Before BEA-ing

Guess who’s on her way to BEA? I am! By the time you read this, I may quite possibly be on my way to Chicago or in Chicago. I leave at 5:18am. As long as it’s on time. I hope it’s on time. I’m a little worried about riding a train for the first time and for such a long distance (for me).

So, it’s been quite a run before going to BEA for the past few months. It’s been stressful, hard, and complicated. There were several times when I didn’t think I would be able to go and times when I just felt it wasn’t worth even trying to go. In the end though, I figured everything out, with a bit of help. Some of the complications?

~The Rooming Situation ~

Something super inconvenient occurred on my side which made my original rooming situation NOT work out unfortunately

Fortunately, an alternative was found with me staying at a hostel which is a little cost effective, but a little more inconvenient because of the distance from the convention center, but that’s no big deal. It helps that there are bakeries/cafe and a Walgreens near.

~The Cost~

Of course, after I get the hostel figured out, I discover that I probably couldn’t even afford to go anymore. My parents were going to be supplying me the money while at BEA and because there’s been home expenses lately, they didn’t think they would be able to do this anymore. After my sister said she would lend me some money, more financial issues came up, so that money ended up having to be spent on more important things.

As a last resort, I decided to create a Go Fund Me account, because after we managed to get the money for my hostel and train, we discovered I’d need transportation money. Especially since it will be rush hour. I admit that I only thought of this idea after Vee created their GFM (which I’m so happy bot funded).

Unfortunately, I only noticed a couple days after making it that it takes a few days for the funds to actually be available. Luckily for me, I didn’t get my goal ($100), but did get $45 from three very sweet and generous people. ❤ So I’m borrowing $45 from someone else, then, when I get the GFM check, I’ll pay that person back. So the GFM was good, because I do still get to use the money, only it’s second hand.

Which I feel really bad about. So I apologize a bunch to those that donated and shared my tweet. I was just trying to find any way to still go.

~Where Is My ID?

So, I was going to cash a money order to book my hostel so my dad would then purchase the train tickets, but I couldn’t find my ID. That is a whole other situation and it’s actually appeared to have been possibly stolen. Sometime. Well, my wallet at least (I only had my ID in there and notes, so nothing valuable).

Yeah, so that was a big, big mess. I needed my ID to cash my money order, I would need it to ride the train, I would need it to book my hostel and I would need it for ordering alcohol during BEA week.

Okay, so that last one isn’t exactly a necessity, and I definitely don’t have the money for it, at all, but I mean, I may just really want just a little after all this? 😉 I need my ID for several reasons. I was then thinking I could just go get a new ID, which would cost money. Then my mom told me that she’s not sure where exactly my birth certificate is and I don’t have my pre-21 ID. Even if I could get my birth certificate, I would only be able to get a temporary paper ID, which the hostel and Amtrak may not even accept, for whatever reason.

At this rate, I’m losing my mind and about to scream.

My mom then suggested that I could get my tribal ID and see if that would work.

For those that don’t know, I am 1/4th, Potawatomi Prairie Band Nation native american.  A Tribal ID is by all accounts a government ID basically. I was worried about Amtrak and the hostel not accepting a tribal ID, since most people don’t know what one is, don’t know what one looks like and probably just don’t understand them. For whatever reason.

So I emailed Amtrak and the hostel asking if they would accept a tribal ID or temporary paper ID. The nice thing about the tribal ID is that the first one is free! Which is great. Both Amtrak and the hostel emailed me back saying they accepted both of those things, so that’s fantastic! Then…


You know what a really great thing is to have on your ID? Your BIRTHDAY. Along with your address/zip code.

So my mom’s friend drove us up to the Native American reservation (Mayetta, takes around 20-30 minutes to get there) to get my Tribal ID. I get the ID in less than ten minutes after arriving. We look at it, we come home, I look at it and I discover there is a SMUDGE where my birthday YEAR should be. How am I supposed to do anything without my birthday year? I need my birthday year. I can’t drink without it or ANYTHING. I can’t get on the hostel or train. Fortunately that then got taken care of, except I couldn’t get my address put on the ID since they’re preset.

~Those Darn Debit Cards~

So, I’m ready to get the train tickets and…the debit card that I get has NO NUMBERS ON IT.

I can’t use a debit card online that has no numbers!

At this point I’m seriously freaking out, about ready to just give up on the whole thing and I start googling about the company.

I read that it’s a scam.

My mom had just loaded money on it so she’s upset about this, then she calls up the company, gets a hold of someone, tells them the situation. She finds out I didn’t activate the card (I thought I had), so then I begin talking to the employee…

When my mom shows me the card and it has numbers on it! Then she takes the sticker and puts it back over the numbers.

The card had numbers on it, there was just a sticker over it that seriously looked like it was attached to the card.

So then I activated the card. A few days later, I booked the train, of course, the price went up a little by this point. Note to self: Buy super saver tickets two weeks in advance.

And I believe…that is the story of how I got to BEA. I made it through despite the rooming, the cost, the ID, the debit card, home issues and the train price going up.

Now…I’m going to BEA and it’s going to go great. I’ll see you all next week! I’m on hiatus until then. I’ll be doing a few recaps of my week after I return. Okay, time to go finish up my last few things before catching the train. I hope you all have a lovely week and I hope we meet if we’re going to BEA. And if you’re not going to BEA, check out this super helpful post.


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