It’s My Birthday! + Weekly Recap (For The First Time In Forever)

Hey everyone!
For the first time in forever, I am doing a weekly recap. I can’t remember the last time I did one and I don’t even want to think about how long ago it was.
Guess what?
Tangled Birthday gif
Which you probably know by my tweets. 🙂 And my title, how about that?
Yesterday was pretty draining for me and I was totally dreading today and then this morning had me on the edge too…
However, if you tweeted me telling me happy birthday today on Twitter, then you made my day. Seriously. ❤
Speaking of making my day, Holly, Val and Shannon have pretty much just been making my whole week. They’ve totally spoiled me with birthday gifts. Thank you girls, you’re so great. <333 🙂
My Secret Sister has also been so sweet this week. I’ll talk about that below. 
As for home, it’s low key here, just dinner and cake. My mom made enchiladas and enchilada casserole and of course, the cake. It’s lemon with strawberry frosting because that’s apparently what I like? I was looking at it earlier and wondering if I’d had strawberry frosting on it last year. . . I don’t think I did, but that’s okay. I won’t turn down cake. Lemon is my favorite, for the record.
Holly bought me this wonderful coronation Elsa Funko Pop, the Hot Topic Exclusive one, bless her heart. ❤ It’s adorable! I love it. It’s my first Funko Pop ever.
Coronation Elsa Funko Pop

Boy Meets World Gif

Shannon bought me two books off my wishlist! One of which I just discovered I’d bought on Kindle like months(?) ago and hadn’t removed from my WL, but whatev! I’ll read Shannon’s copy. ❤
The Knife of Never Letting GoShatter Me
She also bought me Don't Look Back when it was the Kindle daily deal a few days ago. ❤
Speaking of Shatter Me, the main character reminds me of Elsa and I got an Elsa Pop, so like, fate? Fate.
And Val bought me two Kindle books while getting my hopes up about a BEA email!
The Burning SkySnow Like Ashes


And, and, and, my Secret Sister bought me 
Far From You Secret Sister
She bought me a Starbucks gift card earlier this month too which I need to use really soon because Starbucks.
So yes, books galore for me. ❤ I’ve never received books for my birthday and suddenly I got a lot of books and I’m just kind of dazed because you know, books.

~What Have I Posted The Past Two Weeks?~
Monthly Recap: September ’15
Looking Forward To: October ’15
SST: Interview with Jennifer Walkup (Author of This Ordinary Life)
ARC Review: Romancing The Dark In The City of Light
Wondrous Covers Wednesday: Watercolor Edition! (#44)
Have You Seen This? (#2)

~What Will I Be Posting This Week?~
It’s still up in the air, I’ll definitely be doing WCW, I’m going to finally try to do the First Impressions tag and post a couple reviews. What books I’ll choose? I’m still not sure.

~What Have I Been Reading?~
BlissFaking Normal
I am so not far into Bliss at all, I just hit the second chapter the day I started it. Then the other day, I felt like reading Faking Normal for some reason, that I can’t really remember. I just thought I should start it. It’s so good. I’m so close to being done so I’ll probably finish that tonight. 🙂

Okay, that is everything from me this week. 🙂 I hope you all have a great upcoming week and month. Tell me something about your last birthday in the comments, what did you do/receive/age. . .

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