Hamilton Book Tag

Hi! I am finally doing the Hamilton Book Tag, with as obsessed with it as I am, it’s a bit surprising I didn’t do this a long time ago. I don’t know where this originated, I think Youtube? So I take no credit for this. 😉 And I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but that’s a minor detail.

~Hamilton Book Tag~

The Room Where It Happens


A Book World You Would Put Yourself Into

Crystal Tokyo from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


The Schuyler Sisters


An Underrated Female Character

Rory from Free To Fall

Free To Fall

My Shot


A Character That Goes After What They Want and Doesn’t Let Anything Stop Them

Hmm… N/A



The Most Heartbreaking End To A Relationship You’ve Ever Read

All The Bright Places

Big surprise, I know.

You’ll Be Back


Sassiest Villain

N/A. I don’t know many villains.

The Reynolds Pamphlet


A Book With A Twist That You Don’t See Coming

Every Ugly Word

Most definitely didn’t see this coming…



A Series You Marathoned

I haven’t marathoner series since I was in high school. I marathoned the Notes From A Spinning Planet series and The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor series.

Notes_From_A_Spinning_Planet_Ireland Notes_From_A_Spinning_Planet_Papua_New_Guinea Notes_From_A_Spinning_Planet_Mexico

Bad_Connection_Secret_Life_Of_Samantha_McGregor Beyond_Reach_Secret_Life_of_Samantha_McGregor Playing_With_Fire_The_Secret_Life_of_Samantha_McGregorPayback_The_Secret_Life_of_Samantha_McGregor



Favorite Book With Multiple POVs

Because You’ll Never Meet Me, I’ll Meet You There, All The Bright Places

Because You'll Never Meet Me I'll Meet You There All The Bright Places

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?


A Book/Series You Feel Like Will Be Remembered Throughout History

Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones The Hunger Games

I think any of these series will be remembered for a long time.

Stay Alive


A Character You Wish Was Still Alive

Oh gosh… I’m lucky that I read a lot of books where no one dies, like, almost any. At least big character wise, not counting smallish random characters. So another N/A.

I tag…

Holly, Rashika, Shannon and Val.


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