Photographic Covers – Wondrous Covers Wednesday (#52)


Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here

Hey everyone. It’s unfortunately been forever since I did Wondrous Covers Wednesday. Oops. 😦 To be honest, I don’t really have a reason why I haven’t done it, other than lack of motivation, which accounts for basically the lack of posts I’ve done. 

I really love photography even though I don’t do much (read: any) anymore. This reminds me that I need to look at more photography, find some blogs to follow and maybe buy a camera or something.

I’ll be focusing on photography on book covers.  I’ve also decided that when possible, I’ll showcase a music video that goes along with the theme because that’s kind of fun.

I also had the most perfect video in mind as well.



Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi

I love how the cover is broken into various photographs, but pieces of hair still escape the frames. I like how they all make up a whole picture. It showcases the whole longing that the main character has in finding her birth mother.

I like the muted background given how vivid the foreground is, it makes it looks really soft.

As for the book, I love that this involves a photography assignment, focuses on family, involves a road trip.


Unscripted Joss Byrd

Unscripted Joss Byrd by Lygia Day Penaflor

The cover of Unscripted Joss Byrd really just reminds me of a Pinterest board and I want to go to wherever those pictures were taken. I think it’s actually a bulletin board, which is interesting. I really like the font and colors of it. It’s really summery.

I like how the cover is layered with the photography in the background, followed by a sheet of paper, then there’s the little post it on top. I like the added depth. Overall, this cover is just really pretty.

I’m not sure how to connect the plot to the cover, other than it looks glamorous and this book deals with a young actress.



A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody

This reminds me of a school locker. I like how the pictures are the snapshots you would get from a photo-booth.  I like how there are bits of other snapshots in it as well. The position of the A sort of bothers me a little because it blends a little into the girl’s shirt, I would have it a little more to the right. Once again, I love the background of this cover too.

Given the fact that this is about a girl who relives the same day for seven days, I find it really interesting that there are photos on the cover. This is just because when I think of pictures, I think of memories and reliving the same day over and over, well, makes memories important.

So, what do you guys think of the covers? Which one is your favorite? Have you read any of these amazing sounding titles?


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