You Look Familiar. . . [Wondrous Covers Wednesday #48]

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I share my cover love by showing off three covers with common themes or attributes. You can see past posts here.

Over the past couple months I’ve noticed a lot of covers that look so similar to each other. After doing this before in the past, I thought I would showcase some more tonight. 🙂


A Thousand Nights The Forbidden Wish

~My Thoughts~

These two even have the same balance among them with the center having the most focus. They both have swirly text (which I love) and the sky in the background. I like the former more than the latter though, I’d like The Forbidden Wish more if it didn’t have the, um, cover model at the bottom. 🙂


Never Never Unhooked

~My Thoughts~

Oh gosh, from the text to the ship to the background. Similarities abound. The title have the same color font, the authors’ names are both grey, they both feature large ships. I like the former more than the latter though, the second one looks a little Middle Grade-ish?



Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here Girl Against The Universe

~My Thoughts~

These two popped out to me just last week when I was looking up Scarlett and happened to see Girl Against The Universe in the side section on Goodreads. They both feature characters laying down doing their hobby of choice (I’m assuming for GALU). Both of them have these bright backgrounds with small designs in the background, even though the one in GALU is actually a tennis court. Both titles feature embellishes on them.

Oh, the similarities though, right? I had fun doing this feature this week, let me know what you think and let me know if any similar covers you’ve seen.

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7 responses to “You Look Familiar. . . [Wondrous Covers Wednesday #48]

  • Jess @ Princessica of Books

    Ooh, love this meme! I totally agree on all of them– especially Unhooked and Never Never. I wonder how their cover artists feel about matching w/ another…


  • hermionefowl

    Okay, the first two are so similar it’s just freaky. The third one is more subtle, which is good 🙂 Although I do now want to read Unhooked, since I loved Never Never so much…


  • shannonmiz

    The thing that really gets me is that the first two were different until someone changed them to look EXACTLY like the other covers! Especially The Forbidden Wish- I sob at memories of the old gorgeous cover. SOB. And the second one.. I mean, it looks like the EXACT same cover. I don’t know why anyone would do that?


  • C.J.

    God, yes! I’ve featured covers like this a few times on the blog because I feel like they’re EVERYWHERE! I’ve actually considered doing a “Who wore it better” xD it’s so common. I’d never heard of Unhooked…it’s like the same freaking book. O_O SO WEIRD.

    Sarcasm & Lemons


  • Kayla (The Bookish Owl)

    I’m absolutely in love with the covers of A Thousand Nights and The Forbidden Wish. They both look amazing! They also look like they have similar themes and settings so I’m definitely going to check them out.


  • vlangloisx3

    Unhooked and Never Never are SO SIMILAR. Like what happened? Plus they are both Peter Pan retellings, so it kind of makes me go hmmmmm. (I don’t particularly like either cover, though maybe I’m biased because I did not like Never, Never)


  • Holly J

    Wow, I didn’t even notice the last two, honestly, until you pointed it out. I love them both though! I also agree about A Thousand Nights– much better than Forbidden Wish. But those two in the middle are SO DAMN SIMILAR, I DO NOT LIKE. And I actually prefer Lisa Maxwell’s to the one that’s already out in the world. *shrugs*


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