Benefits To Rooming Alone (BEA16)


Let me preface this post a little by sharing a little about my Go Fund Me account that I created a few days ago. Money just got really tight around here and the actual costs outside of BEA has gotten a bit hard to manage. So, if you feel comfortable or enjoy my blog or me on twitter, I made a Go Fund Me page asking for donations. If you can’t, that is totally fine! I just wanted to mention this.

So, in a previous post I mentioned some fears I had about going to BEA. My second post is going to be about the bright sides I have to rooming alone, because I had to think of some bright sides or I’d be upset the entire time. And silently raging. A ton. Over life. In general. Ha, not really, but kind of close to it? Maybe. Onward!


It’s cheaper. Okay, so it’s only cheaper by $50-75, but still. That is nice. Sort of. I’ll be using any money I’m “saving” on hostel costs for cabs. Really, I’m not saving anything, but you know, I am saving some money.


I get all the privacy. Yes, I shall blast Hamilton as I get up for BEA and when I come back from BEA. Technically I won’t be blasting it because I’ll be listening to it on my ipod, but you know, I can pretend. I can go to sleep when I want, I won’t be distracted by fellow BEA goers, the hostel will probably be calm and quiet, it’ll be great!

~Longer Duration~

I can stay extra days! I mean, in theory. It costs a little money so… I don’t know really, money is not a good thing right now so ugh. . .

I’m still undecided on this, but I am thinking about staying until Sunday so I can stay for all of BookCon and not spend a ton on cabs on Saturday. Since I would have to go to McCormick, go back to my hostel, get my bags, then get to Union Station and navigate that maze in a small window of time.

Or I would have to go to Union Station, drop off my luggage in a locker, head to McCormick, then go back to Union Station, find said locker, and somehow get to my train in time.

Though I maybe be exhausted by 1-2pm (when I would be leaving for my train), so who knows? Maybe I won’t stay until Sunday.



By rooming alone, I am fully responsible for myself. I have to be responsible enough to not oversleep, be able to catch a cab by myself and get to McCormick, alive.

My test of independence is finally happening. 😉

I mean. Sort of. I won’t be getting to the hostel by myself, lovely Rashika and Holly will be taking me there after we arrive.

Everything else? Me. Kind of.

Afterwards it’s kind of up in the air about how I get back, so that could also be me!

I’m also responsible for not spending all my money on coffee or books, so yeah.

~No Rude Awakenings~

But it’s BEA, so would it really be a rude awakening? Either way, I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up with:

A. My Hamilton obsession

B. My getting ready.

This is also good because I will have no temptation to stay awake and will hopefully get some rest (yeah right). Unless, of course, I stalk the #BEA16 tag.

~Coffee. And Breakfast.~

Starbucks is about 2-3 blocks away from my hostel so yayyy. I will be well caffeinated. This is also good for me to drown my sorrows in that I’m rooming alone. #PlusSide Assuming I can work up the nerve to go there. 

There’s free breakfast at my hostel, which is mostly toast, cereal and eggs (which I don’t eat) and juice, but STILL. Food. ❤ I won’t starve! During breakfast. Hopefully. Okay, so this actually has nothing to do with rooming alone, but STILL.

As mentioned in my previous points, the odds of me actually getting the nerve to walk to Starbucks and having any spare money to spend on $5 coffee is very slim, but still, free breakfast. 

~No Check In Worries~

Okay, so since I’m not rooming with anyone, I don’t have to worry about the hotel management not letting me check into my room and wait an hour or so. 🙂 That is really nice. Okay, I’m not reaching guys. I’m NOT. Maybe just a little. 😉

~No Taylor Swift!~

So Holly just talked about playing Taylor Swift a ton just for Val and I am now adding that as a benefit to rooming solo. Because although I like Taylor, I would not want to hear her music blasting.

~Close To Union Station~

My hostel is actually super close to Union Station which is great because I can just walk to my hostel and walk to Union at the end of the week. That’s fantastic. Saves cab fare. Yay.

Interestingly enough, I had no concerns about rooming alone in my fears post so yay! Is this what independence feels like? Is this adulting? Achievement unlocked.

Are you rooming alone? Flying solo? Going to your first BEA? Left on your own. I want to know!


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2 responses to “Benefits To Rooming Alone (BEA16)

  • Ashley Evans

    I’m rooming alone too! *fist bump* This is technically my first year rooming alone at BEA since I normally meet my mom in NYC and we room together. But this year she can’t make it, sooo..

    Is it really cheaper to room alone though? I always thought it was more expensive.. Interesting.

    Anyway, I’m a huuuuge fan of privacy. I just generally hate sharing a room with anyone (my mom isn’t so bad though 😛 ). I like having my own space. In my second year of college, I put up extra money so I could get a single room instead of sharing. I hated sharing my first year!

    So much of BEA is about meeting people and being social. It’s nice to come back to an empty room and be able to quietly unwind at the end of the day.

    Hopefully I’ll see you around!


    • Amber (YA Indulgences)

      Yesss, going solo is the way to go (I mean, I guess). Aw, that sounds nice, rooming with your mom.

      Ooh, yeah, I should have mentioned that since I’m staying in a hostel it’s cheaper. It would definitely be more expensive if I were trying to stay in a hotel (which is a no way kind of thing).

      During my second semester of my second year of college I was rooming alone and it was so nice. I didn’t mind sharing for the first year and a half. In some ways, I liked sharing better, but I did love having my own space that second semester. It’s going to be really nice to be able to just unwind at the end of the day/night.

      Hope to see you too!


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