Top Ten New-To-Me Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they post a new list for bookish people to participate in. You can read more about that here.

Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s list is top ten new to me authors “Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015”.

~Top Ten New-To-Me Authors~


Ryan Graudin The Walled City

This was the first book I read of the year and I adored it. It was pretty fast-paced and I loved the setting of it. It was a perfect first book.


Eileen_Cook Remember (Eileen Cook)

This was the first e-ARC of the year that I had really connected with. I found the plot to be unique and had good twists, even if I may have seen them coming.


Melissa Kantor Maybe One Day


I had heard about this book a bit, but I never really looked into it. I ended up borrowing it from the library, This was a great friendship book that dealt with the heavy topic of cancer.

Heather Demetrios I'll Meet You There


While I’ve owned Something Real for over a year, this is the first book by Heather Demetrios that I read. This was because of all the great early reviews I read about. I featured this book in a past Wondrous Covers Wednesday, but back then the summary had turned me off, so I never looked into it until reviews started coming out. It’s one of my favorite books of the year, hands down.

Kasie West Pivot Point

Oh Kasie West, I know she’s well known for her romantic Contemporaries, but Pivot Point struck my attention, plus, it was the one I’d had access too. 🙂 I originally did this as a buddy read with Val and was supposed to do some review/discussion thing, but that never happened. Haha, our bad. I really loved the way Kasie West wrote it, it just had this easy, realistic YA style.


Corey Ann Haydu Making Pretty

I had requested this one on Edelweiss after hearing about how well known Corey Ann Haydu is. Like Heather Demetrios, although I previous owned a book by Haydu, Making Pretty was the first I picked up instead. I really liked the family dynamics and the main character’s journey to find herself.


Neal Shusterman Challenger Deep

Neal Shusterman was an author that I hadn’t really heard of at all before this year. I’m sure if I had, I would have read Challenger Deep a lot sooner. This book does a great job at portraying a mental illness and how it really affects a person’s mind.


Robin Benway Emmy and Oliver

Oh my gosh, I’d vaguely heard of Robin Benway, but she wasn’t what made me want to read this book. I loved the gorgeous cover and the summary was interesting. This book didn’t fail, I loved every moment of it. Well, almost. 😉


Marissa Meyer Cinder

Oh Cinder. I finally decided to start this series after Brittany’s TLC Read-along she was doing. Unfortunately I only read the first book. I really liked it though! Moon princess? You bet!


Courtney S. Stevens Faking Normal

I’d been meaning to read this book for a while, Holly sort of nudged me into buying it when it was on sale. I bought it, read it a few weeks later and loved it a lot.

Well, these are the top ten new to me authors of the year. I had decided not to include debuts since they’d be “new” to everyone. 🙂 Have you read any of these books or authors? If not, I definitely recommend them all! 


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