Weekly Recap (41)+ Stacking The Shelves (31)

Good evening everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a week. That rarely happens unless I’m on hiatus. 😦 I seriously haven’t posted much at all over this past month. That isn’t really considering we’re not over halfway done with January, which is amazing. This month is flying by.

Here are the two posts I did make since last recap:

Jan. 5: Looking Forward to: January ’16

Jan. 7: ARC Review: Firsts by Laurie E. Flynn (Five Stars)

I’ve been watching Pokemon quite a bit this week since all else on Netflix is just…eh, I’m not into it much. Pretty Little Liars started back up and I watched the first season of Degrassi Next Class! It was fantastic. I may rewatch it sometime soon since I didn’t binge watch it. 😉

Pretty Little Liars isn’t bad either, I’ll be looking forward to seeing where it goes. At least a little.

I’m so excited for The 100 to be coming back this week! This will be the first time I actually watch it live! Yay!

Next week on my blog, you can expect my Tsar Guard’s post tomorrow and then Laurie E. Flynn stops by on Tuesday with a guest post that I loved.

~Bout of Books~

Okay, so, I pretty much failed at Bout of Books. On the bright side, I finished two books, however…they weren’t two books I started during Bout of Books, so…yeah… I finished The Love That Split The World and Gena/Finn. Then I started The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly that following  Wednesday (the 6th), I think and I’m still only halfway through it. So…yeah, I didn’t do too well.

Stacking The Shelves

~Stacking The Shelves~

Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme created and hosted at Tynga’s Reviews where they invite bloggers to share what books they got over the week.

This week I added only two books to my shelves:

The Night We Said Yes The Museum of Heartbreak

The Night We Said Yes is an ARC that was given to me by Jocelyn for my collection.

The Museum of Heartbreak was sent by Simon & Schuster.

So a big thanks to both of them. 

How has your week been? Has anything good happened? Are you watching anything good lately? ❤

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2 responses to “Weekly Recap (41)+ Stacking The Shelves (31)

  • hermionefowl

    I started Pretty Little Liars, but for some reason haven’t really got into it yet. I’ve been obsessed with Brooklyn 99, which I’d recommend! Although Pokemon is good too haha 😛


  • Jess I.

    Welcome back! I read TLTLSTW last month and I actually put a review up for it today. I’ve been meaning to get to The Night We Said Yes but I have so many other books I need to read, haha. Hears to a better week!


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