My Goals For BEA

BEATwo more days until BEA.

In two days and 2 hours, I will be either on a train or on my way to a train heading to Chicago.


I’m so excited.

For my fifth post about BEA, I thought I would discuss my goals.

Because I have goals.

And I will own BEA. Just kidding, but I will do my best to make sure I complete all of my goals.

~All Of My Hopeful Goals For BEA~

Give Away Business Cards

I want to give away at least 25 of my business cards. That’s ten percent of how many I have (250, yay math) so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Even if I have to just give them to friends. Multiple times.

Give At Least ONE Business Card To A Publicist

Okay, so this is going to be a liiittle hard because I’ve heard it can be really hard to talk to publicists because everything is so chaotic. My idea? Hit them up in the mornings or see them when there aren’t big signings (as if) going on.

Talk To At Least One Publicist

Yes, of course the above involves handing them my business card (index card). Besides the above which makes it difficult, this is hard for me because I’m kinda bad at talking.  I’m going to do it though. I will talk to one publicist, even if they’re not from a “big” publisher. Tyndale? I see you. 

Talk To At Least One New Person

I need to make it an effort to actually talk to people. I am so hard at talking to people. Especially people I don’t know. Even more so than people I do know. I want to talk to a new person though because…friends? Yeah, I want to make friendsss.

Attend One Panel A Day

Luckily for me, my Wednesday is about booked solid with various panels and such. I hope I can make them all. I only recently thought of the idea that there will probably be LONG LINES and people waiting for hoursss. 😦

I’ve never been to a panel before, so this is one of the things I’m looking forward to most about BEA. There are so many interesting panels and author stages going on with BEA this year, I’d love to attend them ALL, but with my schedule, that’s not possible. Maybe I’ll get lucky though and there will be galley drops for some signings I had planned and I’ll be able to make room for more panels!

Pick up an unknown book

I want to pick up a book I hadn’t planned on or haven’t heard of. This one while be difficult as well as I know all of the books. I’m sure it can be done though. Somehow.

Get at least one adult fiction book

I really want to read more adult fiction. I have quite a bit of it, but I haven’t read any. 😦 Sooo, this could include See Me by Nicholas Sparks, First Comes Love by Emily Griffin, Leave Me by Gayle Forman or Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult.

Yes, I have prepared for this goal.

Yes, all of these books are on my “want” list.

Yes, they’re signing times mesh into other signings. 😦

Go To An Unknown Publisher’s Booth

I want to go to a publisher’s booth that I haven’t heard of or haven’t heard much of. This would basically be a non Big Five pub. I’m thinking of stopping by the Tyndale booth that I mentioned before. It’s a Christian publishing imprint, so I mean, I HAVE heard of it, because, well, yeah, but I haven’t heard much of it. See how this goal works? 😉

Make Free Time

Okay, so I don’t want to have something to do at every moment of every day while at BEA (as if). I want to have some time to browse the booths and such…assuming I’m able to walk through the exhibit floor, which can get preeetty bad. Guess who has free time on their first day (so far)? ME. Yep. While everyone else will be off at the Lauren Oliver signing, I shall be (hopefully) roaming the BEA floor.

Don’t Stress

This one isn’t even BEA related for me…Mostly. Okay, BEA is a really serious thing for me, but it’s also going to be fun. I imagine.

I worry a ridiculous amount about everything, even when I’m away from everything. I’ll probably freak out about, well, you can just click the previous link for my BEA worries. However, this is mostly about home. As I’ve said before in my posts, home has been a bit stressful. I just want a break from that. I want to relax a bit. I don’t want to worry or think about home at all. 

Don’t Grab All The Books

Well, I’ve told friends before that I don’t think I’ll be too grabby at BEA because I don’t read fantasy and a lot of books are fantasy. I’m a Contemporary girl. Unfortunately…I don’t think that will help. 😉 So a somewhat goal is: Don’t bring home more than 50 books. This sounds pretty doable.

So, I think these goals sound manageable for BEA. Do you have any BEA goals? What are they?


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