Looking Forward To: November ’15

Whoa, I need to preface this a lot, haha, it’s six days late. Oops. So obviously all of the Nov. 3 books and Nov. 6 albums came out already. 🙂

I don’t like November a ton because it starts snowing and being super cold. I don’t like snow and I don’t like being super cold. 😦

Nov. 3
The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart  Cam Girl  Until We Meet Again  The Lies About Truth  How To Be Brave
Nov. 10
Winter  For The Record  Soundless  Hello?  Consent
Nov. 17
Everything But The Truth Just Visiting
Nov. 19
 Fire Falling (Air Awakens 2)
Nov. 24
Rules For 50 50 Chances

Most Excited For? ALL OF THEM. My top three are: Cam Girl, For The Record and The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart, they all sound amazing and I’ve heard amazing things about all three. So yes. I need them all in my possession. Now, please.

For Review? How To Be Brave and Just Visiting!


Nov 6

Ellie_Goulding_Delirium Sara Bareilles Whas Inside Songs From Waitress Little_Mix_Get_Weird Grimes_Art_Angels Sarah Blasko Eternal ReturnHedley_Hello

Nov. 13

A Great Big World When The morning Comes Justin Bieber Purpose One Direction Made In The AM Mutemath Vitals Trans-Siberian Orchestra Letters From The Labyrinth

Nov. 17

Alessia Cara Know It All

Nov. 20

Enya Dark Sky Island Adele 25 

Most Excited For? Gosh, all of them really. Top five are: Ellie Goulding (which I’ve already heard half of), Sara Bareilles, Hedley, Sarah Blasko, Alessia Cara and…then the last two. 😉


And Everything Else

I can officially wear sweaters/hoodies!

I finally received my ipod back at the end of last month, so I’m kind of looking forward to putting music on it. I kind of have a lot. That’s an understatement, I may do a post about this. Possibly.

Oh! Thanksgiving, that is something too look forward to, a bit.

I’ve been putting applications in frequently (God bless the internet age), so hopefully I hear back from something. I had interviews a couple weeks ago with Michael’s and Burlington’s Coat Shop, the latter didn’t lead anywhere and I need to call Michael’s back. It’s really hard (and depressing, really) job hunting. Sigh.

Enough of that though, tell me what you’re looking forward to this month? Have you read any of these awesome looking books? Are you a fan of these singers/bands I listed? Are you going to go Black Friday shopping?

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Amber is a 20-something woman who enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and taking walks. She has a book blog called YA Indulgences . She is still trying to figure out what she's doing with her life, but she's confident that time will tell. In the meantime she's heading towards the goal of becoming a renowned blogger. View all posts by Amber (YA Indulgences)

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