Books I Really Hope Will Be At BEA

Hey everyone. Here is my fourth post on BEA. I was actually going to post this yesterday but I decided not to. So here it is now.

I’m going to talk about some books that I hope, hope, hope are at BEA. If they’re at BEA, I will be very happy. I need them all. You would probably like to know what they are now. Okay.

~The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati~


The Weight of Zero sounds amazing. It’s a story involving a girl who has depression and I believe, another mental illness as well. I like how this is said to be a story of hope. I look forward to seeing Cath’s progress as she goes through this.

~Cuckoo by Keren David~


This sounds like a bunch of angsty, feelsy, dysfunctional family goodness. Exactly the kind of thing I love. I love when characters have unexpected home lives that no one really knows, especially when they’ve been in the spotlight. The main character, Jake, was a popular soap actor. Cuckoo is the first of several books that involve siblings who have disabilities this year. I’m going to like reading about that. Unfortunately, this is a UK title so the odds of it actually being at BEA are very slim, sadly. 😦

~Afterward by Jennifer Mathieu~ 


I read and really enjoyed Jennifer’s first novel, but still haven’t read Devoted, despite having it forever. I think that Jennifer takes great care when writing about sensitive subjects though. In Afterward, Caroline’s younger brother who has been kidnapped has been found along with a teenager named Ethan, who was kidnapped himself. This sounds fascinating. It reminds me of I Know My First Name Is Steven, the Lifetime movie based on a real case.

~As I Descended by Robin Talley~ 


Gah. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Robin Talley’s books. As I Descended sticks out to me because it’s inspired by Shakespeare’s work, specifically Macbeth, I believe. I like reading about exclusive/private schools and feuds, so this will be really interesting. The magical realism aspect that this seems to have sounds fascinating.

~Into White by Randi Pink~ 


I love how vague, but straightforward the summary is. Into White sounds like a really thought provoking story and it seems like this should have been written a long time ago. I look forward to it because it deals with race and the expectations of people, as well as how people see themselves. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

~Ripple by Heather Smith Meloche~


This is the book of my dreams. It’s about two self destructive teens who do these things due to their home lives basically. I’m always for broken people helping broken people and maybe these characters aren’t broken, but they do need help. I like when mutual help is given and I hope this is a slow burning process. I am all for it. I need it. I hope it’s at BEA. This is one of my top ten releases for the year.

~The Possibility of Somewhere by Julia Day~ 


This is the second book of my dreams. There’s a bi-racial character named Ash and a girl who lives in poverty. Poverty is very under-used in YA and very current with the economy right now. I’m not crazy about hate-to-love romance, but I will definitely see what I think about this book. I like how the characters are opposites with race, class and social status.

~Beast by Brie Spangler~


I’ve heard really good things about this as well. I love reading stories about characters in group therapy, so even if the main character isn’t listening, it will be good to see how it’s done. I feel like the question in the summary is a bit “eh” since these questions always seem to be rhetorical.

She is who she’s always been—an amazing photographer and devoted friend, who also happens to be transgender. But will Dylan see it that way?

I imagine so.

~Wrecked by Maria Padian~ 


I need Wrecked in my life now. It is a Young Adult novel that takes place AT COLLEGE.




Okay, now that I’ve freaked out appropriately, I am really interested in Wrecked because it deals with sexual assault and that is so common on college campuses, sadly. I’ve heard great things about it.

~Still Life With Tornadoes by A.S. King~


Much like self destructive characters (teens), I love reading about toxic marriages. Maybe it’s because I can relate to those things, I don’t know (that’s probably it). Anyway, this sounds like a family centric story and it sounds like it might have a little bit of magical realism by the summary? I’m not positive. Either way, this is a must need/read/own.

Just thinking about this book makes me want to go read I Crawl Through It, another book I was really looking forward to last week but never read. I’m kind of sucky at reading.

~Be Good Be Real Be Crazy by Chelsey Philpot~


I read about half of Even In Paradise years ago, which is Chelsey’s first book. I loved it. I’m still sad I never ended up finishing it. Side note: I will finish it though. Sometime.

I am really excited in reading Be Good Be Real Be Crazy because of how much I love Even In Paradise.

~All In Pieces by Suzanne Young~ 


Siblings seem to be very popular or at least more common this year. I like it a lot. In All In Pieces, the main character, Savannah has a brother who is disabled. I’m really interested in seeing how this all plays out with the ex boyfriend, new love interest and aunt seeking custody. I hope it’s well done.

~Jess, Chunk and The Road Trip To Infinity~


So this really reminds me of Be Good Be Real Be Crazy mixed with Carmen’s storyline in the first Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants book. I love the sound of this though. Give me that parental angst.

~When The Moon Was Ours by Anne-Marie McLemore

When The Moon Was Ours

Okay, how beautiful is that cover? It’s so gorgeous.

It reminds me of this:


If the summary is anything to go by, the book sounds just as beautiful. According to it, there’s multicultural elements, magical realism, and LGBT themes. There’s a transgender main character in here which I’m interested in reading about. There’s also a character who has roses growing out of her wrist. Like what? And Sam paints and hangs moon, only my favorite thing in the sky. I need this.

~Going Geek by Charlotte Huang~

Going Geek

So I was really into Charlotte Huang’s debut, For The Record…Only I never actually read it. I’m basing my high hopes on this book from reading good reviews on her former book. This takes place at a dorm in a boarding school. I have a thing for boarding schools. I like the whole “forced outside comfort zone” theme.

So, are you wanting any books on this list? Are you hoping to get some book that hasn’t been mentioned of being at BEa?


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