Why I Love Contemporary

Top Ten Tuesday

Wow, it has been a super long time since I’ve done Top Ten Tuesday. I couldn’t pass up today’s chance though to talk about my favorite genre of…well, everything. 🙂 Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created and hosted at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there’s a new bookish list for the blogosphere to do.

I’m sure you can probably guess my favorite genre, if not from title, ha, then by being familiar with my blog already. It’s Contemporary! I just love it a lot. I love Contemporary books, movies and TV shows. It’s all so great.

I’ll be including links later today! Until then, you can try to find everything in Goodreads. 😉

~*~Top Ten Reasons I Love Contemporary-Everything~*~


I can relate to it more than I can fantasy. I love how it’s grounded in reality because it makes it seem like anything’s possible. I mean, okay, chances are you won’t find out you’re a vampire slayer and you may not run into the drama of Grey’s Anatomy every day, but those emotions characters feel are real. I love reading Contemporary because I can really get inside a character’s head and find out their motives.

Wide Range of Subgenres

There’s a wide range of Contemporary. There’s regular realistic fiction, then there’s also mystery, drama, comedy, memoirs and even paranormal romance.

Wide Range of Topics

This goes hand in hand with reason #2, but I love how you can basically find a Contemporary book/show on almost anything you want. Torn from the headline stories, happily ever afters, second chance love, family dynamic fiction, stories that end in sadness, etc. You want to see something about a virgin who ends up pregnant? Boom, there’s Jane The Virgin. You want a mystery? Check out Veronica Mars. In the mood for something family dynamic related? Gilmore Girls is calling. I think there’s a great deal of diversity as well, you can find different races, disabilities, religions, etc. in Contemporary.

It’s What I Know

A big reason why I love Contemporary is because it’s what I know. I grew up reading it and watching it. I’m very grounded in reality as well so it is “what I know”. I know what real life is like.


Contemporary is just as much an escape for me as fantasy is for some people. I prefer it to any other genre because like #1 said, it’s relatable. I can escape into a character’s problems and see how they face them. It gets me out of my head and life.


Contemporary can be full of a ton of drama and as a fan of Degrassi, I love my drama. Although, i am a bit particular about my drama. I don’t like drama for the sake of drama and I don’t like drama piled on to more drama (see Anna and The French Kiss). I don’t like a lot of over-done tropes, including miscommunication which is one of my biggest annoyances (All The Feels deals with this a little).


I find a lot of Contemporary inspiring. I like seeing what other characters do and thinking I can do the same. I like reading about how people overcome things or even just going after something they want.


I think one of Contemporary’s biggest pros is that it can be really educational. Contemporary can talk about a lot of subjects that people may not get exposure from. It also helps people form or alter opinions about various things. I think a few of these topics are police violence (All American Boys, How It Went Down, school shootings (Violent Ends, This Is Where It Ends) and rape culture (What We Saw, Asking For It, All The Rage and Wrecked). I love how by reading these books I can get a more thorough look up close and change my opinion about something. Or even just see it shared there on the page.

Easier To Swallow

Now, this isn’t because it’s “less than” other genres, it’s because of the cast! A big reason why I’m not big on fantasy is because of the big casts. I am terrible at anything with more than 8 people. Unless it’s Les Miserables. Or Hamilton. Okay, neither of those are Contemporary! Moving on. I love Contemporary because there’s generally a small cast of main characters. Therefore it’s much easier for me to follow along with. 🙂


So, this isn’t true just for Contemporary, but it mostly is? It’s also mostly book related. I love having a book to steer people away from me. This doesn’t always work because, you know, people are curious and want to know what you’re reading, if it’s good, if you like it, etc. Then they’ll probably say  “Oh, I liked The Hunger Games/I wish I had time to read/Oh, I don’t read YA”, but that is a whole other topic that I’m not discussing today. 🙂 Basically, it’s a great way to steer people’s attention from me. Or my attention from others. It’s kind of like how people will take out their phone and pretend to text if they’re in a group or an awkward situation (generally involving a group). Or is that just me?



I love my feels. Anger, happiness, sadness. I love feeling something inside my heart that makes me react. I love the emotions that Contemporary bring me. Again, this goes back to Contemporary being relatable, having a range of topics and educating. I think it gives me the most emotion because I relate to it most and it could happen to me. Some of the books, movies and shows that have given me the most feels:

Books: More Happy Than Not, I’ll Meet You There, and Because You’ll Never Meet Me

Movies: A Walk To Remember, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Listen To Your Heart

TV Shows: Degrassi, Veronica Mars, Boy Meets World

Ah, and with that, I leave you with my top ten reasons why I love Contemporary! What is your favorite genre? Why do you love it?


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10 responses to “Why I Love Contemporary

  • Ara | The Bookish Agenda

    Contemporary is my favorite, too!! I especially love On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. What’s your favorite Contemporary novel? 🙂


  • Bee (Quite The Novel Idea)

    YES! This is exactly why I love reading contemporary. Also writing it.


  • Reg @ She Latitude

    Great list! I’m actually more of a fantasy reader (in that I generally prefer fantasy) but I probably read 50/50 fantasy/contemporary, and agree with all of the things you’ve listed. You’re right in that there’s a wide range of topics and that it’s quite ‘educating’ — it tackles real-life issues head-front and usually contains a message or two. 🙂

    Also I LOVE More Happy Than Not and I’ll Meet You There. Haven’t heard of Because You’ll Never Meet Me but I’m gonna have to check that out now!


  • Curious Daisy (@curious_daisy)

    I’ve recently in the high fantasy mood but I see where you’re coming from. Happy reading! http://www.curious-daisy.com/top-ten-tuesday/8-reasons-why-i-love-blogging/


  • Analee @ Book Snacks

    LOL, I was considering making a list like this too! Contemporary is one of my favourite genres, (alongside fantasy) for a lot of the reasons you just listed! There really is so many different topics contemporary can tackle and I love the variety. Great list! ❤
    Here’s my TTT.


  • Lauren @ Always Me

    I don’t read contemporary all that often, but I like your picks for your list. 🙂

    Check out my TTT.


  • Cait @ Paper Fury

    My favourite genre is entirely fantasy. XD hehe, So I’m pretty much opposite to you and I kind of find contemporary usually not exciting enough. BUT OMG SOME OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS ARE STILL CONTEMPORARY!! So I do love it!! I particularly love learning about other people’s lives, like cultures or disabilities or illnesses. It really helps understand them right?!? It is entire goodness. *nods sagely* (Although you consider paranormal romance as contemporary? hehe I consider it fantasy!)
    Eeep, and this reminds me I want to read More Happy Than Not!
    ALSO YAY THE FEELS. *heart shatters* *doesn’t even mind*
    Here’s my TTT!


  • Tanya Atkinson

    Great pick for this week’s TTT! I’m a total contemporary girl, too. Sometimes it feels like *everyone* is reading fantasy but not me. I want something real, something I can relate to, something that is going to engage my emotions because it could actually happen. And the fact that I’ll Meet You There is one of your favorites makes me think we could be book best friends. 🙂

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


  • Lois

    You cannot go wrong with a good contemporary book for all of the reasons above. There’s such a wide range of topics that can be explored from the light and fluffy to the thought-provoking and heartfelt ones. I’ll Meet You There remains to be one of my favourite contemporary novels of all time because I love the way it explores PTSD.


  • Got My Book

    I do love Fantasy, but I like ones that take place in a contemporary setting just as much as those that are set elsewhere/when

    My TTT list


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