THE BOOK GENIE IS HERE (Inside my mind, I mean)

Top Ten TuesdayTHIS IS LIKE THE BEST TOP TEN TUESDAY PROMPT EVER. Ever. Everrrrr. EVER. Okay, so anyway, you know the drill, Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme created and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come forth and create bookish lists for us to participate in and this is my FAVORITE. To see future TTTs’ and etc, go here

~10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me~

Genie - Aladdin

1. A new book by Lauren Miller and Joy N. Hensley asap would be fantastic, thanks!

Willy Wonka

2. Please give me the ability to read faster and by faster, I mean, I want to read an entire book in four hours, thank you!

The Start of Something New High School Musical

3. I WANT BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER MEET ME TO JUST BE REAL IN GENERAL. Actually, can you just make super awesome move adaptions of all my favorite movies please?

Kurt Glee

4. I want to meet Leah Thomas because she’s the author of the above and I just like her!

Boy Meets World- Cory and Shawn

5. I would just really love to have all the ARCs I’m seeking from years past and this year and years to come until I die. That’d be marvelous.

Gilmore Girls

6. I wish I could be the beta reader for the Because You’ll Never Meet Me sequel by Leah Thomas right now.

Les Miserables-I Dreamed A Dream

7. CAN I HAVE ALL THE BOOK SWAG PLEASE? Samplers, pins, bookmarks, oh my.

High School Musical 2 Sharpay

8. Okay so this isn’t really book related, but it kind of is. Can I be in charge of all the soundtracks for my favorite book movie adaptions which will all obviously become movies? I mean, we all already know how GREAT my book playlists are so let’s just carry that on over to the movie adaptions. They’re good stuff.

High school Musical 2 Zac Efron

9. BESTIES WITH ALL THE AUTHORS. Okay, so you can’t really WISH to be friends with people, but um, I just did. So yeah. You’ll be friends with me by FORCE (Becky Albertalli, Jennifer Niven, Nicola Yoon, Adam Silvera, Heidi Heilig, and basically everyone else who’s written/writing a YA Contemporary in the past two years).

Tangled Flynn

10. I want to live on the East coast because, duh.  This IS book related, it is, everyone lives there or will live there and hello, NYC which is where BEA will be in ’17 so yeah, we’ll just move me there.

The Little Mermaid

I want to be able to re-read all my favorite books like it’s the first time I ever read them before. But this is only on command! So it’s not like every time I re-read a favorite book, it’s like it’s brand new to me. Only when I want. HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE? HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE? IT’D BE FANTASTIC. WHY IS THIS NOT A THING? Besides the fact it would probably involve screwing with your brain or memory loss which isn’t good, but whatever! Just totally ignore the fact that at least two of my wishes would involve mind control. It’d be worth it.

My Emotions

Wow, okay, so finding all these gifs and pictures was EXHAUSTING. It was ridiculous. I don’t know how Shannon does it every week. I would go insane. This is why my posts are never gifified. 🙂 TELL ME YOUR WISHES FOR THE GENIE.

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