December Recap of ’15

~My Life~

I can’t believe that not only is it the end of the month, it’s also the end of the YEAR. Time really just flies by when you get older, I think it’s because you’re more aware of it. My Christmas went well! I’m not doing anything for New Year’s clearly. 😉 I’m going to watch High School Musical though, I think, since Troy and Gabriella met on New Year’s Eve. ❤ My mom’s been wanting me to come downstairs for a bit, so, downstairs I will be. 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing new year and I hope you’ve had a good year this past year. ❤


WordPress Followers: 188

BlogLovin’ Followers: 121

# of Views/Visitors: 2,417/1,693

# of Blog Posts: 15

# of Reviews: 0

# of Likes: 60

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Most Viewed Post:  If I Were to Receive Books (TTT)

Most Viewed Review: Where She Went

~Book Stats~

# of Books Read:

Finished Gena/Finn

# of Books Started:
The Love That Split The World Firsts

Both of these books are really interesting. I have to say I think Firsts has the edge right now, just because it’s not as, um, confusing. Ha. I don’t have to really focus on it, in a hard way, to know what’s going on. I really love it. I’ll finish TLTSTW tomorrow.

# of Books Bought:


Life By Committee Emmy and Oliver MagoniaThe Promise of Amazing Legacy of Kings

# of Books For Review: 

Where Youll Find Me The Girl Who Fell

# of Books Traded/Given: 

TeaseUnderwaterNot If I See You FirstOf Beast and Beauty

# of Freebies:

Unexpected Gifts (Castle Mountain Lodge Book 1)

~What I Posted (Excluding Weekly Recaps)~


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Other Posts:

Most of My Favorite Songs of 2015

Favorite Music Discoveries of 2015

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~Favorite Post~

Any one (all) of my music posts.

~How Did I  Do With My Resolutions?~

~How Did I Do With My Challenges?~

I failed on every front. 😦 I really forgot about them all about halfway through and by September I just didn’t care due to slumps. 😦 I joined a lot of challenges and probably should have just joined a few, ha.

~New Music~

Here is my Spotify playlist for the month, it’s very short. Mostly because I only listened to Hamilton, so…

~Favorite Album~

This will surprise no one, but Hamilton! Before Hamilton it was Maria Mena’s Growing Pains.

~Album I Wish Had Gotten More Love~

Blue Neighbourhood Troye Sivan

I just don’t know what happened here, I was so obsessed with this album coming out and then it came out, but I was too sucked into listening to something else. 😦 Sad. I did listen to it a few times, but not as many as I thought I would.

~Musical News~

Hamilton will be settling down in Chicago for at least a year doing productions there! Then it will go on a national tour afterwards. Most likely. Yay!

~Fantastic Videos~

I thought this video was good, not the greatest, but fun.

DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)

Yes, I did mean to put an ad on here. I just really like this! 

~My Addictions~


I know, none of you are surprised anymore.

~Music Purchases~

  1. Disclosure – Caracal (Deluxe)
  2. Grimes – Art Angels
  3. Beach House – Depression Cherry
  4. Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars
  5. 21 Pilots – Blurryface
  6. The Last Five Years (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  7. Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
  8. Saint Asonia – Saint Asonia
  9. Art of Dying – Rise Up

All of these albums were marked down, which was great. Half were 6.99, one was 7.99 (I think), 21 Pilots was 99 cents, I got The Last Five years half off, so 5.99 Hamilton was $1.99!

-Freebies From Google-

  1. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red Google Play Deluxe Edition
  2. Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas Google Play Exclusive Version
  3. Josh Groban – Noel
  4. Josh Groban – Stages

Yep, Kelly and Mariah were freeeee this past month. It was for a week or so, so that was nice. I listened to Kelly’s album as soon as I downloaded, but didn’t give it a listen much afterwards. 😉 As for Mariah, well, you know…Not much listen either. I decided to pick up Josh Groban because I heard he’s good, plus he does a cover of All I Ask Of You (from Phantom of The Opera) with Kelly on his album Stages.

~Movie/TV Purchases~

On Itunes:

Veronica Mars The OC

Both of these were (are?) only $4.99 on Itunes for the first season! So I of course had to buy VMars, so now I can have it on my ipod. Does anyone even use ipods anymore or is it all music from iPhones? Ha. I bought The O.C. because I’ve never seen it, once again, it will live on my ipod. So yay. Good digital buying month for sure.

~What I’ve Been Watching~

The 100 poster Jessica Jones

I watched all of The 100 in the span of 63 hours, yes, 63 hours. I mean, they’re not super long seasons, but still. As for Jessica Jones, I’m finishing that up now. I’m on the last episode and I have really liked it. I also really liked The 100 too. You can possibly expect posts on both shows next month (in four hours for me, officially). 🙂 

So that is it for me. What have you read or watched or listen to or discovered this past month? How was your Christmas? Are you doing anything for New Year’s (hence why you won’t be commenting on this blog)? 😉


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