Weekly Recap

Hi everyone! I totally crashed today, like, sleeping wise, not car wise. I was up late last night doing who knows what and then woke up for church this morning. For Sunday School, my class had to go to this coffee shop and I ordered a cappuccino and NEVER. AGAIN. Why’d no one tell me cappuccino’s aren’t sweet? WHY? I had to drink it so slow someone had to ask me “Do you not like your drink?” I was sad that I didn’t like it because I was so excited for it. Note to self, bring my own coffee next time. And buy some baked good instead. Lesson learn (for that place).
Okay so birthday month officially ended on the 18th as my sister turned 17 on the 17th. Would you believe that I just ‘now’ noticed she turned 17 on the 17th? My mind’s kind of blown right now. She had a party outside, cops were called, noises were violated, fun times. I hid upstairs the entire time. Except to eat, let’s be real.
I did a horrible job posting this week and I really need to kick that habit. I feel like this is just something I say every week and never actually do anything about. Sigh.
Besides all of that, I have a job interview at Michael’s Arts and Crafts on Tuesday so that’s exciting. It’s just for a temporary position but could become permanent after the seasonal is done.
Cat Cosette
I have given her a new name, Cosette. So now I have Eponine and Cosette. It’s funny because Eponine doesn’t like Cosette and I guess the same is true in Les Mis as well. Boom. ISN’T SHE CUTE? SHE’S SO CUTE. MY GOAL IS TO KEEP HER INSIDE IF SHE’S STILL HERE NEXT MONTH. No, I’m not stealing her…I’d never steal a cat…I’d just let her sleep outside. I may have already given lent her my cat’s cat bed outside.
She does apparently have a home though because she has a collar on it that has a bell so you can hear when she’s outside! And she’s not always on our porch so she does have another home. But you know, that’s whatever. Personally, I think she’d be way happier here! 😉
~What did I post on my blog this past week?~
My Top Ten Book Wishes to The Genie
Wondrous Covers Wednesday featuring star like covers
And I shared the This Is Where It Ends giveaway that Sourcebooks is doing because I loved that book. So if you’d like to win this book, you can read my post to find out more about that. The giveaway also includes…chalk boards!
~Reading Progress~
I’m still making my way through Underneath Everything and I’m thinking about just holding off on it and reading How To Be Brave because…
I AM ON THE BLOG TOUR. 😀 There will be an interview, review and giveaway. It’ll be a busy day. That won’t be until November 3rd though, so be on the look out for that.


Next week is pretty up in the air for me, I’m not sure what I’ll be posting. Also, I’m sooo sorry if I haven’t commented back on the comments you left for me, I’ll be working on those this week. 🙂

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