Favorite Music Discoveries of ’15

Musical Monday is a feature where I talk about musicals, songs, make bookish playlists and feature authors to make bookish playlists for their own books.

Hi! I decided to I would finish off the year with some posts about my favorite music of the year. Tonight I’ll be talking about my favorite music discoveries of the year. The artists’ names will lead to Spotify links. Without further ado,

~Favorite Music Discoveries~

Maria Mena

This past year I became involved on PopJustice.com. It was on this website that I disocvered a message board/thread on Maria Mena with the topic named after her single, “I Don’t Wanna See You With Her”. I heard that song and I was in love.

Maria’s album came out on the fourth of this month and I remember being amazed at her number of albums she had out since I hadn’t even heard of her before last month. However, my amazement was short lived and I’d forgotten about the album.

On the fourth of this month, I went on Spotify to listen to Coldplay’s album which released the same day. Since Coldplay didn’t have their album on Spotify, I decided I’d listen to Maria’s album instead. Wow, I was not prepared to hear that album. Among first listen she reminded me of Sara Bareilles with her honest songwriting and simple-ish melodies.

Troye Sivan 

I can’t remember when or why I started listening to him exactly. I remember hearing Happy Little Pill and liking it, then later I’d heard Talk Me Down which I really liked, especially after watching the trilogy of Blue Neighbourhood videos he did. I was really excited for his album, which came out on the fourth of this month, but I still haven’t given it a proper listen.

Alessia Cara

This is another artist that I’d heard a song from on her EP, Four Pink Walls, but never really gave a proper listen to until her album came out. I love it. What really got me into her was the song Here which immediately reminded me of Lykke Li’s “Everybody But Me“, both songs are about being at parties and not really wanting to be there.

Hailee Steinfeld 

I’d heard Love Myself and was like “Oh, okay then.” and I liked the song well enough so I figured I’d stick around for her EP. It didn’t hurt either that her EP is sooo gorgeous. It actually reminds me of Carly Rae Jepsen’s album, E*Mo*TIon for some reason. My favorite song of hers was Hell No’s and Headphones which was inspired by “Here”. Once again, the song gave me “Everybody But Me” vibes. I’m all about the “anti-party, I love music more” anthems.

Coeur De Pirate

I discovered Coeur De Pirate with a random itunes search into the alternative section. I liked the mellow sound that they had. I still haven’t listened to their album fully, but I liked what I heard.

The Mynabirds

I remember hearing about The Mynabirds before, but never really heard too much by them. After hearing the first song All My Heart though, I really enjoyed the album.


I’ll admit it, I tried to resist Halsey, 1. Because she’s just so popular and I’m “that person” that tries to stay away from those artists, unless they’re already popular. Ha. I’m always up for a dark album though, so I gave in.  I’ve been more into her Room 93 EP than her debut album though. I adore Empty Gold and I’m so, so upset that it’s not on her main album. That’s just wrong.

Melanie Martinez 

I came across Melanie Martinez with another random itunes album search! Yay random searching. I loved her dark, upbeat sound. She reminds me of Emilie Autumn with the way her songs are written, in a sort of poetry/nursery rhyme way and Sky Ferreira with the dark sound of them.

Allie X 

One of my newest favorites from this year, I had randomly clicked on her thread title on Pop Justice and gave her EP a quick listen. Like most some underground pop singers, I immediately loved her sound. A ton. My favorite song of her was the newest one that was released called NEver Enough. It’s been tacked onto the deluxe version of her first EP called CollXtion 1.

Katy B 

Once again, I discovered this singer on Pop Justice. I don’t remember what songs by her that I really enjoyed, so I still need to give her a thorough listen, but I remember really loving the lyrics and her sound.

Years & Years 

I haven’t properly listened to these guys, but I really like the song King and I like the way they sound.

These are most of my favorite new artists, I’m sure there are more. What are some of your favorite singers/bands that you heard this year? I’m always up for recommendations! Tell me what you think of the artists above in the comments too. If you haven’t listened to them, you need to do so. Immediately. 🙂

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2 responses to “Favorite Music Discoveries of ’15

  • Kayla (The Bookish Owl)

    I discovered Halsey this year too and I can’t stop listening to Badlands! My favorite is definitely Colors, closely followed by Roman Holiday.

    The other artists whom you’ve mentioned in this post sound really good too so I’m definitely going to check them out.

    Happy holidays! 🙂


  • Holly J

    HALSEYYYYYYYYYY. I’m so glad I listened to the hype, because omg what an amazing album seriously. But also, are you saying I should listen to all of these people too? Because. I still haven’t gotten very far (ha. ha. hahahahaha) on that doc you gave me.


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