 
How I Organize My TBR @ Between The Pages  

About Amber (YA Indulgences)

Amber is a 20-something woman who enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and taking walks. She has a book blog called YA Indulgences . She is still trying to figure out what she's doing with her life, but she's confident that time will tell. In the meantime she's heading towards the goal of becoming a renowned blogger. View all posts by Amber (YA Indulgences)

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