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My Not-Much-To-Recap Recap #35

Hey guys! Whoa, I totally failed when it came to posting this past week. Oops. Okay, so life for me has been going okay really. Not much special has gone on. Goodwill decided to go in a different direction, so I didn’t get hired by them. So I’m back to looking and applying more. Funnn.

I bought CDs these past couple weeks! I bought Demi Lovato’s Confident, Selena Gomez’s Revival, Taylor Swift’s 1989, Florence + The Machine’s How Big How Blue How Beautiful and Ellie Goulding’s Delirium. I bought the standard versions because they were only $6.99 on Of course, a day before they arrived at my house,  Confident and Revival deluxe editions went on sale for the same price (gah), but that’s fine. The Revival I have has some limited edition cover. I also ordered P!nk’s Truth About Love and Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale, but those are on backorder so I won’t receive them for a couple more weeks, I’m guessing. 

~What I Posted~

I’m going to share the previous posts from the week before that I didn’t share last Sunday.

I participated in The Shelfie Hop created by Bookemoji and My Friends Are Fiction.

I shared some of my top ten favorite book quotes that I read this year.

Okay, so the one post I posted this week was…

My thoughts while watching HTGAWM season 1 and 2 (both sections are labeled).

Oh yeah! HTGAWM was a BIG reason for why I didn’t post this past week. I was literally up all night two nights in a row binge watching the show and finished the last two episodes on the third day. Ha. 

As you can see, I live a very productive life that contributes to me being a useful member of society. You’re all welcome. 😉

Due to my sleeping a ton during the day, I haven’t read much. My kindle is dead.

I mean, YEAH, I have that whole bookcase full of books but um…you know…I don’t want to read any of those yet.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving, by the way? Mine went pretty well, it was low key, like all holidays are, my mom cooked a bit, but since we just ordered our meal from the grocery store, she didn’t have to cook nearly as much as she usually does, which is good. So Thanksgiving went well, which was nice.

Well, that’s all I have for you in this week’s recap. How has your week been? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you read anything good?


Those Three Days I Got Away With Binging HTGAWM

More Than This Provincial Life is a feature at YA Indulgences where I share non blogging or book related things. Generally this feature will focus on movies, music, tv shows, etc. Anything not book or blogging related basically.

Hey everyone! It’s time for a More Than This Provincial Life post. I haven’t done one of these in foreverrr. Guess what I’ll be talking about? HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. You may have seen my tweets with the hashtag #AmberBingesHTGAWM.

And what a binge it was, I literally finished the first season and what there is of the second season in two days. I feel accomplished. That’s probably bad. Oh well. At least it’s not as bad as when I watched two and a half seasons of Degrassi with an old college roommate. #AllMyWorthIsInTVBinging

So what got me started on How To Get Away With Murder was me trying to get my cousin to watch Gilmore Girls and she wouldn’t do it, so instead I got her to go back to episode 1 of HTGAWM so I could watch. Of course, she left halfway through the episode, but you know, whatever.


But I’m not going to say it, it’ll show in my tweets that I share. 😀 I’m just so amazed right now, omggg.

Another funny thing? My cousin still isn’t caught up on HTGAWM, yet I am! But then again, she has a thing called work which takes up most of her time. More TV Binging for me then. 😉

I decided I would share my thoughts I had while watching the show! If you don’t want to read them all, you don’t have to, but I find them amusing. A little. Some. Mostly my tweets. Which I’ll be linking as well because, well, that’s what I do. This post WILL include spoilers, so if you have not seen ALL of season 1 AND part 2, there will be slight spoilers. I’ll be separating season 1 and 2 though, So yes. Proceed with caution

The tweet that started it all:

 ~All My Thoughts On How To Get Away With Murder S1~

Alternate Titles:

A Little Bit of HTGAWM, A Lot More Everything Else

Things I Discovered while watching HTGAWM

Thoughts while watching HTGAWM

  • I need an apple corer in my life.
  • OMG, LIZA PLAYS PARIS, Now I just want a VMars spin off with Paris and Veronica. Pleaseeee.
  • How great is it that Liza plays Paris AND Bonnie? It’s like omg.
  • Why’d they start making these Sweet Tarts smaller? Ugh. Annoying “Know your serving, 13 pieces”. They meant box*
  • Why must the cheater always get mad at the cheatee? Sigh.
  • Nice tactic though, make it look like she had a reason to be suspicious so she didn’t look like she was cheating herself.
  • She is such a liar though and I see right through it.
  • I don’t think she’s the one Waitlist is protecting though. It’s whoever he lives next to.
  • Ooh, this one girl’s thinking. What is it…
  • “No, he’s a hunter, he knows how to kill.” Get it girl whose name I still don’t know! Heck yeah.
  • There you go!
  • Yesss, I love Waitlist, he knows what he’s talking about. Or at least, he’s smart about what he thinks. One day I’ll know his name. Today’s not that day.
  • “The quiet ones are usually the most dangerous.” “What the hell just happened?”
  • I. Love. It.
  • Oh snap, what is Bonnie hiding? MAYBE SHE’S THE ONE THEY’RE PROTECTING. Ooh…
  • This may have hit a bit too close to home.
  • Not that anyone murdered anyone though, that I know of, that I personally know.
  • And here we go with the “I’m just going to check their phone real quick” sigh.
  • Ahhh, so she thinks her husband was screwing Lila which I bet leads to her killing Lila which leads to her husband finding out which leads to the college kids killing/finishing off her murder of her husband. Mystery solved? (Theory)
  • Second sex scene of the episode, great…
  • Then again, I made it through Game of Thrones which was a lot worse with just about everything so…
  • Oh okay, wait, so my theory, but in reverse. I bet her husband killed her, then Annaleise finds out, which leads to her husband wanting to kill her/attempting to kill her, which leads to her (accidentally) killing him, which leads to the college kids finishing off the murder of her husband. Now is the mystery solved?
  • Almost everyone has a lock on their phone these days, now where/who is HTGAWM’s resident hacker? They’re useful for these kinds of shows. 
  • Okay, so the murder’s not that easy.
  • Omg, they are protecting her.
  • Oh, I bet Rebecca did it.
  • Hmm, Walsh has the trophy which was uncovered in the murder of Sam…
  • Oh man, Sam was lying about going to the meeting. Or he was in a hotel room somewhere…with a student?
  • Omggg, that guy dated her boyfriend, ha. #AmberBingesHTGAWM And the plot thickens.
  • Omg, Bonnie is SO Paris. I can’t take it anymore, I love ittttt. #AmberBingesHTGAWM
  • That’s going to get old fast for people.
  • Omg, the girl they just let out is a fugitive for bombing something or other, omg.
  • On the contrary Paris, everything DOES in fact involve a murderer.
  • From here on out, I shall call Bonnie as Paris. If you don’t know who Paris is or who forgets who Paris is…I’m sorry. Now go watch Gilmore Girls before the next HTGAWM.
  • Patty Hearst! Now I can only think of that Patty Hearst song…
  • Omg, is this girl the girl that plays Melissa on Pretty Little Liars.
  • Nope, false alarm, my bad. Hopes dashed.
  • Omg omg omg, Wes has the phone that Rebecca left, which has a caller talking about Lila knowing a person that could hook him up. Omggg, Lila did drugs. Omggggg, Lila was killed by Rebecca.
  • Okay, so Lila didn’t do drugs, she just hung around a lot of people. She has secrets, I like secrets. Let’s hope her secret’s a little better than Lily Kane’s. Speaking of Lily, sounds like Lila will be HTGAWM’s very own Lily Kane and Laura Palmer. My gosh do these murder mystery writers like L names. And Blondes.
  • I’m very disappointed I haven’t thought of this beforehand.
  • They should’ve named these shows, How To Get Away with Murdering Blonde Teenagers with L Initials.
  • Okay, so that wasn’t my best, um, whatever the word is* insult/smartass remark. I’ll try harder next time.
  • How To Get Away With Murdering L initialed Blonde Teenagers
  • Sounds like a Panic! At The Disco song.
  • I don’t hate it.
  • Come back Ryan Ross!
  • Right, HTGAWM.
  • Lololol, boyfriend did it.
  • Lololol, don’t swear to God when you JUST talked about how you had A. Cheated on your girlfriend, B. Had sex and C. Broke a vow you made to God.
  • Oh you silly characters.
  • Why do the rich guys always make me side eye them? They’re just never convincing, they always sound so fake.
  • Oh Wes, you’re so sneaky.
  • This would have been better as a VMARS scene. And it would’ve had a cool voiceover.
  • Oh no no no, I can’t take a show seriously where you’re not a lawyer and don’t quiet your voice down. Hello, cameras????
  • Mark this tweet, the downfall of HTGAWM and it only took less than two episodes. Come unraveling now, show. Seriously, what is he doing just talking to her at the jail all loud, like, hello, there are CAMERAS around and they probably record you which means they can find out, WES, that you’re not a public defender. Shake my head so hard. This scene reminds me of one in Veronica Mars and it WAS much better than this. Sorry.

*looks at first tweet about show* (Eight hours ago)

  • Oh, I should be on like the eighth episode by now. My bad. (Still on the second episode)
  • Oh okay, now they lower their voices, good, some redemption.
  • So I know Wes trying to help was really stupid, but why would you just throw him out like that? Never mind, I know. Because it’s really stupid.
  • A gay guy & a bisexual guy locked away in a boarding school in boring New Hampshire? Why it sounds like a John Green novel!
  • Ok so husband finds out that Annaleise is helping Rebecca who actually killed Lila so then husband gets murdered by Annaleise and then has the college kids cover up the murder, leading to Wes helping Rebecca. Mhm. Mystery solved? (4:38am) (28.59 minutes into third episode) (I was really helpful about this one)
  • Oh snap, cult guy turned on what’s her name/bomber. Dang, I guess I should’ve seen it coming.
  • Oh, it was a set up, how Veronica Mars-esque
  • Omg, Annaleise’s boyfriend lied about her husband’s whereabouts!
  • Those two totally hooked up, Bonnie and Annaleise’s husband. (Ep 3)
  • “Am I the only one psyched about this? We get to be SPIES”. Yes<3 S1E4
  • That guy just killed himself…my feelings…I can’t…
  • “You’re no longer a lawyer, you’re a detective in an interrogation.”
  • Oh wow, that’s Analeise’s phone…that’s why she kills him or he kills her, the other finds out
  • Wow, Annaleise tries really hard to maintain her image. 😦
  • Oh no, this first juror is totally lying about everything, the english teacher.


Oh my gosh, I bet Sam totally killed Lyla. I like Rebecca’s tendency to seemingly worry over him.

YESSSSS, Wes knows about Annaleise and Sam. I’m team Rebecca.


I love this episode.

OMGGGGG, What’s his name, rich guy is screwing Paris.


Reminds me of Vivian Darkbloom I DON’T TRUST THIS GIRL AT ALL.


Sam is trash too, kissing Paris, ugh.


  • I think I liked it before the murder was found out. Hmm.
  • Ooh, Frank and Rebecca confrontation over Rebecca lying about Sasha. Hmm. I don’t really remember who Sasha is anymore…
  • Wow, those two dumb lawyer people talking about Annaliese need to quit. Wow.
  • They’re going to turn themselves in, ten dollars said they don’t go through with it or pin it on someone else.
  • Awww,“Look, if Aiden doesn’t want to marry you, it just means there’s someone better around the corner”, that is like the nicest thing he ever said!
  • Oh and Wes and Rebecca are at the station when Laurel, Michaela and that one guy are at the station.
  • Laurel told Frank what happened…Laurel goes sees Wes and tells her that that he knew which means Anneliese knows (but Laurel doesn’t know that) he knows but now she does and Laurel says that Michaela and what’s his name are going to confess and blame it on Wes and Rebecca.
  • Ooh, the sister in law is in town now.


Hamrick Hotel, Phildelphia Christmas Day

Anneliese sleeping. Nate calls, doesn’t answer

December 26th-Dec. 31st, wakes up, drinks, flashbacks.

Oh wow, this woman says her husband is holding two girls captive…

North Philadelphia, Christmas Day, Wes&Rebecca

Ooh, Rudy’s family sent Rudy a card but Rudy doesn’t live there anymore. What’s up with this. Mysterious…

Oh I bet this woman is lying, whoa, she’s going to make Ann look bad.

West Palm Beach, Christmas Day: Laurel being unimpressed with her dad

THEORY: Bonnie killed Lyla and Sam tried to cover it up.

Ohhhh, Laurel speaks spanish, I love it. I didn’t know she was Mexican or Latina.

Sam’s sister is obnoxious.



Grand Rapids, Michigan,Christmas Eve-Connor

Connor’s car went missing, asked Frank about it, he said to report it. Hmm. Who stole the car…

Woman drugged the girls, I knew as soon as she said she gave them milk, gah.

“Our little girl. Lyn deserves to keep this one”, so she said “Our…” and she said “this one”, was there a previous, previous one…

YES, GO WES, “OUR” YES, WE ARE GENIUSES. So Wes thinks the woman kept the baby.

Wow, yep, the one she said was dead is actually alive and she’s been raising her.

Fishtown, Philadelphia, Christmas Eve=Rich guy

Gracie Mansion, New Years Even=Michaela

  • Um, I don’t think it’s a wise decision to have a captive watch a child of the wife of the captor.
  • Anneliese had Nate contact a police officer with a lead on Sam in another area.
  • “If you want me to handle it, just say the word”
  • THEORY: Omg, Anneliese had Frank kill Lyla I’m guessing.
  • Anneliese tells Sam’s sister about him being gone and trying to cover his tracks about messing around with Lyla. Sam’s remains are found in the landfill and is under investigation.
  • Omg, about Rudy, Rebecca called the cops on him “that night”, he was arrested 

Ep. 13

  • Paris Paris Paris theme episode. Yayyyy. Liza Weil needs her own show. ❤
  • Wes lied to Rebecca about having to be at the library, ooh.
  • Rudy had mental breakdown and od’d on drugs and was taken to a mental institution the same night as Lila’s death. Ooh.
  • YES, GO LAUREL, pulling a fake id for her and Wes pretending they’re married to talk to Rudy.


Rebecca’s going to the campus police. Hmm.

And then all my thoughts stopped there and I most tweeted during those last two episodes.

If you’re interested, I made a Storify of my favorite tweets from my first season watching. There are a couple Pretty Little Liars spoilers in the Storify… Some of my thoughts and tweets overlap because sometimes I went more in-depth in my “thoughts”

So the thing I found really funny about Gilmore Girls and HTGAWM is that Liza Weil is in both shows and I was trying to make my cousin watch GG.

So, judging by of my thoughts, I’m going to pat myself on the back for guessing the murderer right! YAY. I knew Frank did it, I’d just figured Annalise had set it up, but I clearly think of her as more “evil” than I should.


Here is the start of my season two thoughts which DOES include spoilers so unless you’ve watched all of season two, don’t read this section!

Theory: Okay, so Bonnie killed Rebecca because she knows Frank killed Lyla and would go to the cops OR Bonnie killed Rebecca because she had something to do with Frank. (S1E1)

Theory: Wes kills Annalise because he knows Bonnie killed Rebecca OR he kills her because she lead him on (E1)

Those were my only thoughts, except for two later theories, but they don’t matter.

BOOM! I got these two right out of the park, mostly. Bonnie did kill Rebecca, which I knew because Bonnie was slowly losing it. I knew Wes would end up injuring Annalise over Rebecca and I was righttttt. YAY!

Here is my Storify of Tweets for season two. I didn’t tweet nearly as much. This was because I was mostly writing down relevant information about the show to figure out the murders.

Yay! So I thought this was fun. If you’ve seen How To Get Away With Murder tell me what you think about it and recommend me a similar show, with shorter seasons, I like short seasons. Did you know who did it? 

Top Ten Quotes From This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Every week, they create a new bookish list, to find out more, you can go here.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is “Top Ten Quotes I Loved From Books I Read In The Past Year Or So”

So, for me to say these are the “top ten quotes from this year” is a bit of an understatement, however, I do really love all of these quotes.



“No matter where you go or what you do to distract yourself, reality catches up with you eventually.” 

― The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger


Maybe One Day

“Time does not care how precious it is, how hard you are working not to squander it. Time passes.” 

Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor


All The Bright Places

“I know life well enough to know you can’t count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to. You can’t stop people from dying. You can’t stop them from going away. You can’t stop yourself from going away either. I know myself well enough to know that no one else can keep you awake or keep you from sleeping.”

― All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


None of The Above

“The common thread from all those stories was that talking helped, and listening, and time. One day I would find my own place. I couldn’t run there, though, because it didn’t exist yet; I had to build it myself, out of forgiveness, truth, and terrifying gestures of friendship.” 

― None of The Above by I.W. Gregorio


Fans of The Impossible Life

“May we live impossibly,” Sebby said when he opened his eyes. “Against all odds. May people look at us and wonder how such jewels can sparkle in the sad desert of the world. May we live the impossible life.” 

Fans of The Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa


More Happy Than Not

“Memories: some can be sucker punching, others carry you forward; some stay with you forever, others you forget on your own. You can’t really know which ones you’ll survive if you don’t stay on the battlefield, bad times shooting at you like bullets. But if you’re lucky, you’ll have plenty of good times to shield you.” 

― More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera


Emmy and Oliver

“The more you start to love someone, the more you ache when they’re gone, and maybe it’s that middle ground that hurts the most, when you can see them and still not feel like you’re near enough.” 

― Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway


The Night We Said Yes

“It was my favorite part of the night – when the evening’s events were still unknown and unpredictable. It was the sense of possibility that I loved, the idea that anything could happen next.” 

― The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi


Everything Everything

“You can’t predict the future. It turns out that you can’t predict the past either. Time moves in both directions – forward and backward – and what happens here and now changes them both.” 

― Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


Romancing The Dark in the City of Light

She wonders what happened to him, how depression set in, the choices he made. Things probably piled up on him like they have on her. And he probably tried really hard to get his shit together. Like she’s trying. 

Romancing The Dark in The City of Light by Ann Jacobus


Faking Normal

Right now we’re both yard sales of emotions. A penny for pain. A dime for bitterness. A quarter for grief. A dollar for silence. It binds us together, but I don’t want him to pay the price for the parts of me that are used and broken. 

― Faking Normal by Courtney S. Stevens


Let me know what some of your favorite quotes are! Have you read any of these books? These are all some of my favorites from this year. 🙂

The Shelfie Hop!

Hi everyone. I’m participating in The Shelfie Hop created by Bookiemoji and My Friends are Fiction! Isn’t it awesome? Basically today a ton of people are sharing their bookshelves and talking about their books. Just for this, I cleaned up my bookshelf and organized my books! P.S. Forgive my kind of bad pictures. ❤


Okay, so I organized this by genre. Seeing as I generally only read Contemporary, there is a lot of that, then as the “separator (aka, I just forgot to move them), I put a couple random adult fiction books there. On the third shelf, I have fantasy and Adult fiction. Finally, my bottom shelf are all the ARCs I have. Half of those are favorites whether I’ve read them or not. 😉

Top Shelf

SAILOR MOON. My secret sis bought that for me.

ELSA. Holly bought that for me. ❤

Oh right, books. 🙂

I tried to organize these by books I read, but um, that did not work out.

I’ll tell you my favorites though, Romancing The Dark in The City of Light, Even In Paradise (which I need to finish) and DUFF, which is hidden somewhere in there.

Second Shelf And mostly more Contemporary along with the adult fiction I was talking about. I haven’t read any books from this shelf, unless you count the chicken soup books that I read back in middle school. And nope, those aren’t the same ones. Haha.

Third Shelf The first book there is The Orphan Queen and as I’m not a big fantasy reader (I know), I’ve only read Cinder. 😦

ARCSThese are in order by favorites, sort of.

Favorites: Free To Fall, Falling Into Place, All The Bright Places, I’ll Meet You There, Because You’ll Never Meet Me, The Walled City, The Truth About Alice, Anything Could Happen, Everything Everything.

Then there’s the rest. 😉 As you probably guessed…the favorites are the ones I read. Yes, I have that many ARCs I haven’t read. My mistake…

If you want to visit the rest of the great blogs in this Shelfie Hop, here they are below!





Weekly Recap #34

Hiii. Life for me is going blah. That makes sense, right? Basically, I’m still very upset about Paris and Beirut and just very heartbroken. The situation in Paris has officially heightened my anxiety greatly, more than it already was. So that’s not good, I’m trying to find ways to handle it. It’s really making me freak out a lot and just knowing that this event happened in a Western country, it just makes it hit harder. Because it’s closer to the U.S., it could happen here. That’s really scary for me to think about. Being paranoid though, doesn’t help anything. Still, sometimes I just want to stay in bed and never leave the house again.

Onto brighter news though, I bought Alessia Cara’s new album Know-It-All (Deluxe, of course) and it’s fantastic. Besides that, I bought all of Hailee Steinfeld’s Haiz EP songs except for Love Myself. Why did I not buy Love Myself? Well because I’m keeping enough money on my Itunes card to buy Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood (Deluxe).

I just discovered I bought the ‘clean’ version of Haiz. Darn it. Now I’ll end up re-buying it when I can. Oh well. I’m so excited for Hailee’s debut album, I’m hoping it will come out next year because that’d be fantastic.

I’ve been listening to Grimes Art Angels since Friday and it is phenomenal. It’s so unique. This is one of my favorite songs on the album:

Is it not amazing? If you don’t think so, listen again.

Besides the great music I listened to on Friday, I had an interview at Goodwill on Friday, so I’ll see how that goes. The manager said they may call me this week. I had a call from JC Penny’s to set up an interview there too, I’m not sure what I’ll do about that yet. . .

~What Did I Post Last Week?~

I listed all the book-to-movie adaptations I haven’t seen for TTT.

I focused on titles in this week’s Wondrous Covers Wednesdays.

Yikes, okay, um, I am in a serious slump with my posting. I don’t know why I haven’t posted more than TTT and WCW in the past couple months, but I don’t like that at all. Any ideas on how I can get out of this slump? 

Okay, I have no idea what I’ll be posting this week because every time I say I’ll post something, it generally doesn’t happen, so we’ll just have to see.

ALSO, here is a reminder, I still have a giveaway going on for E. Katherine Kottaras’  How To Be Brave which ends on November 23rd, I believe. So if you haven’t already, enter that giveaway. 🙂

OH! I got my lovely, amazing, fantastic Secret Sister package for this month. I saw the mail man drop off envelopes through the window and I was telling my mom “Oh, well there’s the mail, but who cares if it’s not books?”.

So I went outside to get the mail and outside is my BOX. The mailman didn’t even mention the box! Or knock. Sigh. Good thing I wad downstairs and looking. 🙂 That totally made my day. It’s weird, I was thinking “Well then, that got here pretty early”, I was thinking it was only the 3rd or 4th and then realized it was like the…12th, so you know, not really early in the month like I was thinking. I lose track of days.

You probably want to know what I received!

My super awesome Secret Sister November package




I seriously just love everything. It’s so perfect and amazing and omg, so much thought and a NOTE!!!! Which you can barely see, I just glanced over my picture and thought I forgot to add it, but it’s there, on top of First & Then.

I have such a sweet SS. ❤

Let me know how your week has gone, if you have anything coming up, if you’re participating in OTSPSecretSister, etc. 🙂 ❤

Titles Are The Focus (Wondrous Covers Wednesday #47)

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I share my cover love by showing off three covers with common themes or attributes. You can see past posts here.

So, as I was skimming through the ’16 releases (like I do weekly, I can’t miss anything!), I discovered the final cover I would be using for this post. Of course, I already had three, but you know, four is better than three. 🙂 In all of these covers, the title is the very clear focus of them and I love the simplicity of that.


I'll Give You The Sun

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

~My Thoughts~

This cover first caught my attention when I heard about it last year. I love how bright it is and the colors are great given the title having the word “sun” in it. It’s such a pretty, light cover for what I’ve heard is a hearbreaking book. Don’t you love that? Deceitful book covers.


This Song Will Save Your Life (paperback)

This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

~My Thoughts~

Oh I love this a lot. The colors are all so fantastic, since this book has to do with music and deejaying, I love how they used technicolors for this. The controller really sticks out to me too.


Like It Never Happened

Like It Never Happened by Emily Adrian

~My Thoughts~

With never being in an over, this reminds me of those brainstorming webs I used to do in school. Ha. I like the high school setting of this in the background, but it’s not my favorite. It’s still a pretty book to have though. 🙂


Beautiful Broken Things

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

~My Thoughts~

This was the most recent cover I discovered. It will be out in February from Macmillan Children’s Books UK. I really love the colors on here, I don’t often seen them. I love how the tagline is spread thorughout the cover, “I was brave. She was reckless. We were trouble”, it just makes me so curious.

All of The Book-to-Movie Adaptations I Probably Should Have Watched

Finally my non movie-watching skills come into play! *rubs hands*

Top Ten Tuesday

I love this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. 🙂 Top Ten Tuesday is the bookish meme created/hosted at The Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To or Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch. I’ll be doing the latter. 

~Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch~


The Best of Me  The Best of Me movie

Gone Girl  Gone Girl Movie

Silver Linings Playbook  Silver Linings Playbook

Memoirs of A Geisha book  Memoirs of A Geisha Movie

Fight Club book  Fight Club book

The Help  The Help movie

Life of Pi book  Life of Pi movie

Water For Elephants  Water for Elephants movie

Room Movie  Room Book


The Great Gatsby  The Great Gatsby movie

The Giver book  The Giver Movie

Young Adult:

Paper Towns   Paper Towns Movie

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl   Me and Earl and The Dying Girl Movie

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List   Naomi and Elys No Kiss List movie

 The Spectacular Now  The Spectacular Now movie

Divergent  Divergent_Movie

The_Maze_Runner  The Maze Runner Movie

The Ones I Most Want To See:

Silver Linings Playbook, Memoirs of a Geisha, Room, The Great Gatsby, Paper Towns, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and The Spectacular Now.

Favorite Movie Posters:

Water For Elephants, The Great Gatsby, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List and The Spectacular Now.

I have read The Great Gatsby though, I really liked that book.

Okay, as you can see, I’m very, very behind in all the book to movie-adaptions. If I haven’t read it, I probably haven’t watched it.

Exceptions go to Mockingjay part 1 (thanks, Life Group), all of the Nicholas Sparks movies, Harry Potter, The Book Thief, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Beautiful. Creatures, Warm Bodies, Beastly, Ella Enchanted, Eat Pray Love, Jane Eyre and probably a ton of others…

So okay, maybe I’m not SUPER behind in movie adaptions, but if they’re recent, odds are I haven’t seen them unless I read the book.

Tell me what books to movies you need to see and what you’re favorite is! 🙂 And tell me about any future adaptations you’re looking forward to, I’m excited for Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock (which I think is still in the works?) and All the Bright Places!

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