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Weekly Recap (#42)

~My Life~

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done these posts. I felt it was long over-due and I had a nice week and a half of posts.  Life here is pretty much the same really.

I’ll be sharing my posts from the past two weeks that you may have missed.

~What You May Have Missed~

Feb. 15: The First Time She Drowned Pre-Order Blast

Feb. 16: All The Songs I’d Like To Be Books. I did this in a playlist form because I couldn’t just choose ten songs, let’s be real.

Feb. 18: Buying & Selling ARCs: Is It Ever Justifiable?

Feb. 20: My Love-A-Thon Introduction

Feb. 23: Halsey Book Tag

Feb. 26 : The Piracy of eARCs

 ~What You Can Expect This Week~

Monday: February Recap + Looking Forward To: March

Tuesday: Snark From The Ark will be on my blog this week! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a The 100 feature where Shannon, Holly and I chat about The 100. You should check it out for sure. 😉

Wednesday: Interview with Jennifer Love (author of In Real Life)

Thursday: A possible Fine Line post, I believe. On what topic? Well, it’s somewhat along the lines of my recent ARC discussions. (Are you getting told of those yet? ;))

Friday: Fuller House post for More Than This Provincial Life

Saturday: Hamilton Tag

~In The Blogosphere~

I’ve seen a lot of good posts lately! Here are some of them:

~Reading Progress~

I finished In Real Life this past week which was pretty okay! I enjoyed it. I also started Kill The Boy Band which I hope to finish tomorrow. I’ve been saying that for days now though, so… We shall see if that happens.

Save Me Kurt Cobain Kill The Boy Band….

So, how have your guys’ week been? Have you read Kill The Boy Band or In Real Life? Are you interested in it? Did you read any interesting discussion posts I may have missed? Let me know.


The Piracy of eARCs

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Amber’s Rambles, my feature where I discuss bookish topics.

Last week I discussed a lot about justifications on buying and selling ARCs. For the majority of the post, I was for the buying and selling of ARCs. I said then that I would be bringing up a more important issue, in my opinion.

The More Important Issue?


Now that I’ve said what I have to say about buying and selling ARCs, it’s time to switch the focus over a bit.

Every few weeks I see authors talk about how google results show unpublished electronic ARCs of their books up on pirating sites or sites that have their books.

I think this is a more important topic because piracy is becoming more and more common. It started with music in the early 2000s, expanded to movies, games, software, ebooks  and is now hitting eARCs. I suppose it was only a matter a time before eARCs came along, but I had hoped it wouldn’t.

This is an issue for a few reasons:


eARCs are only distributed to bloggers, librarians or booksellers, so when an eARC shows up on a piracy site, it is someone from the community that has done this. eARCs are widespread, once it is out there, it is out there. There’s no way of recovering it, no matter how many times you may report the link (if possible) or find it deleted.

Lost Sales:

This DOES cause lost sales. Unlike someone who may buy an ARC of a book along with a finished copy, a person who downloads an eARC seems unlikely to buy a physical copy if they can just download it. Once you purchase an ARC, it’s a one time purchase, once an eARC has been uploaded online though, there’s little to be done with it.

These lost sales can be really important, especially for under-the-radar authors that aren’t being boosted by bloggers, booksellers, etc. An unknown debut author could suffer from a lack of sales and end up being dropped from their publishing house.


You could also call this one “karma”. 😉 This is more on the pirate’s side than the authors. If they go to download an eARC from a website, a lot of times there are viruses and no actual book. This is horrible. One could say they deserve it, but I think there are different reasons people may pirate books, that I won’t get into right now.

I think a lot of peole have this “now” mentality, when something is out or even before it’s out (ALA, leaked albums), people are in the hurry to get it right. that. second. They don’t want to wait and who can blame them? I was never  patient person, so I can relate. However, distributing eARCs is so wrong because they were given to you by publishers who decided you were a good person to have them, with the faith that you would use them as they were intended and not leak the eARCs online where many can download them.


I think piracy is a bigger issue because of how widespread it’s impact is. It can directly link to lost sales, which causes authors to not be successful in addition to the publishing houses. It disrespects the authors and publishers by releasing an ARC they were given access to before it was published.

What do you think of piracy of eARCs? Have you thought about it? Have you seen authors discussing it on Twitter?

Halsey Book Tag

Badlands - Halsey

Holly tagged me for the Halsey tag last week! I don’t know who gets credit for this tag.

I haven’t done a tag in a while, so this should be fun.  This tag is for the singer, Halsey. If you’d like to know my favorite songs by her, they’re Empty Gold and Is There Somewhere.


1. Castle – Your favorite queen. 

I haven’t read many books with queens, so I’ll go with Levana from Cinder because she sounds pretty awful.
Cinder Stepmother
2. Hold Me Down – A series you just can’t seem to quit no matter how hard you try. 
I don’t read many series either (You can already tell how well this tag will go for me). Can I pick a TV series that was a book series?
Pretty Little Liars Pretty_Little_Liars_DVD
3. New Americana – The fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight the apocalypse squad. 
I pick The 100 group…even if not all the characters exist…
The_100_Kass_Morgan The 100 poster 
4. Drive – A couple that needs to communicate (better).
I should know this, I should know this…
Hmm, I’ll go with Josh and Sky even though they’re technically not a couple.
I'll Meet You There
5. Hurricane – Favorite standalone. 
Here’s one option:
Perks of Being A Wallflower
I love this book a lot, it was written a while ago, but it’s still relevant and a great coming of age story.
6. Roman Holiday – Cutest contemporary couple. 
Faking Normal
I adored the way Alexi and Bodee helped each other and were so supportive of each other. Their relationship was really sweet to watch play out, even though there were pretty serious things going on.
7. Ghost – Most tragic break up. 
There are ways of breaking up and then there is…this:
All The Bright Places
8. Colors – One of your faves who hurts you a lot because they make TERRIBLE decisions. 
I wouldn’t say Bianca made terrible decisions but she did things that made me shake my head.
9. Strange Love – Character a lot of people don’t get but you absolutely love. 
I don’t think people like Whitley very much, but I loved her.
A Midsummer's Nightmare
10. Coming Down – Best sexy times scene. 
I haven’t read many, but um, I’m going with this one:
11. Haunting – A book or character you’re still thinking about. 
I’m definitely still thinking about this book a year later.
All The Bright Places
12. Gasoline – Favorite (self-)destructive character.
I loved the portrayal of Alexi’s self-destructive behavior in Faking Normal.
13. Control – Best villain.
N/A answered with #1
14. Young God – Characters that secretly worship each other.
N/A, I don’t know any characters. 😦
15. Walk the Line – Best retelling/reworking.
Ugh, another N/A answered with #1
16. Is There Somewhere – OTP with obstacles. 
Everything Everything
There are physical obstacles occurring that keeps characters from being together.
17. Empty Gold – An OTP that became a notp. 
Gosh, I don’t have anything for this one.
18. Trouble – Toxic relationship you ship even though you know better. 
I’ll be going with a tv series and friendship instead of an actual relationship.
Pretty Little Liars, again. While I hate how this one girl is in charge and cruel to the others, I like her charisma and manipulative behavior. Her relationship with the girls is very toxic. It still is.

I tag anyone who hasn’t participated yet, but wants to.

My Love-a-Thon Introduction


Hi! I’m so excited to participate in the Love-a-Thon this year! The Love-a-Thon is hosted by Alexa, Cee, Hazel and Mel and runs until February 22nd, 12AM EST.  Here’s my introduction post so you can learn a little more about me. 🙂



1. What’s your name?

Amber, Amver, Berber, or Burr, sir.

Have your pick.

2. Where in the world are you blogging from?

I am unfortunately blogging from Kansas.

3. How did you get into blogging in the first place?

Well, I’d had blogs in the past for a couple years before starting this one, so. . . As for my book blog, I discovered book giveaways, then I stalked book blogs, researched book blogs, and finally started my book blog!

4. How did you come up with your blog name?

I made a list and it came down to either “YA Indulgences” and something else that I can’t remember since I lost my list. 😦 YA Indulgences sounded best though so I stuck with it.

5. What genre do you read and review the most on your blog?

I read and review mostly Contemporary!

6. What other types of posts do you do on your blog, apart from reviews?

I have the rare discussion post feature, a mostly weekly feature called Wondrous Covers Wednesday, I do posts involving music and I have a feature where I talk about things I’m currently into that aren’t bookish.

7. Best blogging experience so far?

I’ve really loved just meeting people!

8. Favorite thing about the blogging community?

The originality and complete openess that some people have is so great.

9. Name the 5 books you’re most excited for this 2016!

The First Time She Drowned American Girls Scarlett Epstein Hates It HereWhisper_To_Me V23 new typeface tagline.indd

10. Name the 5 books you want to read this 2016 that you didn’t get to in previous years!

Besides every book in existence?

Not After Everything The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart For The RecordLying Out Loud Before We Were Strangers

11. What’s an underrated book or series that you think everyone should read?

Every Ugly Word

It does a great job at portraying bullying and pushing through that and there’s a really interesting wondering throughout the book 

12. Which book boy or girl would be your book BFF?

Well, I would like to be friends with Bianca, Whitley or Mercedes from these books respectively:

The DUFF A Midsummer's Nightmare FirstsThe Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight

They’re all kind of sarcastic characters and have a lot going on in their lives and I can relate to that so there we go.

13. Which book boy or girl would be your book boyfriend/girlfriend?

I like Josh from I’ll Meet You There.

14. Who would you recruit for your apocalypse squad (5 characters max)

Cinder from Cinder

Sky from I’ll Meet You There

That’s about it, I have no idea who I’d recruit for an apocalypse squad really.

15. Apart from reading, what are your other hobbies or interests?

I like listening to Hamilton, reading about Hamilton, quoting Hamilton, telling people about Hamilton, dreaming about Hamilton and crying about Hamilton…

16. Apart from book shopping, what else do you like shopping for?

Hamilton stuff.

And mugs, totes, Funko Pops, cds, dvds and gift cards.

17. At a party, the DJ suddenly changes the song – and it’s your song. What song  would be playing?

Alexander Hamilton.

Just kidding. My song, what is my song? Hmm.

Wait! Got it!

Edit: And this as well:

18. Pick out either a book you want turned into a film/TV show, or a film/TV  show you want turned into a book.

The musical adaptation of Hamilton made into a movie or the actual musical form turned into a book.

I’d like Gilmore Girls turned into a book.

I’d like The Walled City by Ryan Graudin turned into a movie.

19. What would your dream library look like?

It has a bay window where I can read, comfortable chairs, it’s very big, it has a lot of natural light and huge windows. It’s on the second floor of a home and it’s probably inside a castle. 😉

20. Author you want to meet and sit down to tea with?

Oh my gosh, I was talking about Paula Stokes earlier today, so she’d be really fun to meet! I’d also like to meet Heidi Heilig and Mia Siegert from seeing their tweets!

That was fun. And a bonus part, here are various things I like:

  • Sailor Moon (Dic anime is my favorite)
  • Veronica Mars (Though I haven’t watched the last four episodes)
  • Boy Meets World (And I like Girl Meets World)
  • Netflix (I need something to binge on)
  • Music (Carly Rae Jepsen and Hilary Duff are two of my faves. I’m very into pop and alternative and rock and then like, 50s-60s pop)
  • Coffee (With creamer)
  • Tea (Passion and Chai are my favorites)
  • Books (Of course)
  • Hamilton (big surprise. I also like other musicals)

If you too like any of these things, hit me up on Twitter or in the comments and we shall converse.

Buying & Selling ARCs: Is It Ever Justifiable?


Official graphic

Why do you always say what you believe?

Every proclamation guarantees

free ammunition for your enemies.

(Non-Stop, Hamilton)


Hi book blogosphere!


It’s a rare moment, I’m going to be doing my Amber’s Rambles feature which I have not done in forever. I have a plan for changing that later this month. If you don’t know what Amber Rambles is, it’s basically my discussion feature where I discuss bookish things and such.



Anyway though, that’s not what I’m posting about. I’m going to be discussing a topic that has been making the rounds. Again. This happens fairly often in the book community. The topic at hand are ARCs. Buying and selling them, to be exact. This will be a two part post. In the first part I’ll discuss buying and selling ARCs and in the second part, I’ll talk about a possible bigger issue.


I’m sure we all know what ARCs are by now, but if you do not, they mean Advance Reader Copy.


There are several ways of getting ARCs. A somewhat common way, if you’re a blogger, is getting them through various publishers. This can involve requesting a book and then it being granted to you, being sent unsolicited copies, if you’re so lucky, blessed or full of contacts. 😉


Lately there have been several tweets and blog posts about the buying and selling of ARCs. I am going to go ahead and say right now that you probably won’t agree with me and that is fine. I’m used to being the black sheep and I have no problems with it at all. All my opinions will probably be very taboo in which case, well, I warned you. Hate the sin, love the sinner.


In this discussion, I will bring up various instances where I think buying or selling ARCs is okay. In addition, in a second discussion post that will be happening next week, I’ll bring up what I believe to be an even more important issue at hand.


So you call me amoral,

a dangerous disgrace…

(Your Obedient Servant, Hamilton)

~Let Me Lay Out Some Basics~

  • Yes, ARCs do cost money to make. Yes, ARCs do cost more to make than finished copies because they give nothing (monetarily wise) back to the publisher.
  • The primary focus is to build up anticipation for the book and work as publicity.


~The Age of ARCs~

Okay, so, a lot of people see ARCs being sold on Ebay and their immediate thoughts are “Oh my gosh, that’s ILLEGAL, EVERYONE REPORT THEM”, then they take screenshots and run to Twitter. This is a completely valid response. If the ARC is recently released or even UNRELEASED, I definitely think the posting should be removed.


On the other hand, let’s say it’s like a…Catching Fire ARC, a book that’s been out for about seven years now and is part of a very popular series.


Do I think that’s wrong? No, not really.




Because it’s a highly anticipated ARC, it’s from a beloved series and whoever would buy the ARC has probably bought at least one full set of The Hunger Games (yes, all three books), if not MULTIPLE sets. Don’t look or act surprised.


Now, let’s say the book is Harry Potter instead.


Yes, the first Harry Potter book. The ARC all the way from the 90s, let’s say someone has that up on another third party site like Abebooks. Would you be so quick now to say “Hey! They shouldn’t buy that ARC! ARCs are for PUBLICITY”?


Well I would hope not, the book’s been out for almost twenty years, the publicity is over. The most intense Harry Potter fans have several sets of Harry Potter. Do I think it’s horrible if one would want to buy an ARC?


No, no I don’t. Heck, I haven’t even read the series and I’d buy an ARC of Harry Potter if I had that kind of money. According to, they’re going for around a few hundred.


There comes a time when an ARC goes from being a marketing tool to being a piece of memorabilia and collectible. Whether a book sales a lot or it becomes a movie, I think ARCs do eventually go from being something made for publicity to something more.


~Not For Sale~

So we all know that on ARCs it says “Not For Sale”. Guess what? I don’t believe that is talking about random people selling ARCs to each other.


Granted, I don’t think it’s right for someone to sell an unreleased ARC of The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski, seeing as it is not published.


I am about 99% sure that is a legality sign for physical stores such as Barnes and Noble, Target or Walmart to not sale an ARC.


One of these reasons is because it’s not yet published and the other reason being that it’s not exactly a final copy. Why would a bookstore sell an uncorrected copy with mistakes?


I don’t believe that, unless the book has NOT been released yet, it’s talking about third parties.


-My Analogy-

I came up with an analogy for this earlier when I was discussing this very subject with some friends.


My analogy was this, you know how you go to Walmart and some edible products, let’s say, crackers, and they’ll be sold in a bundle and say “Not for individual sale”?


Okay, so let’s say you go ahead and buy all the crackers from the store, but then, you turn around and sell them for individual sale.


Now, the crackers clearly state that they’re NOT for individual sale, however, you, as the owner of the crackers may do whatever you wish with them. So you decide to sell them. You gave the crackers purpose, you bought those crackers at their value, you didn’t steal them and now you’re selling them. And that’s perfectly within your right to do so.


While I know this isn’t a flawless analogy by any means, it does make things a little clearer, no? Yes, with the crackers you are buying them, but still, what if they were given to you and you sold them? Would that be bad?


It’s the same with ARCs, you read an ARC, you really like it (Or you don’t), you put a review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, whatever media of choice and then you decide to sell it. Now, it’s an already published book. Your ARC has served it’s purpose, it doesn’t have to go around and around for the rest of it’s existence having it’s sole purpose be for “publicity”.


Let’s say you already read an already published ARC and you have reviewed it so you in turn decide to sell it on Abebooks. It gets bought by someone who’s a fan of the book, they in turn write a review for it, thus, spreading the word and publicity for the book. Was their purchasing the ARC all bad? No, they helped get the word out. The situation does get messier when this is done with an unpublished book, which I do condemn.


~The Legality of It~

There is no legal action that can be taken against anyone who buys or sells an ARC. There is also no indication of any legal binding of contract between whoever first receives an ARC and what they do with it.  Publishers don’t do anything to guard against ARCs being sold before or after publication. There’s no legal agreement or contract between the publisher and reviewer either.


It’s not illegal. It’s just not. There are no legalistic consequences for selling or buying ARCs. You won’t be fined and you won’t be placed in jail. At the worst, you’ll be blacklisted from publishers and probably publicly shamed in the book blogosphere.


Is it crappy to sale an unpublished book? Yes, it is. DO I have problems with that? For sure. But do I have problems with a 2 year old, 5 year old, or 20 year old published ARC being sold? No. Not at all.


~The Moral Ethics~

Let’s be honest, it’s more of a moral issue than a legal issue.


As bloggers, librarians and booksellers, it’s especially frowned upon to sale ARCs. A book lover like us shouldn’t be participating in such acts, right? I don’t know if I really agree with the ethics, sure, like I’ve previously said, I have problems with people selling unreleased ARCs, but I don’t if it’s an already published book.


Of course, if you have requested a book from a publisher or they send you an unsolicited ARC, should you automatically have the right to sell it? Most likely not.

If you have a relationship with this publisher, it’s an even bigger offense to sell an ARC that they gave you with the belief that you would do right by them and NOT sale it.


However, if you decided to sell it after its publication date or many years down the road, that’s a different story then. If you have reservations about this though, then you most likely shouldn’t sell an ARC.

I think it comes down to your intent on selling an ARC. Are you offering it up for charity? If so, then I think that’s great. I’ve seen bloggers sell ARCs or donate ARCs for a cause which people spend money on. If your intent on selling an ARC is just for what you can get out of it (a ridiculous amount of money) then that’s a bit more less ethical.

If you’re going to a conference such as ALA and BEA and grab a bunch of books that you’re not going to read and only want to sell them, then I have a big problem with that.

As for buying, it’d be great if the only people that bought ARCs were the people that would purchase a finished copy or a collector of the ARC. I know that’s definitely not the case though. A lot of people would rather just read a book months in advance and they’ll pay big money to do so.


~Things To Consider~

I decided to make a few bullet points of things you may like to consider.

-Promo CDs Example-

In 2011 there was a court decision on whether or not the selling of promo cds in record stores was breaking a copyright law or not. The court had ruled that it was legal and no consequences would be done. People who buy promo cds would most likely be buying them for collections, much like those who would buy an ARC by a beloved author. I know that ARCs are different from promo CDs, but both of these objects are created for promotional purposes. Of course, when the CD comes out and the book is published, neither is relevant much more.


Selling promo CDs are protected based on the “First Sale Doctrine”, this doctrine says that if you legally acquired a CD, you’re able to do as you please with it. I think the same can and should go for ARCs. If a publisher sends you an ARC or someone else sends you an ARC, I believe it’s yours to do as you wish with it. Whether that’s reading it, reviewing it, selling it, using it for firewood, trashing it. . .


-Secondhand Buys-

There are a lot of secondhand type stores, from thrift stores to Good Wills to used bookstores and stores that sell used CDs or DVDs such as Vintage Stock, it’s not uncommon to see things be sold once they’ve served someone a purpose.


I don’t see a big problem in someone purchasing an ARC from a thrift store. Let’s say you ran into The Mortal Instruments in a thrift store, there’s a good chance you would buy those ARCs, even if just to stop someone else from buying them.


The money from secondhand buys doesn’t go to the artist, record label, author or publisher from a secondhand buy, but they’re not looked down on. I know this isn’t a perfect example given the fact that with ARCs they aren’t intended to be sold in the first place.


~Potential Future Exposure~

While researching for this topic, I came across an interesting blog post by author, Scott Sigler who discussed the selling of his own ARCs.


I think ARCS being sold secondhand could bring future exposure.  If you were to come across an ARC in a bookstore, it could bring more exposure a year later, after the book has been published and ARC reviews have settled down than the ARC originally did.


-The Ownership-

If you refer back to my legality point, I mentioned that publishers don’t have a binding contract to make sure a blogger, librarian or bookseller doesn’t sell their ARC.


However, much like a book’s takeaway for a reader, the author of the book loses the right to tell the reader what they think about the book is wrong. The author doesn’t have the license to tell their readers how to interpret their book. Similarly, when a publisher or author sends someone an ARC, they lose ownership of it and give away their right to control what the receiver may do with the ARC.


Once an ARC is given away to someone, the publishers lose rights on what anyone does with that ARC, as long as it’s not selling it in a first party store.


A friend came up with these next two analogies which I loved and had to use. I acknowledge that in both of these cases, you may know very potentially crappy people.

It’s like if you made a painting for a birthday present and you give it to someone, you can’t make sure that person never gives away or sells that painting. Of course, you give that painting to a person trusting that they wouldn’t betray you in that way.


Another analogy is if someone were to send you a gift in the mail, let’s say it’s a blender. A year later, you’re tired of this blender, you haven’t used it or it just sucks, so you decide to sell it somewhere. At a yard sale for instance or on Craigslist. You sell it and make a profit even though you didn’t buy it to begin with. You legally acquired this blender and it’s your legal right to sell it.


~Non-Mutually Exclusive~

A lot of people in the book blogosphere and the publishing company make people out who buy or sell ARCs to be completely horrible people with no moral compass at all. I don’t think that’s true for one second.


People will say “Oh, well the publisher paid for that book to be made” and “Oh, well they took out of the author’s pocket”, the publisher part is true, the author part is not.


Revert back to my last point. If Person A has read and reviewed the book and sells it to Person B who also reads and reviews the book, then the book has served its purpose. Let’s please not act like ARCs are these everlasting publicity tools. They’re not. Look at the Harry Potter ARCs. After it was 2000, that ARC for publicity was over. By the time the series was finished, it was collector’s item.


So, the difference between ARC buyers and finished copy buyers?…


The two buyers are not mutually exclusive. If someone bought an ARC, it doesn’t mean they would never ever buy a finished copy and “Omg, the author lost out on the sale!”. No. That’s not the case and it’s most certainly not the rule in these matters. We need to stop acting like people who buy ARCs are intentionally trying to cheat the authors out of money. Most likely they’re buying finished copies and want the ARCs for their collections. Of course, for the majority of people, that would still be seen as bad. Personally, I think it’s fine.


~Instances Where I Think Buying ARCs Is Okay~

  1. When you’ve already read the book and bought a finished copy.
  2. When you want to collect all the books of an author’s work.
  3. If you’re an ARC collector in general
  4. If you ran into it in a thrift store.
  5. If you read the book and you’re a big fan of it, by all means, go on Abebooks and buy it if you want.
  6. I think it’s okay if you’re selling the ARCs for charity or buying them for charity. I’ve seen this done with authors and bloggers before.


~Alternatives To Buying/Selling ARCs~

Of course, if you’d rather not buy or sell ARCs, but still would like to obtain them or give them away, you can…

  • Borrow from a friend
  • Donate to a librarian who will read it and decide whether or not to buy an ARC or use it for another purpose.
  • If you would like to donate ARCs, there is an awesome program called ARCs Float On which lets you know what teachers/schools will accept ARCs for their libraries, then you decide how to do the shipping/drop-off.



Hey, I have not been shy

I am just a guy in the public eye

(Your Obedient Servant, Hamilton)


So, to conclude my post, I am okay with people buying or selling ARCs. There are conditions when I find doing so is wrong, but there more times when I think doing so is okay and even encouraged, in the case of charity. Next week come back to see what I think is a bigger issue, in my opinion. What are your thoughts on buying or selling ARCs?


~Sources and Other Things of Interest~

On ARCs, Ethics and Speaking Up

The Fine Line: From Marketing To Memorabilia 

‘For Promotional Use Only – Not For Resale’ — Oh Yes It Is 

Music Collectors Can Rejoice: Promo CDs Are Legal To Sale

Fool For Proofs: The Advance Reading Copy Trade 

The Turds In The Publishing Punch Bowl 

All The Songs I’d Like To Be Books

Hi everyone! This post is going up incredibly early for once. Amazing, I know. 🙂 So. . .

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is created and hosted at The Broke and The Bookish, every week the ladies there create new list for the book blogosphere.

Today’s topic is 

This week is all about music & books. We previously did books we’d give theme songs to so feel free to do that! Or 10 songs I wish that were books

Excuse me, I just, I just need a minute. This is like, my topic. If a TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) topic ever belonged to me, this would be it. I don’t know how I’m supposed to just pick ten songs but I’ll do something of that sort.

I am a really, really big music fan so I kind of did a mix up for this post.

Edit: There are now links when you click the graphics. 🙂

-The Unrequited Love Book- (5)

I’d like a romance book written in this vein. You know, just the typical guy and girl meet each other, except I want them to first meet in a coffee shop.

-The Unrequited Love Book-

I want all the unrequited love story books, right now.

-The Unrequited Love Book- (2)

An inevitable The Last Five Years breakup situation really. Bonus points if it’s also told backwards from two different point of views. I want to see the breakup and the aftermath.

-The Unrequited Love Book- (10)

High school me would have very much liked a story inspired by these songs. 24 year old me would love books based on these songs.

I’d like something written similar to Perks of Being A Wallflower, which just starts off as being about a kid going to high school for the first time.

Bonus Songs for High School:

  • Seventeen by Alessia Cara
  • I Lived by OneRepublic
  • You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by Offspring
  • First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
  • Kids In The Dark by All Time Low
  • Shots by Imagine Dragons
  • River of Tears by Alessia Cara
  • Restless by New Order
  • Drive by Halsey
  • I Wanna Get Lost With You by Stereophonics

-The Unrequited Love Book- (9)

Yes, the inevitable, doomed to be, tragic sad story with no happy ending in sight. I want that.

-The Unrequited Love Book- (8)

Well, with all the breakups and sad stories, I’d like a “fun” one. All of these songs are about road trips or just running away somewhere or driving with someone somewhere. I’d like something like that to take place in the summer. 

-The Unrequited Love Book- (7)

I would like a book that focused on a dysfunctional family or a messed up parent relation. I discovered Confessions Of A Broken Heart by Lindsay Lohan does a great job at portraying Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy. A musical that is basically about this, is Next To Normal and it’s phenomenal. 

-The Unrequited Love Book- (3)

Well after a couple has broken up, I wouldn’t mind reading about their potential, but not guaranteed reunion. So like a second chance book like Where She Went basically.

Edit: Where You Are by Gavin Degraw would fit this perfectly.

 -The Unrequited Love Book- (4)

I like books that deal with mental illness and songs that deal with people going through things. So I would love a book to be all about a person’s inner struggles and how that affects their daily life, literally, how it affects them every. single. day. 

-The Unrequited Love Book- (1)

Finally, I’d like a novel that dealt with a falling out, whether that’s a friend fallout or a relationship fallout, I like reading about how people move on when they don’t have certain relationships in their life. Or how they don’t move on.

Okay, so I know I said finally, but…

-The Unrequited Love Book-

-The Unrequited Love Book- (1)-The Unrequited Love Book- (2)

~More Bonus Songs~

Devil Side by Foxes

Hell No’s and Headphones by Alessia Cara

Here by Alessia Cara

Everybody But Me by Lykke Li

Make You Like Me by Gwen Stefani

Better Love by Foxes

Lonely Town by Brandon Flowers

LA Devotee by Panic! At The Disco

Those Nights by Skillet

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

I’d love the book version of the entire album, Electra Heart by Marina and The Diamonds. And the album, Froot by Marina as well. I want Kody Keplinger to write both books. Someone make this happen please.

The album, Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen needs to be a book or several books.

I wouldn’t mind a novel written about a person that is in love with a ghost with these songs as inspiration, You’ve Haunted Me All My Life by Death Cab For Cutie and Disappear by Cary Brothers.

Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy songs in general would make epic books.

Yes, I do think of these things quite often. Every song has a story inside, sometimes multiple stories.

Well this was really fun to do! Have you heard any of these songs? What songs would you like to be turned into books?

The First Time She Drowned – Pre-Order Blast

Hi everyone, since The First Time She Drowned is one of my most anticipated books of the year, I thought I would participate in the pre-order book blast.

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A bold, literary story about the fragile complexities of mothers and daughters and learning to love oneself, The First Time She Drowned reminds us that we must dive deep into our pasts if we are ever to move forward.


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When not writing, Kerry can be found surfing, running, working with animals, or singing loudly in her car while stuck in LA traffic.

A native of Ridgewood, New Jersey, Kerry now lives in Santa Monica, California, with her partner, screenwriter David Zorn. The First Time She Drowned is her debut novel. Follow her on Twitter @kkletter.

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