Halsey Book Tag

Badlands - Halsey

Holly tagged me for the Halsey tag last week! I don’t know who gets credit for this tag.

I haven’t done a tag in a while, so this should be fun.  This tag is for the singer, Halsey. If you’d like to know my favorite songs by her, they’re Empty Gold and Is There Somewhere.


1. Castle – Your favorite queen. 

I haven’t read many books with queens, so I’ll go with Levana from Cinder because she sounds pretty awful.
Cinder Stepmother
2. Hold Me Down – A series you just can’t seem to quit no matter how hard you try. 
I don’t read many series either (You can already tell how well this tag will go for me). Can I pick a TV series that was a book series?
Pretty Little Liars Pretty_Little_Liars_DVD
3. New Americana – The fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight the apocalypse squad. 
I pick The 100 group…even if not all the characters exist…
The_100_Kass_Morgan The 100 poster 
4. Drive – A couple that needs to communicate (better).
I should know this, I should know this…
Hmm, I’ll go with Josh and Sky even though they’re technically not a couple.
I'll Meet You There
5. Hurricane – Favorite standalone. 
Here’s one option:
Perks of Being A Wallflower
I love this book a lot, it was written a while ago, but it’s still relevant and a great coming of age story.
6. Roman Holiday – Cutest contemporary couple. 
Faking Normal
I adored the way Alexi and Bodee helped each other and were so supportive of each other. Their relationship was really sweet to watch play out, even though there were pretty serious things going on.
7. Ghost – Most tragic break up. 
There are ways of breaking up and then there is…this:
All The Bright Places
8. Colors – One of your faves who hurts you a lot because they make TERRIBLE decisions. 
I wouldn’t say Bianca made terrible decisions but she did things that made me shake my head.
9. Strange Love – Character a lot of people don’t get but you absolutely love. 
I don’t think people like Whitley very much, but I loved her.
A Midsummer's Nightmare
10. Coming Down – Best sexy times scene. 
I haven’t read many, but um, I’m going with this one:
11. Haunting – A book or character you’re still thinking about. 
I’m definitely still thinking about this book a year later.
All The Bright Places
12. Gasoline – Favorite (self-)destructive character.
I loved the portrayal of Alexi’s self-destructive behavior in Faking Normal.
13. Control – Best villain.
N/A answered with #1
14. Young God – Characters that secretly worship each other.
N/A, I don’t know any characters. 😦
15. Walk the Line – Best retelling/reworking.
Ugh, another N/A answered with #1
16. Is There Somewhere – OTP with obstacles. 
Everything Everything
There are physical obstacles occurring that keeps characters from being together.
17. Empty Gold – An OTP that became a notp. 
Gosh, I don’t have anything for this one.
18. Trouble – Toxic relationship you ship even though you know better. 
I’ll be going with a tv series and friendship instead of an actual relationship.
Pretty Little Liars, again. While I hate how this one girl is in charge and cruel to the others, I like her charisma and manipulative behavior. Her relationship with the girls is very toxic. It still is.

I tag anyone who hasn’t participated yet, but wants to.

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