Snark From The Ark – Bitter Harvest (The 100, 3.6)


Hey everyone! This week’s Snark From The Ark is going to be on my blog. If you have no idea what this is, it was a recap discussion feature of sorts involving Shannon (It Starts At Midnight) and Holly (The Fox’s Hideaway) and I. When I binge watched the series, I was invited to tag along, so here I am! Or, well, here the discussion is. 😉

We’re alternating who posts Snark From The Ark between the three of us. 🙂 We had meant to get this up sooner, but, well, we kind of forgot!

Shannon Holly Hamilton

Once again, since we do this episode by episode, there will be spoilers. If you did not watch last week’s episode, you should probably leave or forever be spoiled. 

To Be Noted: I do not own any of the images shown below, they are from the show The 100.

Anyway, here we go!

~*~The Lexa Chronicles~*~

Holly: guys, I don’t know if I remember everything that happened 

Shannon: I know a few things

Amber: Well we open up with Clarke drawing Lexa and Lexa having a dream that’s supposed to be a warning.

Shannon: Mrs. Monty tries to kill a child. Because soil.

Amber: Over what Lexa did and not going for blood and such.

Shannon: Clarke did not fillet that Mt. Weather guy.


(Side Notes from Me-As you can see, Shannon got right down to the root of the episode, another possible massacre (more on that later). Whereas I start to talk about the pretty lighting.)

Amber: I want to know where they got all the candles for this scene. How cozy looking. All the candles and the romantic lighting and such.

Shannon: RIGHT!?! These people are savages with ambience. 

Holly: tbh, I’m not sure HOW I feel about Clexa. I have felt like they’ve just been forcing it on us. Instead of letting it develop naturally. Not that they don’t have chemistry, because they do. I mean, I felt this more in the beginning. Not so much now. But because of them fucking up the pace of things, I’m still wary of anything developing right now. Like BELLAMY’S REGRESSION.

Amber: Do we want to discuss Lexa’s letting Clarke make the decision about Emerson?


Shannon: I can’t decide what Lexa’s angle is. Is she that smitten? Or does she have something up her sleeve?

Amber: Because I don’t like that crap at all. Lexa, you’re the head of the 12 freaking coalitions, do your job, 

Holly: Oh man. I forgot about that. I didn’t like that really. Because Clarke was being a hypocrite in what she wanted to do. Telling Lexa to not choose revenge, yet doing it (or at least, wanting to). I think the writers are making her out to be just smitten and letting Clarke change everything about her and her ways (which I mean, change is nice, but I’m still wary of Clexa happening). I didn’t think Clarke had gotten enough time to get over Lexa’s betrayal in season two.

Amber: Yeah and it’s like, what are you even doing Clarke? You want to kill Emerson and last episode you were talking to Lexa about how blood shouldn’t have blood. Make up your damn mind. And I think they’re both into eachother hence Lexa letting Clarke make her decisions and I think Clarke seriously does just want revenge on Emerson and then…she sets him free…

Shannon: oh, I know they’re both into each other. They always have been. I still think it was too fast for me to find it believable, same with Bellamy’s regression.

Amber: It’s all too fast, this season is blah.

Holly: And I know she wanted revenge, but it was still hypocritical.

Shannon: I just don’t think Lexa would like, betray Clarke SO badly, and then like, 4 months later be handing a kingdom or whatever over to her.

Holly: I, too, am wary of how much Lexa is letting Clarke into the fold.

Amber: Let’s chalk it up to bad writing.

Holly: I think they’re just pushing everything so fast so they can get all of this into the one season, but it’s seriously not working that well for me

Amber: Yep, they just want to get this done in one season, which is okay, like, if it were to get cancelled, there’d be a somewhat resolution, so I’m kind of okay with it that way, but not in the storytelling way at all.

Shannon: It’s weird because some of the stuff in seasons 1 and 2 felt draggy, but this is like, insanity! 

Holly: really? I felt fine with 1 and 2, though the first season definitely felt draggy in parts. I don’t like that they’re sacrificing their characters for the plot.

Amber: I actually loved the first season. And then the second season screamed Catching Fire to me, which is well known by now. So I suppose this is The 100’s Mockingjay with the whole AI destroying world and dictator Pike in the making. Who will probably ultimately died.


Shannon: BWHAHAH yes and then they turn the arrow to….?? ALIE? Pike? Who is Snow and who is Coin?

Holly: Alie is Coin. Offering people a peaceful solution, a better world, which is a complete LIE

Shannon: I guess, less vocally destructive. Exactly! A LIE! 

~*~Farm Station Decimation~*~

Guess what readers? Guess. What.

PIKE IS STILL ALIVE AND HAS NOT CHANGED A SINGLE THING. So, as you read above, we discover that Mrs. Monty wants to kill a child. Because soil. Duh guys, who doesn’t kill kids over soil? I’ve killed like twenty just for playing soccer outside my house. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Onto the rest of the discussion.


Well, Pike gets his natural high (sorry Jaha) from killing people, not drugs. So he’s heading towards his next massacre but some silly person has an issue with it.

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 3.44.30 AM

Gosh, Kane, take a pill–wait.

Shannon: And Pike wants to kill Octavia. 

Holly: Pike needs to die.I really want Pike’s right-hand man to die. I fucking hate him so much.

Shannon: SAME. That guy is just EVIL

Holly: He is an actual psychopath and not just about survival. it’s like he wants to kill Grounders for the rest of his life.

Shannon: AGREED.

Holly: also I think Pike threatening Octavia is going to knock SOME sense into Bellamy.

Shannon: I REALLY hope so. We need to see the end of Pillamy, ASAP. But Octavia still hasn’t said he is dead to her or whatever sooooo

Amber: Pike is like a hardcore racist and such.

Shannon: He is! I have seen a lot of people say how crazy it is that it is paralleling our country’s politics.

Holly: sooooooooooo Lincoln is still in danger Ugh. 

Shannon: Ugh, YEP

Holly: It’s just, I don’t believe Bellamy would ever be part of something that hurt (or killed Lincoln), and if everyone’s theory of him being involved in Lincoln’s death and that’s when Octavia says “you’re dead to me”, I don’t know if I’ll believe that. It’d have to be completely and utterly unintentional.

Amber: I do like how Bellamy tried to get Pike to not attack that village along with Monty.

Holly: I did like that too. I know he’s still believing Pike’s views, but he also doesn’t agree with all of it. And you can tell he’s conflicted about stuff.

Amber: Yeah, he’s showing more resistance to Pike’s teaching, but I think he’ll eventually just go with it.

Shannon: I just don’t understand that if he KNOWS they are wrong, and he seems to- WHY does he still do it!?!?!

Amber: He’s losttt.

Holly: BC THE WRITERS WANT HIM TO. I still wish they hadn’t fucked up the pace so badly in the beginning.

Amber: Duh, Shannon. He does what the writers want. Who cares if it’s out of character and badly paced. Like I could take him being like this, but it seems like it happened super fast.

Shannon: But…. NO. STAHHHHHP.


-Pike’s Disciples-

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 3.52.31 AM


Amber: Mrs. Monty/Ms. Monty is the freaking worst. I feel like they’re moving towards them way too fast. Pretty much like everything else, hahaha.

Holly: YES! AMBER!

Amber: I just noticed that Monty’s mom actually did hesitate a little before going after the kid.

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 3.48.27 AM

Shannon: She DID, but not enough. 

Holly: I hate her. I hate all the Farm Station people. I want them fucking GONE.

~*~Raven – As Creepy As Finn’s Ghost Eyes~*~


Amber: I’m worried about Octavia and Raven.

Holly: Raven’s off in Jaha-land pain-free and high on life. It scares me. Raven is not this happy-go-lucky person. At least, not anymore.

Amber: Raven’s definitely not, that’s more Octavia’s style and even then not like this.

Shannon: Nope, Raven doesn’t remember Finn

Amber: Of course, why didn’t I remember that she probably doesn’t remember Finn anymore? Omg.

Holly: omg what if that pill is already erasing Raven’s memories of him?

Amber: That could be it.

Holly: I mean, who wants to remember Finn anyway?

Shannon: No she doesn’t! When Jasper apologized about him? She just looked at him and smiled.


Amber: That’s right.

Shannon: And was like “okay!”

Amber: She was just like…

Shannon: She was creepy AF is what she was

Holly: She was as creepy as Finn’s ghost eyes.

Shannon: GAHH NOOOOO (But yeah, she was!)


Ghost Finn, in case you needed a nightmare.

Holly: like GIRL lay off the Jaha Koolaid, okay? we miss you

Shannon: Seriously, I want old Raven back 😦

Amber: She was creepy, I wonder how long she’ll be like this. It’s like she’s on drugs (which she technically is). Old Raven was still sad though. I wonder if when she kicks this chip crap, if this will boost her into accepting help for her leg. 

Holly: Is it bad I wish Jasper would steal one from Abby, take it, forget about Maya, and then stop being such an asshole?

Amber: NO. I mean, yeah, that’s bad. I was saying ‘NO” to Jasper taking it. 😉

Holly: I think Raven will eventually realize how stupid it is, and I hope she accepts her leg and her pain and her trials, that she doesn’t NEED the pill because she is so strong and able and kickass even with the disability.

Amber: That reminds me, I was reading something and it mentioned how that chip just more like numbs the pain, so while Raven doesn’t feel her pain anymore with her leg, it is still injured which means her running around and such is a really bad idea.

Holly: Bahaha. I dislike Jasper, so I just want him to STOP already. Oh man. what if she fucks up her leg even more because of that?

Shannon: OOOH that is true Amber! She’s making it much worse!

Amber: That’s a big possibility. I can’t imagine all the crap her leg’s going through right now.


Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 4.04.06 AM

Shannon: Oooh and what’s her butt died. 

Amber: Who? The Queen died last episode. Or the one before.

Shannon: Nooo that girl

Amber: Monroe?

Holly:omg yeah Monroe died and I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAT

Amber: The girl…Oh! That one girl. One of the original 100?

If you’re wondering how Monroe died, it occurred when Pike and his disciples went ahead with attacking the village over SOIL. Instead of asking, because duh, who asks in this show? “Hey, can I have some bone marrow?” “Hey, can I have some soil?”. 


-Other Death Options-

Holly: Couldn’t someone random die there?

Shannon: Yess! We finally saw Miller’s boyfriend I thought Miller’s bf was going to die so he and Monty would start something upBut what even is with Monty!?

~*~Monty’s Awful Characterization~*~

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 4.07.46 AM

Amber: Monty’s being written HORRIBLY. COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER. Why is he even going along with Bellamy and Pike? That doesn’t make ANY sense.

Shannon: Nope, NONE. I guess cause his mom is?

Holly: Agree about Monty! like wtf do you really expect me to believe he’d go to the village with the intention of forcing them to leave?

Amber: I guess that makes some sense.

Holly: Monty would NEVER

Amber: With his mom now in the picture, I could see him wanting to go along with HER who happens to be following Pike.

Holly: Yes, I do think that is part of it. But still. Monty has only ever done what HE wanted.  And he would never have agreed that this was a good thing.

Shannon: NOPE. But he DOES look conflicted at least. Like he doesn’t really WANT to do it.

Holly: Like Bellamy. Even though he is believing Pike’s shit, he is still conflicted about parts of it. And it SHOWS.


Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 3.55.59 AM

Jaha’s disciples

Shannon: OH and Jaha forgetting that Wells existed? 

Holly: omg what a moment when Jaha forgets he had a son

Amber: Oh yeah, that was weird. Should have known there’d be some side effect sooner or later. Jaha handing out those pills (I’m just going to say pills instead of chips) to a line of people is so creepy.

Holly: Jaha is creepy. his whole self. Esp his face post-Alie

Amber: He was creepy before and now he’s a lot more creepy.

Shannon: DUDE his face gives me nightmares. And heebie jeebies. 

In Jaha’s defense, the majority of us forgot who Wells is/was. ;D

~*~Alie is A Lie~*~

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 3.59.00 AM

“They seem pretty happy.” – Jasper


Amber: So I ended up calling Jasper almost taking the chip. I knew that’d happen for obvious reasons. I love that Abby stopped him. I do think Jasper may end up snapping Raven (possibly) out of this whole ALIE crap. Hopefully.

Holly: Yes, it definitely does.

Shannon: I HOPE. Because a whole season of them all wandering around in A LIE is silly. 

Holly: I don’t think the City of Light stuff will last past this season, so I hope we see them all reject it eventually.

Amber: Oh yeah, the City of Light stuff is definitely going on until next season. This season is Pike.

Holly: You think it’s going to keep going into next season? Hmm

Amber: Oh definitely. They’re already on episode 8 Thursday, so. Or 7…

Shannon: I hope not- especially since viewers do NOT give a shit

Holly: Oh true. I really do not give a shit about it, tbh.

Amber: I am actually pretty interested in it! I think…

Holly: Virtual reality and stuff like that is just not my thing

Shannon: I do not. At all. Especially since now we know most of it- we just don’t know ALIE’s intention for her endgame. But I assume it’s more world destroying. 

Holly: does she want everyone to just die and live in her City of Light forever? She already destroyed the world once. Now she wants to do it again?

Amber: Oh… I think when it’s revealed to everyone that ALIE was really behind the earth’s ‘destruction’ that the Grounders will team up with the Sky People for real and try to take down ALIE, since they won’t be against guns anymore since guns didn’t cause the earth’s population to dwindle down a ton.

-ALIE 2.0-



Amber: Is it actually an upgraded version? I thought it was just some type of bomb or something to blow up the earth and wipe people out.

Shannon: OOOOH yeah. I don’t know about that, because I was busy rolling my eyes and wishing she had an outfit outside of that impractical red dress. 

Holly: I thought Alie was looking for another artificial intelligence 

Amber: The devil in red, isn’t that some saying? I feel like the red dress should be a dead giveaway that she’s NOT okay.

Holly: But whatever it is, Titus has it. Which means LEXA has it.

Shannon: OOOOH. I somehow missed that I think

Amber: Does Titus and Lexa know what this thing is? Or do they just have it?

~*~A Theory in The Making~*~

Holly: Remember Titus was beating the shit out of Murphy at the end? and they showed the Polaris, the 13th station that was sent down to earth

Amber: Oh yeah! I was like “Whoa”. I wonder if that’s what Pike is up to…

Holly: and you know what? pretty sure the 12 stations murdered those people. there is something fishy about this. 

Shannon: OOOH YESSS yes yes 

Amber: A, what’s the reference, Catching Fire tease.

Holly: I think they destroyed the 13th station as a threat to get everyone to unite. Or something like that.


Shannon: BWHAHAH yes That ummm is the actual plot of the entire Hunger Games series so there’s that.

Holly: I’m sure Lexa knows more than anyone thinks. OMG I was wondering what you guys were talking about

Amber: Like we know he must have something going on with Pike, so maybe he too knows about this thing… We KNOW he was on earth longer than we’ve seen him, somewhere, where we haven’t seen him, I wonder if he somehow ran into this station somehow.

Holly: Pike??

Amber: Remember when I kept calling the Season 1 finale/season 2 premiere all Catching Fire-ish too? Ha. Yeah, Pike.

Holly: Pike isn’t part of the Polaris/Alie thing, though

Amber: Not technically. Not that we know of.

Holly: true. and I do believe he is hiding shit

Shannon: Yeah maybe he has MORE reason to destroy the Grounders

Amber: I don’t think he’d be game to take some weird chip and team with some AI, but I do think he could know about that 13th station.

Shannon: ALSO- he let Jaha go ahead with ALIE- that was shady too

Amber: I feel like the station and the Grounders are connected somehow…

Holly: Oh yeah, I don’t think he’d go with Alie. I feel like they are too.

Amber: Maybe he thought it’d be a good way for people to get on game with him and his anti grounder agenda.

Holly: Hmm. I really have NO idea what’s on Pike’s agenda. I mean, I know he wants to survive, and that he holds a grudge against the Grounders, but it seems like he wants to take over the whole of Earth that’s left over from the bombs.

Shannon: I know, it is so WEIRD. Why not just like, go somewhere else?

Amber: Hmm, yeah, he could just be some power hungry dictator in the making who wants to run the earth. Because THAT’S HIS LAND now. Remember? He yelled it super aggressively and went all super aggressive.

Holly: OH YEAH BC YOU BEING IN SPACE FOR ALL BUT 3 MONTHS OF YOUR LIFE ENTITLES YOU TO LAND THAT *ISN’T* YOURS. Pike, you asshole. Bellamy, you asshole for listening to him

Amber: Righttt. Such a UGH, annoying horrible person.

Shannon: I hate everyone! 

Amber: Gosh, this rings true of certain country beginnings…

Holly: omg it is very similar to the real world, and I think that’s part of the writers’ point

Amber: They’re oh so insightful, it’s still no Hamilton. ;D

~*~Octavia – The Actual Best~*~

Screen shot 2016-03-03 at 4.09.33 AM

Holly: guys. I am worried about Octavia. Octavia is in trouble with those Grounders from the village and idk what they’re gonna do to her

Amber: But oh, how awesome was Octavia in the beginning? Talking to Kane, filling him in, saving that kid, going and trying to help that village once she found out Pike and Bellamy’s plan? She’s so awesome.


Shannon: I LOOOOVE Octavia.

Amber: Octavia’s so killer.

~*~To Sum It Up~*~

Amber: Peace is a lie.

Holly: a. lie. hahahahahahahahaahILOVEIT. in The 100, peace is a lie

Amber: Hahaha. That’s basically it. Like, with or without Alie.

~*~Favorite Comment Above~*~

Shannon: RIGHT!?! These people are savages with ambience. 

~*~Favorite Quote From Show~*~

You couldn’t say something before I got kicked in the face? – Octavia

Peace. Such a silly concept on this show. Gosh, we talk a LOT. So, what did you guys think? Do you have any theories? Any death predictions? Let us know your thoughts!


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5 responses to “Snark From The Ark – Bitter Harvest (The 100, 3.6)

  • Greg Hill

    “Because soil”. No doubt- why does Monty’s mom have to be such a b^tch? I mean, shooting a kid? And yeah Grounders seem to like candles. Agree with you guys that they are rushing everything- man it’s crazy. The writers this season… I don’t know what they’re doing but the bellamy thing is awful. Love the show but what they’re doing w/ the characters… ugh.


    • Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

      I do have to wonder- when the nuclear attacks destroyed ALL the things, how did they somehow save every candle known to mankind? Or was there ONE candle manufacturing plant left unharmed? We may never know…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      Monty’s mom is so annoying. Ugh. I don’t understand where the candles came from. I mean, I’d say Mount Weather, but they were against taking things form there, so who knows. I think the writers are doing somewhat better lately, because it’s supposed to be fast paced, but some things are just so blah.


  • Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    Amber this was FABULOUS. Maybe we should leave this to you every week 😀 Seriously, I am laughing out loud at the Wells thing! Like, I may have woken Lena up.

    Also, you can tell that I am a child of the 90s here big time, because I sound straight out of Clueless with all the “like,”s. (Confession: I edit them out when I post, because uhhh, yeah.)

    I cannot WAIT to recap this next episode. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Can we even BE funny!? I feel like it’s not okay… NOTHING WILL EVER BE OKAY.


    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      Thanks! ❤ I think we're best doing the rotating system. 😉 That's a lot of work. I'm glad you liked it, hahaha.

      I say 'like' all the time, omg. It's ridiculous.

      We can be funny! I mean, we can try? It will eventually be okay!


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