Top Ten Books on My Fall ’15 TBR

Top Ten Tuesday
Oh my gosh, yes you ARE reading a blog post by me. A meme, but a blog post nonetheless. This is Top Ten Tuesday, a meme created at The Broke and The Bookish where they create bookish lists for bloggers to participate in. You can read about future lists here
Every time I make one of these lists, they never go exactly as planned. I’m going to try this time though. Really hard. 🙂 I’m going to sort this into a couple lists though, e-ARCs, physical ARCs and “fun” books.

~Top Ten Books on My Fall ’15 TBR~


This Is Where It EndsThis Is Where The World EndsWhat We SawSymptoms of Being HumanThe Leaving Season

  • This Is Where It Ends— I’m currently reading Violent Ends and i want to read TIWIE so close together with it because they’re both about school shootings.
  • This Is Where The World Ends— I have been dying for this book since last year! That was before I even knew what it was about. I loved Amy’s previous book, Falling INto Place. This is Where The World Ends deals with date rape.
  • What We Saw— What We Saw deals with a rape that happens at a party where no one’s certain exactly on what happened, but slowly we find out.
  • Symptoms of Being Human— I’m not familiar with gender fluidity, it’s only something I’ve heard of this past year. I’m super excited to read this book though because the main character, Riley has a blog and is gender fluid. I think it will be so good. 
  • The Leaving Season— This just feels like a Fall book to me, I blame it on the fact that there’s a “leaving” season when all the graduates leave town. I’m guessing it will be taking place in Fall then, so there’s why it feels like a Fall book. 🙂 It’s a bit of a romance too,  which I don’t mind. 
Physical ARCs

Tonight The Streets Are OursHello Goodbye and Everything In BetweenA Little In LoveWolf By Wolf

  • Tonight The Streets Are Ours— Um, yeah, I’ve had this book since, er, this summer and yeah, I know I was super into reading it but, well, you know! I just didn’t for whatever weird reason. It’s okay, I’m going to read it now though, this year, sometime. Soon.
  • Hello Goodbye and Everything In Between— I’ve had this book for about a month or two, yes, this was a book I was so crazy about reading before the pubbed date, but I didn’t get to it. 😦 I just wasn’t in the mood to read it, I guess?
  • A Little In Love— Yes, this whole physical ARC thing has a trend. I wanted to read this and I never did. This is a Les Mis retelling(ish) book and I love it. ALL ABOUT EPONINE, IT’S ALL ABOUT EPONINE, THE MAIN CHARACTER IS EPONINE, HOW HAVE I NOT READ IT YET? 
  • Wolf By Wolf— Ha! This one isn’t published until next month! Success. Wolf By Wolf is a story about if Germany had actually started running the world. Scary, isn’t it?  In honor of them defeating their enemies, there’s a motorcycle race and of course the main character wants to win–and kill Hitler.
Fun Books

Dear John

  • Dear John— I am so happy to have this book! I am so happy to have this book! I bought it at a book sale Friday and I’m so happy! I’ve seen the movie and loved the movie.

Tell me if you’ve read any of these books (or if you plan to) and what’s on your Fall TBR, if you can keep one. 😉


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