Weekly Recap (#39) + Stacking The Shelves (#29)

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, if you celebrate it. If you don’t celebrate it, then I hope you had a good day either way. 🙂

Christmas went well here! I didn’t get any books for Christmas, but I did get luggage and clothes for BEA. I received some money on Visa, which I promptly spent on…books! Yay, books. It all leads back to books in the end. 😉 So my parents are really trying to shove me out the door already, haha.

Besides that, I got some other things, including a phone, which is good. Once again, for BEA purposes mostly, I’m not a phone person at all. Well, calling wise.

There was no snow here for Christmas, but now, of course, my state’s in a winter storm watch until tomorrow afternoon so that’s fun. I hope we don’t lose power or anything, we usually don’t, but you never know.

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year, it feels like this year just flew by, it’s crazy. Due to that, I will be doing a lot of year end posts such as Jamie’s yearly recap, my regular yearly recap (I may combine the two), my favorite covers of the year and my favorite albums of the year. So this week will actually be pretty full, which hasn’t happened in a while for me. 🙂

~This Week I Posted~

I shared an awesome playlist of my favorite songs and highlighted songs in the post itself. Check that out for sure!

I shared the top ten books I would love to receive for Christmas. Spoiler Alert: Alexander Hamilton made the list. ;D

I swore Winter was coming in my Wondrous Covers Wednesday post. It appears it finally is, it was freezing today!

~My ‘Reading’ Life~

Once again, I have been just LAGGING on the reading. I blame it on Netflix and Hamilton. I don’t know how to say no to them.

My goal for the rest of the year though is to just finish Gena/Finn and The Love That Split The World. I can do it, I can do it. I think. 

So if you see me on Twitter, nudge me and say “So Amber, how’s that book you’ve been reading?”, this will remind me that as a book blogger, it’s sometimes good to READ. 😉

~Stacking The Shelves~

Stacking The Shelves

I also received some books this week! Which was fun. As well as a correction to a book I received last week, haha.


Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme created and hosted at Tynga’s Reviews. Bloggers are invited to link up and share the books they received over the past week.


There’s soap and socks there too! Both in which, I love.

Yes, Tease again! Very glare-ful. Last week I said I received this from my Secret Sister which was totally wrong and created a ton of confusion. I actually received this great looking book from my Secret Santa, Val!

You see, I just figured it was from my Secret Sister because I was so used to receiving packages every month that I completely quit checking the addresses, hahaha. I also read her lovely card incorrectly (Sorry Val<3). So yes, that book was from Val and not Secret Sis.


Here’s a close up of the Sailor Moon figure (Is it not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?) and Anna! She’s in her post-Elsa striking phase. There’s also the awesome unicorn card. You know how I love unicorns, they’re totally real.

Kaitlin offered me an ARC of Underwater and let me choose a couple other books from a selection of hers! Thank you so much, Kaitlin. ❤ Here was what I chose:


Underwater / Not If I See You FirstOf Beast and Beauty 

I’ve heard good things about all three books, so I’m excited to get around to reading them. Of Beast and Beauty will count towards the backlist challenge I’m participating in. 

So, is anyone doing anything for New Year’s Eve? I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing anything except cowering in my room due to the numerous fireworks that will undoubtedly go off, haha. Let me know how your week’s been or if you received any cool books for Christmas!



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2 responses to “Weekly Recap (#39) + Stacking The Shelves (#29)

  • Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

    I LOVE your Sailor Moon figure! Also, so exciting that you are going to BEA!


  • kentuckygal50

    Visiting from the Stacking the Shelves linkup.

    Isn’t it really fun to receive books and other gifties in the mail? There was one week earlier this year where I received a total of 7 books (over 2 days). THAT was FUN!!!

    So many books, so little time, eh? I’ve done well with my reading this week, but not so good on getting the reviews up. Ah well, that’s what New Year’s is for!


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